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What To Expect From Big Sky Season 2?

When will Big Sky Season 2 Release?
Big Sky Promotional Image - credit ABC

Big Sky is a crime drama TV Series based on the book called The Highway by C.J. Box. Created by David E. Kelly, Big Sky is a captivating TV show that soon after its release has the audience asking for more. The show first premiered on 17th November 2020 and has ever since then aired 13 episodes of season 1. Nevertheless, if you wonder why since airing from then, it has only had 13 episodes air, it is because it has had multiple breaks during its run. This disrupting waiting time, along with plenty of twists and turns thrown at our protagonists, has made the fans inadvertently like the show even more. And now that season 1 is finally about to reach its finale, fans have been asking when Big Sky Season 2 will arrive.

Big Sky had multiple breaks throughout its run. After its break in February, the show has finally returned to air its final few episodes. Although the show has been announced to have 16 episodes in the season, the episode schedule only has dates for episodes till episode 15, which is set to air on 11th May 2021. Considering that the episode 16 release date hasn’t been announced yet, it could mean that the show might just be going on a break before the season finale. This could mean that it may take at least till the end of May for Big Sky Season Finale to air.

What is the plot of Big Sky Season 1?

Big Sky Season 1 follows an enthralling mystery as two sisters, Danielle Sullivan and Grace, head on a road trip to meet Danielle’s boyfriend. But during the trip, the girls go missing as they are kidnapped by a truck driver. As this occurred in the remote part of the Montana highway, there is barely any clue or witnesses. This disappearance leads to a set of events that leads Private Detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt to join forces with his estranged ex-wife and cop, Jenny Hoyt. Now, as this new trio sets forth to search for the sisters, they discover that they are not the only ones to go missing in that area. It shortly becomes clear that they had stumbled upon something bigger as they must race against time to stop the killer before anyone else is taken.

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When will Big Sky Season 2 Release?

When will Big Sky Season 2 Release?

Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt

As of now, ABC hasn’t renewed or canceled Big Sky for a second season. This is mainly because season 1 is still airing. And usually, studios do not announce the show for a second season before the first season ends. As discussed above, considering Big Sky Season 1 ends in May, we should get the announcement for season 2 soon after that. If Big Sky Season 2 does get announced, it should at least take a year for the pre-production, filming, and post-production. Which could mean that it will be at least more than a year before Big Sky comes back on screens for season 2.

Is Big Sky Season 2 a possibility?

The possibility of Big Sky having a season 2 seems quite high considering the high ratings the show gets. Moreover, as of the writing of this article, the show ranks 11th among all the ongoing TV shows. The show has 16 episodes set for the first season, and if we look at the previous episode schedule, we could see how the pattern wavers. Considering that ABC has been having problems with their Tuesday, 10:00 pm ET slot for quite some while, Big Sky could be the solution.

When will Big Sky Season 2 Release?

Cody Hoyt

If we talk about the source material, fans should be glad that there is sufficient source material for additional three seasons of Big Sky. Big Sky is based on the Cassie Dewell novel series by American author C. J. Box. The first book in the series, The Highway, came out in 2013. This is the book whose story has been adapted as Big Sky Season 1. After this, there were three more novels in the Cassie Dewell Adventure series. The second book came out in 2015, called Badlands, the third book released in 2017, called Paradise Valley, while the final book released in 2019 called The Bitterroots.

If Big Sky were to be renewed, the next season should most likely adapt, Badlands. Now, if the second season were to be released, we will also see more of Cody Hoyt. This could mean that we might even get a spin-off series on him, adapted through the 2011 book Back of Beyond. So, Big Sky fans can only try to keep the show’s hype alive, thus possibly persuading ABC to give the green light for future installments. And luckily, one additional season could mean 2 more seasons, along with a spin-off show.

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