Better Call Saul Season 5: Release Date or Discontinued?

In this post, we are going to talk about Better Call Saul season 5: release date or discontinued? Better Call Saul is growing in an unprecedented manner, and I mean that as we saw a great glimpse of Saul Goodman in the fourth season. I know that all the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans had goosebumps at that time, as everyone was waiting so badly for this. So, let’s talk more about the fifth season.

Better Call Saul Season 5: Release Date or Discontinued?

Good shows are hard to maintain, as the showrunners, as well as writers, have to take care of the expectations from fans. Better Call Saul has been delivering more than what fans have expected, although the show has a defined destination. Nobody would have ever thought that a journey and transformation of a person can be this much interesting.

As we know, AMC has a lot of faith in this show, as it is one of the major shows on AMC right now. AMC must be following and analyzing the show closely and maybe that is why the show was renewed for a fifth season before even the fourth season premiered. That shows potential that Better Call Saul contains, and AMC has got the eye of a jeweler, as it has rightly understood the juice that the show holds (I know I am being philosophical). There is still much juice left to squeeze out from the show, and really, it is tasty!

Better Call Saul Season 5

So, moving on to the release date of the show. Then let me be clear, there is nothing specified by AMC till now. However, we can assume that the show will return in 2019, and it might be most probably in the period of February-April. But still, it might continue new trend of the fourth season and may come back in August.

Moreover, the show has been garnering all the seasons with a decent number of episodes which is 10. So, we can expect the same number of episodes in the fifth season. The show might surely be underway, as it has been a couple of months since the fifth season was announced. Moreover, the show might be in an early phase of production, so there is no trailer available for now!

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