Sometimes it’s good to let go of your pride and enjoy a game to its Fullest. Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story Episode 6 is next. Episode 5 of Birdie wing: Gold girls had a unique approach to the golf game this time. Then we experienced it throughout the last episodes. Eve and Aoi finally made up and had a wonderful match. This episode had hints all over about Eve’s mysterious past. Let’s talk about the release date of Episode 6 of Birdie wing golf girls story anime. We’ll also discuss some of the theories we deemed as important for the next arc of the anime.

The Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story anime is an original anime produced by Bandai Namco Pictures ( Famous for Gintama). The original story is written by Yosuke Kuroda and directed by Takayuki Inagaki. The story is about two girls who love playing golf and are geniuses in the field of it. They became fascinated with each other style of playing golf and promised each other that they’ll play another golf match someday. Here are all the details regarding the release date of episode 6 of Birdie Wing Golf Girls Story anime.

Recap of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Anime

Episode 5 of Birdie wing anime starts with Aoi landing in Japan and telling Amane that she has to return to Eve. Amane refuses her request and tells her about her family’s appearance. And that she must report her game details and have a proper interview with Media. Then we see Eve lazing around in her shop and home, the look on her face shows that she wants a match with Aoi. She was so fixated on having another match with Aoi that she upright rejected an offer to play another gambling golf match for 500 euros. But later she suddenly snapped back to the reality that she also has to earn money for all the orphans that live with her. So she goes to play the match and won.

Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story Episode 6 Release Date - Eve
Eve going to play a Gambling Golf Match for 500 Euros

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Later we see a conversation happening between Rose and the boss of the mafia. The boss asks Rose if Eve would join their organization it would immensely benefit them and Eve both. But contrary to that Rose replied that Eve is not like an ordinary person, she is her own master and it would be best to stay away from her. Then After Eve returned after winning the 500 euros from the gambling match, she was given advice from Clara that she should try Using Virtual Reality to experience Golf. It would be a nice distraction to escape reality and the whole Aoi situation. Eve agrees and goes to the VR Game Center to experience Golf.

Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story Episode 6 Release Date - Aoi and Eve in VR Game
Aoi and Eve in VR Game

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There she meets none other than Aoi in the virtual world. Eve told her about what happened that day, after everything was settled they had a nice game of golf. At last, they promised each other to play again like this but in real life, Aoi requests Eve to come to Japan as a regular player. That request as Eve was about to reply to Aoi’s request she suddenly gets logged out of the game system. When she takes off her VR headset to see what happened, before her eyes was Lily crying and telling her that, their shop and home are going away. What will happen to their home? And will Aoi and Eve be able to have a proper match someday? Well, stay tuned for the next episode to drop.

What Will Happen in Episode 6?

Episode 6 of Birdie wing Golf girl’s story anime will focus on the crises of Eve’s Home. She would have to come up with a solution to deal with the situation. In the end credits of episode 5, we can see that Vipere will this whole situation give Eve the ultimate chance to go to Japan? There is also a huge theory regarding the past of Eve that she is the stepsister of Aoi. Well, we’ll see in the next episode of Birdie wing Golf Girls story anime.

Birdie Wing Golf Girls' Story Episode 6 Release Date - Episode 6 Preview
Episode 6 Preview

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When will Episode 6 of Birdie wing Golf Girls Story anime be Released?

Episode 6 of Birdie wing Golf Girls Story anime will release on its decided schedule. Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story Episode 6 will air on 11th May at midnight (JST Zone).

  • IST Zone Timings – 10th May 9:00 P.M.
  • EST Zone Timings – 10th May 11:00 A.M

Where to watch Episode 6 of Birdie wing Golf Girls Story anime?

Episode 6 of Birdie wing Golf Girls Story anime is available in the US and Canada on Crunchyroll. It is also available on Ani – One Asia youtube channel for free, but unfortunately, it is not available for viewers in India.