Big Brother Season 20 Episode 35 – Update

In this post, we are going to talk about American reality game television show Big Brother season 20 episode 35 release date and spoilers. The show is based on Dutch TV series of the same name created by John de Mol who also produced the show in 1997. Big Brother US version has completed 19 seasons and 20th season is now being broadcasted. The 20th season has managed to attract a lot of viewers, as there has been so many feuds and unexpected twists in the season. So let’s get started with the further information on the 35th episode of Big Brother season 20.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 35 Release Date

The show is in a quite intense turn right now as the contestants have been in the house for quite a long time. The 35th episode of Big Brother season 20 is all set to be broadcast on 12 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on CBS channel.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 35 Spoilers

As we saw previously, Scottie was back after winning Jury Battle Back competition. But his fate was not really to be living happily in the house as he was nominated for eviction by his friend Tyler as he became Head of Household. Tyler also nominated Haleigh Broucher. The only thing which could come as a boon for the nominated contestants is Veto. So, the episode featured a veto competition. Tyler, Scottie, and Haleigh were accompanied by Kaycee, Sam, and JC for the Veto competition.

Haleigh knew that she could not lean on someone, so she has counted on herself. Brett was the host who wore a giant emoji dress. Contestants have to pass through a see-saw and move the emojis from one container to another. The player who does the task first and then rushes and hits the buzzer wins the game.

Tyler and JC were necks to neck followed by Kaycee, but suddenly Tyler had to restart. Which led to Kaycee winning the competition. In the end, Kaycee decided not to use the power. And eventually, Scottie was evicted again out if the show. Kaycee won the competition and became the new head of household. Kaycee nominated Haleigh and Sam for eviction. In the next episode, we will see a Veto competition, which might save one of the nominated contestants.

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