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Bill Gates Net Worth: How Much is The Tech Giant Worth Before The Big Split?

bill and melinda gates
bill and melinda gates

Recently, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced their divorce which took the internet by storm. They shared a statement on Twitter where they made the announcement public. Their marriage lasted for a good long 27 years. A divorce means a lot of legal complications when it comes to wealth. And with wealth as big as Bill Gates’, there is a lot to sort out legally.

The details of the split are not yet shared or leaked anywhere. They do have a proper agreement, but it has not been made public yet. Here is the tweet by Bill Gates regarding this news.

Bill Gates has a lot of real estate to his name. The biggest of them all is the $65 million lakeside home in Medina, Washington. This giant villa of his amasses a total of 66,000 square feet. His second property is in Wellington, Florida. This is a 30-acre estate, and it is currently valued at $55 million.

In Belize, Bill Gates owns a private island which is called Grand Bogue Caye. The value of this island is $25 million.  His fourth and fifth big property is in California. In Del Mar, Gates has a stake in a property that is valued at $20 million. He also owns a small property in Indian Wells which has a valuation of $1 million.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Talking about numbers, currently, Bill Gates is the 4th richest man in the world, and his net worth is around 134 billion dollars. The only three people ahead of him are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bernard Arnault, and his Family. 134 billion dollars is a huge sum, but Wealth-X’s reports have a breakdown of Bill Gates’ wealth. Let’s have a look at everything we know about Bill’s wealth so far.

Bill Gates Mansion USA

Holdings and Stock

This is where Bill Gates has a huge amount. His biggest asset is his holdings in Cascade Investment. He funded Cascade Investment with Microsoft stock sales and dividends and now his holdings are worth $29.9 billion. This is about 23% of his wealth. If we split all his holdings via Cascade Investment, then he has around $11.9 billion in Deere & Company, 11 million in Canadian National Railway, and $1.6 billion in Diageo.

He also has holdings in Microsoft which are worth $26.1 billion. He has reduced his ownership with time, as we all know about his charity and foundations with Melinda. The Gates Foundation Trust also has stocks via the Cascade Investment. Even though he stepped down from the board of Microsoft and has only a 1% stake, it is still a major part of his total wealth. This truly shows the impact of the company which he had built.

Bill and Melinda Gates


This is all about his Gates Foundation. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have given away a lot to their foundation. According to reports, they both have moved around $20 billion worth of Microsoft stocks, and in the current market, the assets of the foundation sum up to around $50 billion. The value isn’t accurate and it is just a rough estimation.

Cars and Art

Almost every billionaire has a great car and art collection, don’t they? Bill Gates has a sports car collection of around $650,000. He owns a Porsche 911, Jaguar XJ6, Porsche Carrera Cabriolet 964, a Ferrari 348, and Porsche 959 Coupe.

If we talk about his art collection, he has a total of $130 million worth of art with him. He is a great admirer of art. He possesses the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Winslow Homer, and Andrew Wyeth.

Apart from all these holdings, all the other smaller stuff like salaries, dividends, stock transactions sum up to around $19 billion.

So this was pretty much everything we know about Bill Gates’ worth and how it is distributed. After the divorce, all eyes are on how the money will be split between them. Dividing the foundation’s wealth is going to be a big task, according to lawyers and experts. The total asset value is not known yet. It won’t be as easy as dividing the wealth of the Bezos’. Bezos’ majority of wealth was in Amazon’s stocks so it was much easier there. Here there is a lot of diversification, and things are complex.

Just like how we came to know about the divorce, soon we will also know about the complete split of wealth and the total value.

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