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Biggest Plothole in Dragon Ball Super About Omni King and Future Trunks

Now as we know Universe 10 has been erased by the Omni King in episode 103 of Dragon Ball Super but the question on everyone’s mind is, if the Omni King erased everything what happened to Trunks and Mai? Lets take a little trip back in time to Trunks’s timeline before any of this happened.

Black Goku arc

In Trunks’s timeline everything else after the Andorids/Cell saga happened by that I mean Babidi and Dabura were looking for strong source of energy in order to release Majin Buu just like in the main timeline of Dragon Ball Z. Trunks defeats both Dabura and Babidi thanks to the help of Supreme Kai unlocking Super Saiyan 2 for him.

Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks blocking Dabura’s spit attacks

While this happened, in the Past Universe 10 Zamasu is planning out his plan to eradicate all mortals. The reason Zamasu wants to do this is because he believes all humans are evil and they only cause violence and war. After a brief fight with Goku, Zamasu realizes that Goku is really strong and in order for him to go along with his plan he must switch bodies with Goku. Zamasu wasn’t really sure how to do this, until Gowasu tells Zamasu about the Super Dragon Balls.

Vegeta eliminated

Once he learned about the Super Dragon Balls and their power he knew what he had to do and that was to kill Gowasu. Once he did that he went on and made himself a Supreme Kai, taking Gowasu’s potara earings also meaning he was able to use the Time Ring. Once that was over with he used the Super Dragon Balls and switched bodies with Goku, after he made his wish with them he destroyed them.

Now as Black he uses the Time Ring and goes to the future to recruit someone that shares the same desire as him and that person is Future Zamasu. Black informs Future Zamasu about their plan to destroy all mortals. Now Future Zamasu uses the Super Dragon Balls to wish for immortality, after he made his wish he does the same thing as Black did and destroys the Super Dragon Balls.

Zamasu hugging himself

Now with their newfound powers, they go on to destroy all the Gods in each Universe as well as the Super Dragon Balls. Once they had finished doing this they resumed their plan on to destroy all mortals. Black appears in Future Trunks’s timeline, note he appears moments after Future Trunks has defeated Babidi and Dabura. Now comes the real story now as everyone knows Trunks gets beaten by Black so he goes to the past to escape him.

Now in the past Trunks tells everyone what had happened to him and how Black is destroying everything and is really powerful now with everyone informed Goku and Vegeta agree to go to the future with Trunks to help him defeat Black. Now in the future Goku Vegeta and Trunks try to find Black. Now with a boost to his power thanks to his short fight with Goku in the past, he reveals his own Super Saiyan transformation called Super Saiyan Rose.

Super Saiyan Rose Black

With his new more powerful form he disposes with Vegeta and Goku with ease and also with the help from Future Zamasu. They not only get defeated by this duo once but twice. Finally on their third and final visit to the future they manage to get the upper hand on Black and Zamasu that is until the two fued into Merged Samasu.

Merged Zamasu

On their desperate attempt to defeat Zamasu, Goku tries to find an extra Senzu Bean in his pocket but instead he finds a blue button in his Pocket. Now what is this blue button? Its the button that Zeno sama gave to Goku in order for him to summon Zeno Sama. Goku asks Supreme Kai if the Omni King of that timeline is alive in which Supreme Kai tells him yes no matter who or how strong you are the Omni King may never be defeated. So in a desperate attempt Goku presses the button and Future Zeno sama appears and seeing the destruction Zamasu has done he erases him along with the Universe.

Future Zeno sama about to erase Future Trunks's timeline and Zamasu

Now what does all of this have to do with Zeno Sama erasing Universe 10, it has to do with everything really. If you noticed when Zeno sama destroyed universe 10, everything got erased even the locket of Universe 10’s warriror. People have been wondering when Zeno sama erased whole universe or timeline in future, why Future Trunks and Mai were not affected as they were also the part of the future. 

This is one of the biggest plot-hole in the series so far, but it could be that Zeno sama decides what he want to erase and what not, but that also doesn’t explain why he would spare Trunks and Mai? Is it because they traveled to past in time machine that is why they were not affected?


Frost Stole U7’s Most Dangerous Technique And Is Going To Eliminate Someone From U7

Viewers are going to see Master Roshi again in Dragon Ball Super. Universe 6’s Ice-jin Frost will be taking advantage of Master Roshi’s weakened state.

Frost, together will Magetta, will be cornering Master Roshi. Because of the desperate situation, Master Roshi would be using the Mafuba once again. There is a possibility that Master Roshi would be eliminated, or at worst case, he may die in the next episode.

Vegeta’s fans are worried because of the theories surrounding him in the tournament of power. He might be the next person to be eliminated if the theory about the ending song is true. Though the theory could be true or not, I’d rather see Vegeta still kicking near the end of the tournament. It is too early for him to be eliminated, and he still hasn’t shown what he got from his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. And in addition, Goku would be lonely without him.

There is something that concerns me though. Even though Vegeta might be fighting in the center of the stage, there is something that caught my eyes that spell “danger” for him. It seems like Frost will be attempting to use the Mafuba against someone. Mafuba is a great way to eliminate an enemy more powerful than you. Frost might be using the Mafuba against fighters like Goku or Vegeta. Though Vegeta is not “that” evil anymore, his pride is a bad trait that Vegeta still has.

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  1. That’s not a plot hole, Zeno Sama erased the future version of 7 where Trunks is from so in the present when he erased universe 10 and everything from 10 how would Trunks be erased? He’s from the future of universe 7 so there is no plot hole… as far as that goes anyway.

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