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‘Beyond Evil’ K-drama Review: Cast, Plot & Streaming

Here, we shall discuss the review of the crime drama ‘Beyond Evil’. The crime thrilling drama has captured the hearts of millions of audiences across the globe. The story follows the two fearless policemen who work together to catch a serial killer. Both of them suspect each other to be the real killer. Also, their way of working on the murder case is different. No one can be trusted and it gets suspenseful for the viewers to catch the real serial killer behind the murder case. Who is the evil killer?

Beyond Evil is a South Korean crime thriller drama aired on JTBC, comprising 16 episodes in total. The drama started to air on 19 February 2021 and continued till 10 April 2021. The plot of Beyond Evil has been written by Kim Su-jin and is directed by Shim Na-Yeon. All 16 episodes are compelling and the viewers would love to invest their time in the drama till the end. Talking about the leading characters, two very well-known Korean actors have played their roles. We shall discuss the cast in a while. If you crave something thrilling, spine-chilling drama, Beyond Evil is for you. Let’s get deeper to know more about the review of the drama.

Beyond Evil Review: Whether to watch it or skip it?

You should watch Beyond Evil if you are craving some spine-chilling crime Korean dramas. There are various reasons why you should watch Beyond Evil.

Well, when it comes to the review, the first and foremost appreciation goes to the cast. Every actor has delivered standout performances in the drama. Shin Ha-Kyun (Lee Dong-Sik) has been the driving force of the entire drama. Without his active participation, the drama wouldn’t be that evil. Not just the performances, even the overall dialogue has been very catchy. To date, Beyond Evil is the best detective, suspenseful crime thriller of 2021. Though the story doesn’t have any romantic side, it shows the bromance between the two leading policemen Lee Dong-Sik and Han Joo-Won. Also, not to forget the spine chilling fact of the drama.

In most of the crime thrilling dramas, it gets difficult to find the main thrilling factor. But that won’t happen in the case of Beyond Evil. Besides the main plot, it will also showcase the bond between the two badass teams which is a powerful thing to witness. The drama is wild, crazy, and has lots of thrill and suspense. Although there are dark crime scenes, there is still some warmth in the drama. So, overall the story is quite balanced. All 16 episodes are quite compelling and you will love to invest time in it if you are a real crime drama lover.

Beyond Evil Review

Beyond Evil

Every character of the drama is important which went down throughout the entire drama. We shall discuss the cast members shortly. If you are on the edge of watching Beyond Evil, I highly recommend you to watch it. You will surely love it.

Beyond Evil: The Plot in brief

The drama focuses on the two fearless policemen- Lee Dong-sik and Han Joo-won from the Manyang Police Substation. There are several mysterious killings in the small town of Manyang. The towthe n holds the sinister history of such murders. These two policemen break the rules and laws to find the real killer and the culprit behind such murder cases. The same killer has murdered Lee Dong-Sik’s sister, Yu-Yeon, twenty years ago. This has changed the life of Lee Dong-Sik. He holds some tragedies in his past and after these years, now he is set to find the culprit. Han Joo-won is also assigned to work under and with him but both suspect each other in the beginning. What happens at the end? Who is the real evil killer behind the murder cases taking place in the town?

Beyond Evil Review

Beyond Evil

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Beyond Evil: Cast Members

Shin Ha-Kyun and Yeo Jin-goo have played the leading roles of the two fearless policemen Lee Dong-Sik and Han Joo-won respectively. There are other leading actors as well which include Choi Dae Hoon, Kim Shin Rok, Choi Sung Eun playing the roles of Park Jung Je, Oh Ji Hwa and too Jae Yi respectively. Besides them, actors like Choi Jin Ho, Kil Hae Yeon, Heo Sung Tae, Chun Ho Jin, Nam Yoon Su, Lee Kyu Hoe, Jung Gyoo Soo, Baek Suk Kwang, Jun Soo Hyn, Kim Bi Bi have contributed equally to the drama.

Beyond Evil Streaming Details: Where can you watch the crime drama?

There is very good news for global viewers who love to watch thrilling, psychological, mystery dramas. You can watch all the episodes of Beyond Evil on Netflix and Viki. To watch the drama, you have to subscribe to any of the above-mentioned streaming platforms. After that, you can watch the drama whenever you want to!

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