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Big Day For Original Dragon Ball Anime Fans

masako nozawa

Dragon Ball anime first aired in February 26, 1986, about 31 years ago and the show and the original Dragon Ball series ended in 1996 and it was followed by Dragon Ball GT for 1 year, and it finally ended in 1997.

But Dragon Ball anime finally returned in 2015 and once again took the world by storm. We have already passed 100 episodes and as it seems Dragon Ball Super is nowhere near the end.

Masako Nozawa has been voicing Son Goku since 1986 and She has also voiced Son Gohan, Bardock, Son Goten, Gotenks and Vegetto in Dragon Ball Z series.

She started her voice acting career at the age of 17 in 1963 and Astro Boy was the first anime she voiced and she is in this business for over 54 years. From that she has been voice of Goku for over 31 years.

It is Masako Nozawa’s birthday today and she turned 80 as of October 25, 2017. She has been part of our childhood and have voiced many characters from our childhood. She also voiced Doreamon from Doraemon anime, Tetsurō Hoshino from Galaxy Express 999 and Kitarō  from GeGeGe no Kitarō.

She also voiced minor characters in Naruto, One piece and other popular anime. Happy Birthday Masako Nozawa, voice of Goku and many others. We wish you a long life.

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