Beyoncé’s Relationship History: The Timeline of Her Love Life

Beyonce dating history
Beyonce With Husband Jay-Z

Our Queen Bey is expanding her empire to take over the whole industry. While keeping up with her music, Beyonce is covering up the fashion and film industry too. She continues to make her mark in the music industry as a certified legend. At the same time, she is diving deep into the world of fashion and film industry as well. Apart from her successful career, her dating past is something that fans find quite intriguing. Right from Kobe Bryant to Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z. There are many big names that had flings with Queen Bey. So here we are taking a look at Beyonce’s Dating History and every person she was rumored to be dating.

But just like her personal life, Beyonce’s relationship status is a mystery for everyone. Despite several rumors and proving pictures, Beyonce always avoids speaking a word about her past relationships in front of the media. Documentaries see Beyonce under the influence of alcohol dancing with beau Jay-Z. Was Jay-Z the only one she had charms for in the past? That’s a tempting question to look at.  Here is a look at men who once had hearts for Beyonce.

Beyoncé’s Dating History

Beyonce’s dating history will keep you involved for some minutes, considering the list of guys she has been rumored to be dating.

Lyndall Locke

Beyonce’s childhood love for Lyndall Locke is quite known to all. The perfect man who turned into the I’ll-ditch you twice guy super quick. Beyonce dated her high school love for a decade before she started the tours with Destiny’s Child. The couple had a puppy love and did all the childish stuff while they were together. The young Locke knew Beyonce’s love for fame and control-freak nature. At the age of 15, Lyndall decided to ditch Bey for another girl. Lyndall lost his virginity while Beyonce was away on her tour concerts.

However, Beyonce decided to forgive Lendall and reunited after parting ways for some time. But Lendall retraced his past mistake and ditched Beyonce for the second time. This was the last time we saw Beyonce and Lyndall together. She then started to hang out with Jay-Z and the rest is history.

Beyonce Dating History
Beyonce With Husband Jay-Z

Justin Timberlake

Well here comes the most popular and exciting rumor about Beyonce. While touring for Destiny’s Child, the girl band encountered a number of boy bands several times. One of those encounters saw Beyonce crossing paths with Justin Timberlake. There was a talk that Justin and Beyonce kissed in one of the entertainment shows. Rumors of Beyonce from Destiny’s Child kissing N-Sync’s Justin Timberlake broke the news. However, none of the two supported the rumors, and they were rubbed off pretty soon. Justin Timberlake was pretty young while Beyonce was just off a long-term relationship.

Kobe Bryant

There were some rumors about Beyonce dating the legendary basketball player Kobe. The rumors sparked when Kobe was seen in Destiny’s Child’s Bugaboo video. However, the rumors died pretty soon when the two cleared out their friendship and denied any kind of emotional relationship between them. Beyonce shared a great friendship with Kobe and was seen confronting one of her friends Vanessa on Kobe’s sudden demise.


Not always a relationship is a relationship. The celebrities’ common weapon on the media for fair publicity is unreal relationships and profound dating rumors. Beyonce and Sisqo showed up to the 2000 MTV VMA Awards in matching dresses. Soon after that, the couple was spotted spending time together quite often and they were quite comfortable with each other. But there was no end to this fling and rumors ended with the speculation of this being a mere popularity stunt.

Marques Houston

Marques’s and Beyonce’s relationship is quite a shady one. The two met at the age of 15 before all the fame came their way. Marques was quite particular about their relationship status and kept it to friends only. It was cleared in one of the interviews by him that their relationship is not a steamy one and they will continue being friends. However, some speculations were made which confirms that they had a thing earlier and it is between the two.

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Mos Def

Hip hop star Mos Def was also connected to Beyonce for some reason. The rumors were about a fling they had before Bey met her husband, Jay-Z. However, none of them came forward to confirm the status, and later it was discovered that all the speculations were just some nasty rumors.

Pharrell Williams

The famous singer and producer is a loyal person to Beyonce, who respected and maintained her decision. Pharrell was also linked to Beyonce. She also confirmed that the couple had a serious relationship and was madly in love with a close relation. But later in an interview, Pharrell announced that to be a rumor. According to Pharrell, Beyonce was dating one of his friends, and she clearly mentioned their relationship to be professional. There is a fair possibility that the friend could be Jay-Z.

Beyonce With Husband Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Sean Paul

Sean and Beyonce’s dating rumors were triggered when the two collaborated for the notoriously popular single, Baby Boy. Although the relationship between the two was strictly professional and nothing else. Sean is remarkably grateful to have the fortune to work with the Diva Singer. They are looking forward to collaborating once again. Maybe for Baby Boy 2. Well, that would be really grand considering the chemistry and work these two delivers.


Lastly, We have the queen’s beau Jay-Z. Jay is everything Beyonce ever needed to be with. Beyonce met Jay when she was just an 18-year-old teenager, and he supported her to become what she is today. In 2004, the couple was spotted in many ways but still couldn’t confirm their status. It was until they made the red carpet appearance at 2004 MTV VMAs.This occurrence confirmed their romantic involvement. The couple tied knots in 2008 and had a baby in 2011, who we now know as Blu Ivy.

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