Big Brother Season 20 Episode 38 – Update

We are slowly and gradually moving towards the finale of Big Brother season 20, although there were five contestants till the last episode. We saw an eviction in the previous episode, with the Veto power competition and some plannings and plotting. Moreover, nothing seemed working as everything is uncertain in the house, as everybody is trying to do what they think is right. So, let’s get started with Big Brother season 20 episode 38 release date and spoilers.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 38

The twentieth season is moving towards its finale, as there are only four contestants left (we will talk about that ahead), and there will be evictions each week from now. 38th episode of Big Brother season 20 will be broadcasted on 20 September 2018. The show is aired on CBS channel.

First of all, contestants, as well as viewers, were still into last week’s double elimination which led to the eviction of Haleigh and Brett. In the previous episode, we saw the Veto competition was held. Although everyone participated in the game, Kaycee and Tyler were the leading competitors. Again, Kaycee won the Veto power. The moment she won the competition, everybody made up their mind about what is going to happen, and all of those thoughts were true. Kaycee did not use the Veto power.

Afterward, Kaycee and Tyler voted out Sam by 2-0, and she was out of the Big Brother house. HoH is going out, so there would surely be a HoH competition again. Then, it was followed by a HoH competition, in which Angela was not eligible. JC won the competition, and became new HoH, as it is the first time for him. We might see that the next episode will be dominated by new HoH, as he will have to nominate two of the contestants for eviction. Who will those two be?

Also, we will see that there will be one more eviction in the upcoming episode as there will only be three contestants after the next episode. Who will those be? My pointer is on Angela, and she might be evicted. But still, there is nothing to be presumed as it is too hard to predict what will happen in the house!

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