BGMI 1.9 Release Date Update: When is it Coming Out?

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BGMI 1.8 Release Date
BGMI 1.8 Release Date

Earlier in January of this year, the 1.8 version of BGMI was released. However, players are not very happy with this version. It is not as smooth as it should be. If you are currently using the 1.8 version of BGMI, then you must be facing a lot of issues like glitches and bugs. So players were waiting for a new update. In the article ahead, we will be discussing the release date of BGMI 1.9. 

We are all familiar with BGMI, but to understand the article in great depth and the reason for the latest update we need to know a little about it. BGMI stands for Battleground Mobile India. It is the mobile version of PUBG. This game was published as well as developed by Krafton on July 2, 2021, for all Android devices. After the release, it came up with four updates. In this article, we will be discussing the fifth update which is going to take place soon. Continue your reading to know the actual release date of BGMI 1.9.

Release Date of BGMI 1.9

Krafton is going to release the BGMI 1.9 version between 17 March 2022 and 18 March 2022. This is the fifth update in which a player will be able to experience a smooth and competitive environment. Android users can update BGMI by going to the play store while apple users can update BGMI 1.9 version using the apple store. 

An Update on BGMI Release Date
An Update on BGMI Release Date

Before the release date, it was being announced by the developer that the player needed to have enough storage space as the 1.9 version of BGMI will take a lot more space than the previous version. The size will be 989 MB. And to play multiplayer games, players need to inform other players to install the latest version of BGMI 1.9. As they can not play together with different versions.

Features of BGMI 1.9

Let us discuss what you will get in this version. The 1.9 version of BGMI will bring lots of different modes with different skin colors of fighters. Along with these, the other features will be new like the ATV quad bike, warehouse 2.0, zipline features, riot shield, more security than before, revive in water, royale pass M9, melee throw, some changes in grenades, recall defeated teammate, warehouse 2.0 and many others. 

In the upcoming update, you will most likely see Falcon companion. This was absent in previous updates. So this is back and most importantly it will be free. A player can even give names to his or her companion. 

You will get to see a larger cheer park than usual. This will interest a lot of players as this can create a competitive environment by bringing more fighters than before. You will get a customized map where you get to see more shooting and hiding places. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

You will also find a racing track in the 1.9 version of BGMI. In the latest version, all these tracks along with some areas are locked. So, most probably you are going to see these getting unlocked in the BGMI 1.9.

The most interesting news is that Krafton is once again going to bring New Vibrant Anniversary Mode. It also gets easy to access the shop of BGMI by just clicking on the point. There will be major square boxes for giving you a shield from the enemy’s weapon. There will be many different-different leagues where you also get to see the updated version of the bridge area. Here they have extended the area of the bridge giving more space to run and fight. 

What is BGMI?

BGMI is a series from PUBG Universe, designed exclusively online for India. It is a multiplayer as well as a single-player game. It can accommodate up to 1000 players in a battle royale. The player who survives till last wins the game. The game starts by jumping in the places that are included in the map. Those places are Miramar, Erangel, Livik, Karakin, Sanhok, and Vikendi. BGMI was released after Pubg got banned from India. Therefore, BGMI allowed the players to transfer their data from the Pubg server to the BGMI server. This causes the violation of the data transfer act. Thus, Krafton has to come up with another update to remove this feature.

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