Big Brother Season 20 Episode 37 Spoilers, And Release Date

Big Brother season 20 is into its most intense part, as a very few contestants are left. Also, maybe management would be thinking that this is also not okay, so they included a double eviction last week. That double eviction took Haleigh and Brett out of the show. We know that Haleigh was a very much expected name, but Brett was really surprising. This left only five potential players in the game. So let’s get started on Big Brother 20 episode 37 release date and spoilers.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 37

The twentieth season is not much far away from conclusion, as 36 episodes have been already completed, and 37th episode will be broadcasted this week. The 37th episode of Big Brother season 20 will be released on 19 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on CBS. It can also be streamed using the CBS app, and other CBS channel online streaming service providers.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 37

The last episode included the Head of Household competition. Moreover, Tyler was not eligible for the HoH competition. Astonishingly, Angela won the competition, with a tough rivalry between JC and Sam (Kaycee embarrassed herself, 0 points!). Angela is the new Head of Household. We know that she also got power to nominate two contestants for eviction, and as expected, she uttered names of JC and Sam.

Contrastingly, we will see the Veto competition in the next episode. Interestingly, the winner of that competition will get the power to save any of the two nominated contestants. But it totally depends on who wins the power, as it is on the winner whether he/she wants to use it or not. As we know, Kaycee won the Veto power twice in a row and did not use it. But this time, it might be used, but we are not really sure! We will have to watch the upcoming episode to find that out!

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