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Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story: Release Date, Plot & Cast

Birdie Wing Golf Girl's Story
Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story

A totally new anime series is all set to be released this year, in the month of April. This time around, the series isn’t the same as others. Instead, an all-new and original anime series will be premiering in April 2022. ‘Which genre?’ Sports. ‘Which category in sports?’ Golf. ‘Then must be a boy’s series?’ Well, not this time. The upcoming original golf girl’s series is all set to broadcast.

The anime series ‘Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story’ tells the story of two young women, who are golfers with different mindsets. Eve and Aoi are the two golfers, their backgrounds completely different and meeting each other, how will their lives take turns? From different play styles to different reasons for being a golfer, the anime series will definitely turn the table in the world of golf.

Will the world of Eve and Aoi turn opposite once their fate collides? Will they together change the world of golf or compete against each other? With such a unique anime series, what is the release date that has been announced? The official site has also released its cast and theme songs. Here’s what we know.

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Anime series Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Release Date

The series will be released in the month of April 2022. However, the exact date is yet to release. So, fans have to wait a bit more for the exact release date of the series.

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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story – Cast

Directed by Takayuki Inagaki, the official site of the anime series Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story has recently released its cast-

Kito Akari VA of Eve

Commenting on how a golf animation is new, Kito has pleaded for golfers to watch and also asked those who are not familiar with the game to look forward to this new series.
Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story: Here's all the details that you need to know

Eve from Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story

Asami Seto VA of Aoi Tenwa

Having no recollection of playing golf whatsoever, Asami is now excited to learn and play golf.

Akira Sekine VA of Lily Lippmann

Playing the role of Lily, Akira has acknowledged that every time she voices Lily, her knowledge expands.

Toru Furuya VA of Reiya Amuro

Being a golfer himself, Toru exclaims that the series has much potential and is really informative.

Shuichi Ikeda VA of Leo Miraforden

In this stiffened life, playing a role in one of sports animation, golf on top of that; Mr Shuichi is really looking forward to the series.
Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story: Here's all the details that you need to know

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story to release on April 2022

Production company BN Pictures, the other cast includes Toa Yukinari as the VA of Rose Alleon, Saki Fujita as the VA of Saotome Ichina, Mai Nakahara as the VA of Jinguji Temple Kinoe, Yukari Tamura as the VA of Mizuho Himekawa, Yuu Kobayashi as the VA of Kaede Oikawa, M ・ A ・ O as the VA of Kaoruko Iijima, Satomi Arai as the VA of Ise Shiba Kuyo, Kaori Nazuka as the VA of Viper and Rina Sato as the VA of Haruka Mizono.

Anime series Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story- Theme Songs

The opening theme will be covered by Kohmi Hirose “Venus Line.” She commented on her impression of the series, how it has come to challenge the world of golf and how fresh the series is. She looks forward to the anime series and hopes to give momentum to ‘Birdie Wing.’

Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story: Here's all the details that you need to know

Eve and Aoi

The ending theme, on the other hand, will be by Tsukuyomi “Yodaka.” How the sounds and poems express the noble and beautiful will of the protagonists, Tsukuyomi has tried their best while shooting for the series. The series’ feelings and the excitement are all looked forward to.

The anime series has also announced the collaboration between golf apparel brands ‘Jack Bunny’ and ‘BIRDIE WING.’ An original series as Birdie Wing is worth your time. So, let’s look forward to this masterpiece.

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