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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 31: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Big Brother season 23 started airing on CBS on the 7th of July 2021 and delivers new episodes of the reality TV show almost daily. The main theme of this series is to focus on a group of contestants that are filmed all the time. They have no contact with the world outside the villa. Each contestant has only one motive, that is, to be the last HouseGuest remaining. They all have to indulge in various challenges every week before voting each other out. The deal is when there are only two HouseGuests remaining in the house, all the previously evicted members come back. They are the ones deciding the winner in the form of a jury. This winner is awarded a prize of 750,000 US dollars.

Back in Big Brother, we have seen that Hannah has Hannah is having way more trouble than she initially imagined it to be. She is now paying the price of replacing Alyssa with Kyland. She and Tiffany have now set themselves as his main target. All this while, the women are assuring him that he is actually not a target on their list. But Kyland is too stubborn to believe a word and is not ready to change his mind. Previously, we saw how Hannah is way too worried about the whole situation. She thinks that her decision is the reason why the friendship between HoH has been sabotaged. Kyland soon grasped the whole situation. He understood how Tiffany and Hannah actually wanted to impress Alyssa just for jury management.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 31

A still from Big Brother Season 23

Big Brother Season 23 Recap

Kyland assumed that he will be the next target of Tiffany even when she said he is not. Derek later admitted that he has put his target on Tiffany and Hannah. This is when Xavier and Kyland made a deal. Then the next HoH competition as we saw, was all about eggs. It had to pass through a maze before rolling down a ramp. The game was fairly difficult but Rayland came up with a perfect idea which laded him to a win. Given the fact that Tiffany has the game slowly slipping out of her hands and might be on the target, she reached out to Kyland in order to make a final three deal. Later, even his mentors advised Kyland to target Xavier instead because he will prove to be a big competitor later in the competition.

Despite all of that, he still chose to put Tiffany and Hannah on the line for the nomination. The 30th episode saw Tiffany trying to negotiate. It is straight-up a fact that she could be sent home soon enough if she does not act quickly. This episode was all about how Tiffany would save herself from getting eliminated. Everything she does on the show will act as one of the biggest catalysts in saving her. Also, there is a bit of unfortunate news for you guys. This season is about to end on the 29th of September 2021. Well, before that, let us discuss everything that the creators have in store for us with the future of the series.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 31 Release Date and Where to Watch

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 31 is set for a release on the 16th of September 2021. It will air at 8 PM as per Eastern Time on CBS. If you are a fan and would not want to miss even a single episode, then I suggest you keep an eye out every week on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday for new episodes. The easiest way through which you can watch the new episodes is when it airs on the channel at the date and time penned down above. If you happen to miss the broadcast of the show on the air, there is another way through the official website of CBS and even its official application. Paramount Plus and YouTube TV are some of the alternative great options to watch the show if you do not have cable login credentials. If these options do not suit you, I bet you can rent and buy the new episodes from Amazon Prime Video as well as Apple iTunes.

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