The Biggest Plot Twist For Zeno-Sama In Dragon Ball Super


Zeno-Sama is the most powerful being in the whole “Dragon Ball” franchise right now. If the Gods of Destruction are only limited to things they can destroy, Zeno-Sama has no known limitation. He is also capable of destroying universes in an instant and without any remorse.

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To make the story short, Zeno-sama is that one person you don’t want to anger. Being a “God of everything” ┬áis one thing. Being a battle genius like Goku is another thing. And Zeno-sama seems to be lacking the last one because he has no battle sense.

Ever since Zeno-sama was introduced in the show, he has been feared by all except Goku. But he is not feared because of his power level or strength. He is known more because of his temper that could wipe out an entire universe.

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He also got his bodyguards all around at all times, which is kinda feels unnecessary if he’s the most powerful being in existence. He never did a single punch nor Ki blasts which strengthen the theory that he doesn’t have a battle sense.

Why is this theory important? Because it indicates what kind of weakness Zeno has. If Zeno has the physical strength of a toddler, then a punch from someone like Goku will give him eternal rest. In a sense, if planned properly, Zeno-sama can be killed. If this nonsense destruction of universes will continue, Gods of Destruction might plan a revolution.

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The thing is, Zeno’s guard might be so powerful that even the angels and Gods of Destruction cannot stand against them. If you can pass through Zeno’s guard, you can have a chance to kill Zeno. And who is the perfect candidate for Zeno’s assassination?

That’s right, Goku is the best candidate for Zeno’s assassination. He is the only one who is allowed to even touch Zeno without the guards intervening. If he is manipulated perfectly, a punch would give the “King of All” a mortal damage.

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