Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch?

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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7

Yet another American television series, Big Sky, has aired its sixth episode of the second season, and the viewers are now eager to watch Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7. The television series first came out on 17th November 2020. Furthermore, it received a pretty good response from the viewers and the critics as well. The show managed to garner a viewership of over four million and that too in the United States alone. Moreover, the show received quite a lot of positive reviews from critics and currently has a critical score of sixty-one percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Other than that, the series also has a pretty decent score of 6.8 out of 10. All of these ratings and scores are good enough to attract a lot of viewers to this show. In addition to that, the show has taken inspiration for its story from the popular book series titled “The Highway,” that have been written by a popular American author, C. J. Box. This can be considered another prominent reason for the success of the show. Moving on, the very popular American television producer and writer David E. Kelley has created this latest television series.

Moreover, he is also the executive producer on the show along with C. J. Box, Matthew Gross, Ross Fineman, Elwood Reid, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, and Paul McGuigan. Now take a look at the star cast as it includes Katheryn Winnick, Kylie Bunbury, Dedee Pfeiffer, Brian Geraghty, Valerie Mahaffey, Janina Gavankar, and many more. The series entered into its second season on 30th September 2021, and the fans are awaiting the release of Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7. However, let us first take a recap of the previous episode and find out what all went down in the episode.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7
Still from Big Sky.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of Big Sky Season 2 arrived on 18th November 2021. Moreover, the episode was titled “Heart-shaped Charm”. The episode continued at the scene from the previous episode where Cassie and Jenny were seen by Deitrich’s men for following him. However, Travis saves them by telling Dietrich that they are cops. Meanwhile, the next day we see Cassie find out a similar-looking keychain to that found near Harvey’s body. She feels weird to know that it belongs to her babysitter Max and goes to return it.

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On the other hand, Max and her friends are trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. But soon, Max’s mother tells the secret about the drugs to her boyfriend, T-Lock, and asks Max to give the drugs to T-Lock. She assures Max that T-Lock will fix the situation by anonymously tipping about the drugs to the cops. However, T-Lock seems to have another plan regarding the drugs. On the other hand, Travis is captured by Ren and his man Donno. They torture Travis to find out about the drugs Dietrich stole, but he knows nothing. However, he tells them to see Smiley, who might know.

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7
Cassie meets with Max

Meanwhile, T-Lock meets with Smiley and gives him a small number of drugs to convince him about them selling those drugs together. But Ren and Donno arrive at Smiley’s house and kill him while also finding the drug there. Whereas Mark goes to Wolf’s house in search of Ronald but does not find anything. However, he still has his doubts and decides to sneak into the property again. Meanwhile, Jenny is relieved to find Travis at home and spends time with him. Although, in the end, Dietrich arrives there and tells Travis to come with him, which worries Jenny. Whereas Cassie follows her suspicion about Max being somehow involved in Harvey’s case.

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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date & Airing Time

“Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7 will release on 9th December 2021 at 10 pm ET on ABC.” Furthermore, the episode will be titled “Little Boxes”. With Travis probably under Dietrich’s suspicion and Mark on the lookout for Ronald, the show has gotten even more exciting. The next will turn another thrilling turn with Mark trying to find Ronald. Meanwhile, Travis will have to figure out how to stay alive if Dietrich knows he is a cop. On the other hand, Cassie will try to uncover the truth whether Max is involved in Harvey’s case. So don’t forget to watch the next episode when it comes back after a 3-week break.

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How To Watch Big Sky Season 2? Streaming Details

The ongoing season of this crime drama thriller has got the viewers quite excited. Therefore, they are wondering about where to watch Big Sky Season 2? Well, the answer to that question is very simple. Big Sky Season 2 airs every Thursday at 10 pm ET on the ABC television network in the United States. Moreover, the show also airs on the CTV television network in Canada at 10 pm ET on the same day. In addition to that, the viewers in India can stream the episode on Disney Plus Hotstar. Other than that, the show is available to watch on Youtube TV. Furthermore, the show is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu as well. Therefore, go ahead and start watching the show if you haven’t done that yet.

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