Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31 Release Date and Spoilers

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31 Release Date and Spoilers

In this post, we are going to talk about American reality television series Big Brother season 20 episode 31 release date and spoilers. The show invites a number of guests to live in a house together and survive till the last day. They have to battle out in weekly tasks and other competitions, as well as they, have to manage internal relations with each other to stay in the house. Each week comes with an elimination of one housemate, or sometimes more than one housemates. The winner bags the winning price of US$ 500,000.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31 Release Date

The 31st episode of Big Brother season 20 is all set to release on 5 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on CBS every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31 Spoilers

We saw that Jury Battle was eventually won by Scottie, so that means he came in the house again. His fellow players welcomed him with hugs and were seen being happy, although those were the people who nominated him. It is really interesting to see him back, as he knows everything about what these people are really thinking about him. But for now, it is a sad moment for JC as he worked hard to get Scottie out of the house. So, his efforts were just not paid off.

Big Brother Season 20 Episode 31 Release Date and Spoilers

The last episode consisted of HOH competition, with a task called “Pie in the sky.” And after a tough battle between Tyler and Haleigh, Tyler wins the HOH tag. Haleigh was very disappointed after the loss as she has to move back to the block. After everything, the main thing comes up in the last. The nomination ceremony, where Tyler has to nominate two contestants for eviction. And Tyler chooses Scottie and Haleigh for the nomination. Surely Tyler played safe!

In the next episode, we will see houseguests competing for the Veto power. It would be interesting to see that who wins the advantage. Also, even if someone wins the power, does he or she use it to save Scottie or Haleigh. Only time will tell us about that!


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