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‘Bite Me’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Aek and Aue’s Final Kiss

Bite Me I Otakukart (1)
Bite Me I Otakukart (1)

The drama “Bite Me” released its last episode of the series on 7th November 2021. Also, the drama plans to release a special episode. In “Bite Me” episode 12, the cast members will talk about their experience, and we will get to see a lot of behind-the-scenes. We have been together with the series for a short period. But the connection that we have built with the story will stay with us forever. “Bite Me” is a story of love, ambition, and friendship. Also, the flavors of food only add to the taste of the viewers. The Thai drama introduced us to a new concept in entertainment. Moreover, we got to see the competitive spirit of people in the food industry. Now that we have finished season 1, we bring you “Bite Me” season 1 ending explained article.

The fans who watch the drama with full dedication sometimes have problems with understanding the message or the ending of the drama. And to make sure those fans do not miss out on the drama’s essence, we make sure to bring you articles explaining the ending of the show. Another interesting fact about the drama is that it is a BL drama. For those who do not know, BL means boy love drama. In these dramas diverting from the traditional norms for love, we see the bond between two guys. And just like any other relationship, it is beautiful. In “Bite Me” our main characters Aek and Aue, find their way to love from friendship. The drama is unique with good comic time. We recommend this drama to everyone, and if you have already seen it, read the full “Bite Me” ending explained article.

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Looking back at the “Bite Me” drama’s Plot

“Bite Me” is a Thai drama directed by David Bigander. The story is about a chef who is looking for ways to improve his skills. Aue is the chef of Im-Aue restaurant. He is a famous chef and is known for his cooking skills. But when he enters the master chef cooking competition, he ends up in the runner-up position. Also, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t win against the champion. This makes him work hard on finding the missing ingredient in his talent. But he gets frustrated. And all Aue ends up doing is losing focus from his cooking.

Bite Me- drama plot

Bite Me- drama plot

One day an order is placed with Im-Aue restaurant. But the restaurant takes a lot of time to prepare the order. So when Aek arrives as a delivery boy to collect the order, he has to wait for a long time. This results in wasting Aek’s time as well as the delivery getting late. For this, Aue felt bad on the restaurant’s behalf. So to apologize, the chef prepared a dish for Aek.

But when Aue served Aek with the dish, to his surprise, Aek was able to identify an ingredient in the food just by its smell. Aue knew not many people could do that. Therefore, trusting his gut, Ae offered Aek a job at the restaurant as a chef. When they started their journey, Aek didn’t know much about cooking and plating. And Aue guided him as a mentor. But he never thought that the missing ingredient that he was searching for would be Aek.

“Bite Me” Season 1 Ending Explained

The “Bite Me” drama premiered on 29th August 2021. Since then, 11 episodes have been released by the production. Also, a delightful surprise awaited all the fans. “Bite Me” episode 12 will be released on 14th November 2021. It is a special episode in which we will see all behind the scenes and also the interviews of the cast members. A preview of the special show was released on 9th November 2021. It was an 11-second preview in which we can see Mark Siwat and Zung Kidakarn cooking together. Also, both the actors have said their final words about the show in the special episode.

Prem leaving Im-Aue restaurant

In the final episode, we can see that Prem, who has been with the Im-Aue restaurant through thick and thin, is finally taking his leave. Im-Aue is like a family to him. So, everyone is sad about him leaving. But new experiences await him in life. He decides to open his dessert shop and work on the best desserts. Also, Vich will help Prem with his dessert shop.

Prem is leaving Im-Aue

Prem is leaving Im-Aue

Chef Aue is very emotional about Pream leaving. He even says that he will tear down the dessert section after Prem leaves. Both of them have a heartfelt conversation about life, and Aue assures him that he will never be alone. Moreover, Prem found his true love Vich at the restaurant. The couple shared their last conversation at the restaurant over a coconut sweet. And conveyed their feelings for each other.

Lean on me

When Aek meets Aue outside the restaurant, they share an emotional dialect. Aue asks him does the people who disappear become stars? And to this, Aek smiles and agrees with him. Then Aue puts his head on Aek’s shoulder and asks if he could sleep like this. Aek finds it funny and makes a joke saying that his head is too heavy.

Bite Me-Aue lean on Aek

Bite Me-Aue lean on Aek

The couple has finally acknowledged each other and their feelings. Aue is always worried about Aek. And he is also very affectionate towards him. When Aek says that the mosquitoes will carry them away if they stand outside any longer, Aue doesn’t seem to mind. He says let them carry us away. He just wants to be there with Aek at the moment. This is the most liked scene of the last episode. So we have brought this to you in the “Bite Me” ending explained article, so you don’t miss anything.

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The Final Kiss

This scene was shot into mountains with a precious scenic beauty. Aue is standing on a wooden porch when Aek comes and asks him what is he thinking? Suddenly, Aue puts his hand in between his and Aek’s faces and says that he is hungry. And to this, Aek had the sweetest answer. He said that if Aue was the taste, then Aek would be the ingredient. And finally, they kissed.

Bite Me- ending explained

Bite Me- ending explained

It was the sweetest moment in the whole series. And this is where we will conclude our “Bite Me” ending explained article. Just how Aek took Aue’s hands and said he would never let go of them. We will also hold your hand throughout our journey of exploring Asian dramas. And in the end, we can see the flashbacks and the moments Aek and Aue spent together.

Cast of “Bite Me” season 1

The main leads of the drama are Mark Siwat Jumlongkul and Zung Kidakarn Chatkaewmanee. They play the characters of Aek and Aue. Both the actors have done an excellent job at portraying their characters. The other supporting actor in the drama is Rudklao Amratisha. She plays the role of Aek’s mother. Other amazing supporting actors in the drama are Boy Trai Bhumiratna, Zani Nipaporn Thititanakarn, and Noon Sutthipha Kongnawdee.

“Bite Me” Season 1 Review

The “Bite Me” drama plot is very interesting. The writers have structured the drama as well as the characters very excellently. When we talk about the starting and ending, we can see the significant character development of each character. Aek started as a delivery boy and ended as a chef who makes amazing food. Whereas, Aue was a renowned chef who couldn’t find the missing ingredient in his talent. But when he meets Aek he realizes that the missing ingredient in his life was love.

Bite Me season 1 review

Bite Me season 1 review

Along with the main characters, other characters also found their happy ending. Prem finally opened his cafe. And he also found Vich, and they helped each other through their journey. The story of “Bite Me” portrayed love, friendship, and struggle. And we cannot help but be invested in the drama.

The cast of the drama is also chosen with a lot of thought. This we can see through their performance. All the actors are well-rounded with their skills. The only thing that the drama could work on was the smooth execution of awkward moments. But overall, it is a good watch. And if you are looking for a good story, “Bite Me” is for you.

Will there be a “Bite Me” Season 2?

The “Bite Me” drama ended on a happy note. Every character found its destination and path to follow. Asian drama fans were head over heels for the sweet chef couple in “Bite Me”. The “Bite Me” season 1 premiered on 29th August 2021. And the last episode will be released on 14th November 2021. The story of the drama ended with the 11th episode, but as the Thai drama has gained so much popularity, the production decided to release a special episode.

Bite Me-season 2

Bite Me-season 2

The “Bite Me” drama’s story is very unique, as it not only includes a love story but a detailed portrayal of the food industry. Season 1 received a lot of praises and admiration from the fans. But the point at which the drama ended does not leave any possibility for a season 2. Everyone in “Bite Me” went their separate ways and had a happy ending. Because of this, we don’t think that there will be a season 2 for “Bite Me”.

Moreover, there is no official statement released by the director, producer, or any of the cast members regarding this. Also, releasing a special episode for the drama can be considered as a way of saying goodbye to the fans. And keeping the story and ending in mind, we think it is the best choice not to continue the story with season 2.

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