Billions Season 6 Recap And Review: The Game of Power!

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Billions Season 6 Recap and Review

Showtime’s Financial drama is out with its latest Season, Season 6! ‘Billions’ is all about the drama in the financial world. Two hotheads are competing against each other to be the best in the market and the stakes are high! Bobby Axelrod and Chris Rhodes, both pioneers of their respective fields, come face to face. The former is Hedge Fund Kingpin, and the Later is a ruthless yet the best Attorney in the game. Billions is a high-tension drama series, and it keeps you on edge.

Billions is a fictional show, but it has some real-life inspiration. The creator of the show, Andrew Ross Sorkin, is himself a financial journalist. And he even wrote a book, “Too Big To Fail” about the 2008 financial crisis. So you see, this show wasn’t a random idea, but the makers were invested in making it. Moreover, the writers of this show are also the author of ‘Rounders’, Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

You will love ‘Billions’ if you are interested in the world of business or Finance. And it is also not all about that, it’s a fictional series and all kinds of dramas in it!

 A Brief Overview Of ‘Billions’

The theme of the show is the balance between wealth and power. In the finance game, power shifts are constant, and the two leads try their best to hold onto theirs. Mr. Chuck Rhodes is a conflicted man but a loyal one! His wife is Wendy Rhodes, who is sexually explicit. But Rhodes happily surrenders to her dominatrix behavior which shows his duality on the show. Moreover, this guy has 81 continuous convictions under his belt, making him indestructible as an Attorney.

L-R: Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhodes and Damian Lewis as Bobby Axelrod. Billions Season 6

Bobby Axelrod is another complex character in this series. Even though he has everything from money to family, he is still unhappy. But there is one person who understands him, his company’s trading psychologist & Rhodes’ wife, Wendy. I know, right! this makes things even more complicated between those two. Apart from his personal life, he is a Hedge Fund manager and the best one at that. His family falls apart in a terrorist attack, and he rebuilds their company all by himself. A self-made man for sure!

Rhodes is the main character of the whole series, along with Axelrod. However, Axe leaves for Switzerland at the end of season 5, and that marked the exit of actor Damian Lewis.
The story mostly follows the highs and lows in the lives of these people. And the dynamic world of Finance.

Billions Season 6 Recap and Review

The start might be rocky, but like other seasons this one also delivers. Corey Stoll as Mickle Prince is the addition or replacement of Axelrod. But surprisingly, he is accepted by the fans and is loved for his dynamics with Rhodes. Although some fans also feel the absence of Bobby Axelrod. Perhaps he’ll be back on Season 7, who knows?

Billions Season 6. Corey Stoll as Mike Prince.

So, Season 5 ends with Axe accepting his fate which means the series-long political battle finally ended, and Rhodes wins it. Now that Axe is not there to run Axe Capital, someone has to take charge of the company. And that’s how Mike Prince comes into the picture. He is the new manager now as well as Rhodes’s new enemy. No matter what, you can see Rhodes’ power throughout the seasons. So is Mike going to another fish in the sea, or will he settle the scores for good? We’ll have to wait and see!

The official synopsis of season 6, reads – “As Mike Prince takes his place on the Axe Capital throne, he’s determined to change the game — and new money means no mercy. Meanwhile, Chuck Rhoades is convinced no one should have that much wealth or that much power. With Prince firmly in Chuck’s crosshairs, forces will be rallied, and scores will be settled. And as all the players seek out new alliances, only one thing’s for certain … wealth means wars.”

Billions, Season 6, Episode 1 “Cannonade”

The first episode focuses on Mike taking charge of the Axe capital and revamping it up. Since the romance between Axe and Rhodes’ wife Wendy was budding, fans were expecting some action. But his sudden escape to Switzerland left everyone, including Wendy, in shock. Now, all of Axe’s associates are adjusting to their new roles and a new boss. Meanwhile, Chuck, after his short trip to the upstate, is back in action now.

Billions Season 6 Episode 2 “Lyin’ Eyes”

Just like the title, there is some skepticism in this episode. Now that Mike is the new boss, it is hard for people to accept. It is bound to happen after working for a person for long enough. It is Wendy and Taylor who suspects Mike’s intentions in this episode. Chuck, as usual, is ready to bust another White Collar Crime. However, this time he is taking the risk of targeting the billionaire class.

Episode 3 “STD”

Mike Prince is doing his best to secure key support for his future biddings.

Episode 4 “Burn Rate”

Everyone is on their toes to make this company work now. The boss-employee relationships are getting better, and we see Wendy and Mike work together. Moreover, there are bigger political conflicts in this episode. Prince secures the Olympics Games 2028, but there are some opposing forces against it.

Episode 5 “Rock of Eye”

Plenty of challenges in this episode, especially for Chuck. Yes, just when the mastermind is on his way toward another strike, a challenge hits. A bring chunk of money is on at stake now.

Episode 6 “Hostis Humani Generis”

So, it has begun! The conflict between Chuck and Mike, following the footsteps of Axe and Chuck. After Axe Capital faces a loss, Prince is desperately looking for new capital. And from here on, the animosity gets stronger.

Episode 7 “Napoleon’s Hat”

Now, Prince is at crossroads about a major decision. He can either go for it and secure his bid or think how far is he going for it. Meanwhile, Chuck is determined to find out a flaw in Prince’s gaming pursuits.

Episode 8 “The Big Ugly

Lieutenant Dave Mahar is a sycophant like Rhodes, and both have a common enemy, Mike Prince. Both are jealous of Mike’s success with the Olympics, and now they wanna play to win. Prince and the team are unaware of this and are finding new investments. Another major event, a major announcement, is made by the Commissioner.

Episode 9 “The Hiddenburg”

The battle is getting intense now. Prince senses something from Chuck’s side and is hatching a plan. Will the tables turn against Chuck, or he’ll win again?

Episode 10 “Johnny Favorite”

Prince is winning the game by far! But even after his many wins, we don’t see him celebrate. That’s because he is consolidating a bigger plan and Wendy somehow figures out his big picture. Meanwhile, Chuck’s friends take Chuck on a retreat.

Episode 11 “Succession”

It’s time that Prince puts his master plan into action, but there are obstacles. Chuck throws some unexpected attacks that leave Prince in jeopardy. Philip and Taylor joined hands, but after Chuck’s announcement, tension lingers between them.

Episode 12 “Cold Storage”

The most anticipated and mind-blowing episode of all. As I mentioned before, the rocky start will end in the most climatic manner. This episode is filled with highs and lows and has everyone playing their best move. Chuck finds major proof against Mike that can have trouble. Apparently, Mike has done a lot of black money exchanges, and Chuck found this dirt by blackmailing Kate (Mike’s lawyer). But later, it turns out that Kate planned all this to make Chuck do something illegal, and he does. The entire episode is filled with twists that leave fans guessing who will win the game.

At the end of the episode, Chuck is arrested for invading Mike’s personal property. Whereas Mike, too faces a huge financial loss. This is a show that requires decoding rather than a recap. It is a bit complicated to be understood through just an overview. So if you dig financial and political drama, watch this show now!

How and Where to Watch it?

The shocking finale of Billions aired on 10th April 2022 on the Streamline channel. You can still watch the show online on the Showtime website or the Showtime Anywhere app. It is also available on Disney Plus Hostar for Indian viewers. American viewers can also stream it on Prime Video or even YouTube TV with an add-on channel, Showtime.

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