Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 7: Spoilers and Release Date

Better Call Saul, the early life of Saul Goodman is now gradually progressing, as we experience the struggle of being Jimmy to transforming into Saul Goodman! We have seen some character defining moments; one was when he was admitted to hospital after being beaten up by a bunch of guys. He thought that this would have never happened if he was like he used to be earlier. Much more happened to post that incident, and that’s what we will be talking about. So let’s get started with Better Call Saul season 4 episode 7 release date and spoilers.

Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 7: Something Stupid

The show is into its fourth season, and six episodes have been broadcasted. The seventh episode is the next, which will be broadcasted this week. The seventh episode of Better Call Saul season 4 will be broadcasted on 17 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on the AMC channel every Monday at 9 PM ET.

The previous incidents have been making fans go crazy, mainly the small scene of Saul Goodman where he was seen applying for a name change! That took the internet by storm, as it was the first time we saw Saul Goodman on Better Call Saul. Afterward, we saw that Jimmy was trying hard to make his business grow. He even tried to sell his cell phones on the road, and which was ruined by a bunch of guys who beat up Jimmy and took all the money.

Kim came to rescue, but he thinks he needs to reconsider all the options. In the previous episode, he was seen even thinking of reopening Wexler McGill firm again, but he knows that Kim has got her career to see. She is doing great with her career, so he might not consider ruining that. Furthermore, we saw him taking the revenge as he hung upside down those bad guys who beat him, which is just a step towards becoming what he is supposed to.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jimmy is trying to expand his business. And he really executes it, but he gets stuck in a problem which only Kim can resolve. Not only this, but next episode will also feature Gus, as he will interfere in Hector’s medical care. Mike, who is busy doing his job of setting a meth lab, will be seen facing issues.

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