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Big Sky Season 2: Is The New Season Cancelled?

Big Sky season 2
Big Sky

David E. Kelly is back with another masterpiece. The American screenwriter and the creator of the show “Big Little Lies” gave another thriller drama in 2020. Collaborating with ABC, Big Sky is another detective thriller script written by David and produced by Matthew Tinker, Cecil O’Connor, Christina Toy. Famous as a creator of television series set in the legal profession, the new show is also similar but comes with a fresh approach. The show has had people hooked to it.

Big Sky is the TV adaptation of the thriller book called The Highway was written by American author C. J. Box. The book has already been adapted in a movie with the same name that was released in 2013. Season 1 has 10 episodes and currently streaming on the OTT platform Disney. Big Sky features some great actors in its cast list too.

It has BAFTA Student Film Award winner Jesse James Keitel on board, playing the role of Jerrie Kennedy. Vikings fame Katheryn Winnick playing Jenny Hyot. Cruel Intentions star Matthew Ryan Phillippe playing Cody Hyot. Pitch’s fame Kylie Bunbury playing Cassie Dewell. Along with Britt Robertson, Brian Geraghty, Dedee Pfeiffer, Natalie Alyn Lind, Michelle Forbes, Omar Metwally, and many more!

What Is The Show “Big Sky” About?

Big Sky focuses on Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt, who work as private detectives. As a truck driver kidnapped two sisters on a remote highway in Montana, the detectives have some investigation to do. Joining an ex-cop named Jenny Hoy, who is also Cody’s estranged wife, the duo starts working. As they dig deeper into the investigation, they find that the kidnapping has been going on for a while. And it needs to be looked at! Looking into things comes out the questions about Kleinsasser Family and many more secrets.

Big Sky season 2

A Still From The Show.

Horst has lost all his allies, including his wife, as she is against him. That way, Scarlet and Robert can make a plan together to escape and hide their doings. Escaping police and changing their identities as they run across the border to cross it and reaching a new country. But it is not that simple as there are still confrontations to make.

The show ended with a “TO BE CONTINUED” card. Cassie stole a cop car so she can catch Ronald and Scarlet. So there is no way the creators of the show are so heartless that they will leave the viewers on this brutal cliffhanger.

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Is Big Sky Is Coming Up With Its Season 2?

ABC has announced that Big Sky is getting a season 2. With the shows being canceled by the production houses due to budget and viewership issues, Big Sky is ABC’s second show to get the renewing announcement after the hit medical drama The Good Doctor. Big Sky also has the third rank in all first-year series in viewers. As it has already been a year after the release of season 1, season 2 of Big Sky was supposed to release in August 2021. But unfortunately, it got canceled for now!

Big Sky season 2

A Still From The Show.

When Is The New Season Coming Up?

Season 2 of Big Sky got postponed by the ABC network over some unknown issues. The new season will now release a month later, on September 30, 2021. Other than this, no real updates have been given out or released by the production team. There is no news about old people leaving or new people joining the show. Neither there has been any updates on the storyline and upcoming plot. The only update about the cast is that Kylie Bunbury playing Cassie Dewell, Brian Geraghty playing Ronald Pergman, Anja Savcic playing Scarlet Leyendecker, and Jesse James Keitel playing Jerrie Kennedy are coming back for sure. While Katheryn Winnick might not come back as Jenny.

Predicting the upcoming season will surely answer the cliffhanger that season 1 left behind. We will see more of the detectives, Cassie and Jenny, working on themselves and setting up their careers. A possibility that we might encounter Rick’s twin. According to Ried, the upcoming season of the show will be focusing on some new characters and one to two large mystery arcs relating the old with the new.

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