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Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry Review

The Bad Guy of the music is now hitting her fans with a documentary! Billie Eilish has narrated her whole to her fans in a 140 minus documentary called Billie Eilish: The World’s A little Blurry. The film reveals the behind-the-scenes creative method of Eilish’s debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where do We Go? with the title referencing a lyric from the album track Iloilo. The film was released in select theaters via Neon and on Apple TV+ on February 26, 2021.

The film starts during the success of Eilish’s song “Ocean Eyes,” which earned virality on Soundcloud and began collecting radio airplay. Three years after taping the song, Billie is on tour at a small Salt Lake City venue. 

Billie Eilish :The Word's A Little Blurry- A Review

Billie Eilish: The Word’s A Little Blurry

After seeing a fan being taken out after getting hurt, she mentions that the audience needs to be okay because they’re the reason she is okay. This shows that she is grateful to her fans as she is who she is because of them.

The movie reflects the bright part of the singers’ life and reflects the dark parts of her life, which she mentions in her songs. For instance, her song Bellyache reflects teen gambling and money as she says, “they will here pretty soon looking through my room for the money. I am too young to go to jail,” issues which are well addressed in the movie.

 When The Party Is Over

Billie explains that she doesn’t refer to her fans as “fans” but rather as a part of her and acknowledges her audience as people going through tough times just as she is, giving her fans a sense of belongingness.

Billie and her brother Finneas are in the latter’s bedroom taping the song “Bury a Friend.” Billie reveals the camera a notebook containing drawings and lyrics and plans for her music videos. Billie’s mom Maggie encourages Billie to show off her plan for the music video for the song “When The Party’s Over.” The scene is well captured as it was shot in a bedroom. Directors did a fantastic job in projecting the scene as everyday practice yet professional.

‘At the shoot for the video, Billie grows frustrated due to various mistakes. After the shoot, Billie demonstrates that she wants to direct the rest of her music videos by herself. Later, Billie and Finneas designate the intro to the album, which involves Billie’s Invisalign, and then discuss the process for taping the song “Bad Guy.” The camera then reveals Billie after passing her driver’s license test. Billie says that her fantasy car is a matte black Dodge Challenger.

Horrible Billie

Everyone knew the movie was going to be a success even before hitting the screens. The first reason is everyone loves Billie, and second, we can assume that she had a hell of a life. The movie proceeds when
Billie and Finneas tradition the song “I love you” in the bedroom. Later on, they are entering the song “My Strange Addiction.”

Billie and her team discuss concluding the album and taping the rest of the songs. Billie and Finneas tape the song “All The Good Girls Go to Hell,” which Billie reports as “horrible.”
She expresses disappointment over the time they have left to finish the album while also criticizing her singing. While taping the song “Wish You Were Gay,” Billie and Finneas argue over the notion of accessibility in her music. This indicates an argument in the kitchen involving Maggie. Billie expresses her contempt for songwriting. After finally completing the album, Billie appears on the Kevin.
7 Bean Show and presents a video showing her love for Justin Bieber at 12 years old.

Boyfriend Q

Billie reaches up with her boyfriend “Q” at a show where she performs Lovey with Khalid. After shooting the album cover, Billie is gifted with a matte black Dodge Challenger present for her 17th birthday. While vacationing in Europe, Billie’s mom exposes concern over the song Xanny due to its topic of drugs.
As Billie looks at the album’s promotional corporeality, she undergoes a significant tic attack due to her Tourette Syndrome. After completing the song Copycat at a show, Billie deals with meaningful pain in her legs due to excessive jumping. Billie explains how injuries ended her dancing career when she was younger.

Billie Eilish :The Word's A Little Blurry- A Review
After returning home, Billie creates healing her legs before upcoming performances. Billie’s administrator calls her to talk about how Justin Bieber wants to record a remix of the song “Bad Guy.” Meanwhile, the album displays a roaring success, reaching the #1 spot in several countries and obtaining a positive critical reception.

Q Makes Her A Bad Guy

Finneas shows Billie her Spotify page and how her songs have amassed hundreds of millions of plays. Billie and her family meet Katty Perry and Orland Bloom at Coachella’s backstage space. Katy gives Billie advice and tells her that she can call if she needs anything.
Billie performs and is unimpressed with her appearance due to technical difficulties and ignoring lyrics to the song “All The Good Girls Go to Hell.” She calls “Q” and asks him to see her. However, he leaves her off, to which Billie responds by submitting her phone on the floor. During Ariana Grande’s set, Justin Bieber astonishes Billie, and they meet for the first time. Soon after, Billie gets her driver’s license.

While continuing the tour, Billie reveals that she and “Q” have crumbled up due to their ongoing issues. Billie becomes super sensitive during and after a production of “I Love You.” Afterward, Billie converts angry after being forced to meet various media people.
She deems “random.”

On the road, Billie reveals annoyance over comments made beginning from the incident and states that she doesn’t want to be regarded negatively by her fans. The movie reflects that “Q made her a bad guy.” So in Billie’s language, the reply to all the rumors is DUH!

Bieber’s Love

At a show in Milan, Billie sprains her ankle at the start of the production, which leaves her straitened.
She apologizes for the conversation and says that she’d instead not give them a show versus give them a common one. Billie continues to rehabilitate her legs while documenting the song “No Time to Die” for the same name’s new James Bond film.
Later on, Billie admits that she used to cut her wrists with leaves in the bathroom at a younger age, showing several words written in her notebook and a wall.

Billie Eilish :The Word's A Little Blurry- A Review

Billie With Justin Bieber

One day, Billie’s parents wake her up to expose her and Finneas’ nominations for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, which involves Billie being nominated for all four of the major sections (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best New Artist). Meanwhile, a ride in the car, Billie asserts that life is good.

Various events are shown, such as Billie commemorating her 18th birthday. Directing the music video for the song “Everything I Wanted” and winning 5 Grammys while converting the youngest artist in history to win all four major sections. Billie gets a call from Justin Bieber, who compliments her. The film ends by showing Billie composing “Ocean Eyes,” the song that launched her career.

Billie Eilish :The Word's A Little Blurry- A Review

Billie Eilish Holding Her Grammys Like A Baby

The movie not always has shown the ideology, Billie. They have shown the reality about her life, and in one of her interviews, she said that. “When I first saw the scene of the movie; My instant reaction was to cut this scene out of the movie. But I thought my family deserves to see the real me. I can’t be so selfish at this point. So, I stripped my life naked in front of everyone with all my dark sides; With all the wonderful things I received in life; So this is my world, and it’s A Little Blurry.”  

The Rating

On being asked, Billie is not afraid of the judgmental world that will not understand the things she did; And will troll her for the same. She replied that “I don’t really care what they have to say about me because I am honest about my life; People who love me will love me anyway because I love them back with the same intensity. She added being famous can be hard at times. But we all are also human we go through the same thing a normal human being goes through. If they judge me for being normal, they will also love me for being normal.

To sum up, we give this movie a rating of 4.3/5 stars, the movie is an amazing combination of a girl living her dream; Meanwhile holding herself to be the person she was raised to. The movie earned amazing ratings, including 97% from Rotten Tomatoes, 7.9 ratings from IMDb, and 72% from Meta Critics.

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