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Birdgirl Episode 1 Recap – Where to Watch Brand New Adult Swim Animated Comedy


Birdgirl is an American animated comedy tv series. It is a by-product of the tv series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Michael Ouweleen, and Erik Richter creates that. It ran from 2000 to 2007. Rich Ferguson-Hull directs the series. The series is originally in English. The genre of the series falls in the category of comedy.

The story is about the CEO of the world’s biggest and most non-sensical corporation and how she manages her lifestyle. The announcement of the series was made long back. But the production was delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The production started with all the safety measures ensuring the good health of the characters and supporting staff. All the production work and shooting are finished, and the series is all set to be released.

A still from Birdgirl Season 1

The official team revealed the releasing dates of the first three episodes of the series. The first episode is named Pilot, and it will be releasing on April 5, 2021. The second ShareBear will be out on April 12, 2021, and the third episode, Thirdgirl of the series, will be releasing on April 19, 2021. The official team will reveal the details about the other episodes. They will be releasing the episodes only on Adult Swim.

The trailer of the show:

The trailer starts with the news that Birdgirl’s father is dead, and she takes up his position in the company. She is seen giving a speech, and she will be making all the tough choices for the betterment of the company. She is assisted by her team consisting of Meredith, the mind taker, The Feels, Strongarm, and the Bird cat. They are altogether known as the Birds team. Corporate life is the hardest thing for Birdgirl. The trailer also gives news about the release of the first episode of Birdgirl.

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The trailer of the show was released last month on Youtube. Fans are really excited for the show to be out. After watching the trailer, this show attracted many audiences who are all set to watch the episodes on 5th April.

You can check the trailer of the showdown below:

Birdgirl Episode 1 Recap

Birdgirl Episode 1 released on 4 April 2021. Fans were eagerly waiting for the show.  They can watch it on Adult Swim. The episodes will be released accordingly. The official team hasn’t revealed the total number of episodes present in the series. Stay tuned for further details about the series. After being named CEO of the world’s biggest and most non-sensical corporation, Sebben & Sebben, Judy Ken Sebben, aka Birdgirl, has to discover a way to keep her work/superhero lifestyle balance. This series will show how she manages to balance these things while working.

Judy Ken Sebben inheriting her father’s corporation could be brilliant if that corporation weren’t constructed across the most socially irresponsible 20th Century merchandise and practices that, on a good day, including clearing redwood forests or working for-profit kid’s hospitals. From the halls of the corporate headquarters, she assembles the ragtag, non-beyond regular-time incomes Bird team. Together, they try to undo all of the luridly risky choices of the era before or contain the havoc of one of their own “world-saving” merchandise gone bad.

bird girl

A still from the trailer of The Birdgirl Season 1

Fans will see how she manages her corporate as it is the most difficult thing for her. Before her father’s death, her life was quite easy and enjoyable. Now she has to take responsibility for herself as well as for the company. She has to be familiar with the company employees. In the process of getting familiar with corporate life, she is helped with her team. Her team is ever ready to help and assist her in any way possible. The show’s official plot will be releasing soon, but this is just the gist of the story.

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The cast members of the show:

The show includes many characters. Some of them are Paget Brewster, who plays the role of Birdgirl/Judy Ken Sebben, Rob Delaney, Sonia Denis, Kether Donohue, John Doman, Tony Hale Lorelei Ramirez. There are many other supporting characters.

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