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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 32: Release Date & Where To Watch Stream

Big Brother
Big Brother

Big Brother season 23 started on CBS just a while ago, and you will not believe it when we say, it is about to end by the end of September. The show first came out with its fresh batch of episodes on the 7th of July 2021. It aired on CBS for the residents in the United States. All this while, people living in Canada will be able to watch the show on Global. If you are not aware, the camera follows a group of people known as HouseGuests who live inside of a house together. Their regular lives are filmed all the time with their consent. Also, these people are provided with absolutely no contact with the people outside. Each week, the participants have to take part in a series of games and challenges.

After this, they are asked to vote each other out. At the game point, when there are just two members left, a twist happens. All the previously evicted HouseGuests are invited back in and are asked to decide the winner of the season just like a jury does. This winner gets the grand prize of 750,000 US dollars. Previously, this prize was only limited to 250,000 US dollars but now has been upgraded. Julie Chen Moonves has come back in the form of a host to the show yet another time.

Previously on the show, we saw that Kyland was having a conversation with Hannah. He revealed to her that Tiffany was actually nominated by him. It is because of the whole plan that Tiffany made to get Xavier out of the house. This made Hannah realize something about their plan. She now understands pretty well that the three men are working in unison against them both. All this while, Tiffany and Hannah had to prepare themselves for a new scenario that might rise soon. The duo is hoping that Azah wins the upcoming PoV competition. By doing so, the probability of all the three women surviving through this week might increase, which will result in their favor.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 32

A still from Big Brother Season 23

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Big Brother Season 23 Recap

Later in the scenes, we saw that the HouseGuests took part in the BB Comics Competition. This game had a different set of rules than what the contestants had seen previously. They had to fly down with the help of a zip line. While doing so, they were required to spot the difference between the covers of comic book that depicts all the HouseGuests. Kyland shone brightly once again in this competition as he was able to put the covers as per their order in the shortest period of time.

Given the fact that Tiffany and Hannah were in danger, they really tried to make amends with Kyland. They were also trying to prove their loyalty to him. All they wanted in return was for him not to use the veto power on either of them. As soon as the ceremony arrived, everyone’s hearts were beating because why not? At the Veto Ceremony, Kyland decided that he would not use the PoV and keep all of his nominations the same. But this put a direct danger on the head of Tiffany and Hannah. They have now fallen into the trap of immediate eviction and might leave the house at any moment now. Well, we shall now discuss the future of the series.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 32 Release Date and Where to Watch

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 32 is scheduled for a release on the 17th of September 2021. It is supposed to drop out on CBS at 8 PM according to Eastern Time. If you are one keen watcher of this reality TV series and can not afford to miss even a single episode, then I suggest you keep an eye out every week when the episode releases on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To watch the show, all you have to do is tune into CBS. The time and date are already discussed with you above. As for the other options, you can stream the episodes on the official website of CBS or its application. Then we have platforms s7ch as YouTube TV and DirecTV, and Paramount Plus. They all have access to the latest episodes, which will assist you in will entertainment needs.

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