Upcoming Shows/Movies on Netflix in July 2021


Releasing on Netflix in June 2021: Netflix has now become a home media platform for almost all the families living in America, and it is also trying to spread its reach in other parts of the world. There are a lot of drama shows as well as films that are being produced by the streaming platform that shares its origin to the smaller European countries as well as Asia too. As of right now, it is just a week left before we enter into July of 2021. Thus, it is quite important for us to cover the content which will be releasing on the giant in the upcoming month.

Also, you guys should keep in mind that this list does not contain the name of all the titles coming over on Netflix because the platform likes to update its fans in the middle of the month or at any random time too. Thus, you guys should look out for those unnamed shows and films as well. Now, let us get on with the list where we will discuss content that is coming to Netflix in June of 2021.

Fear Street Trilogy

Release Date – The 2nd of July, The 9th of July, and The 16th of July

Well, as you might have already guessed from the three release dates, this film adaption of the books penned down by R. L. Stine will release as a trilogy throughout the month of July. They are being adapted for Netflix, and you guys should also know that the plot of each movie is connected to one another. Although, the time period of the story in the films will set at a different pace every time. The film will portray the year 1994. The second one will go on to be in 1978, and the third film will go back in time with the events correlating to 1666. Leigh Janiak has directed this horror trilogy. The cast is going to feature Gillian Jacob as well as Kiana Madeira, among other talented members.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Season 1

Release Date – The 8th of July 2021

The Resident Evil franchise has always provided us with the top-notch form of zombie content, and we obviously can not complain about all of it. As of right now, Netflix plans to have a full life and action series regarding the franchise, which will release in July. Although, the twist which we have this time is that the series is going to be animated. As for the plot, we are going to witness Leon come closer to Claire, and they both will reunite. Well, this series will actually pay tribute to the video games of Resident Evil, which will celebrate its Silver Jubilee this year.

We The People Season 1

Release Date: The 4th of July 2021

This show can probably be considered as one of the most innovative series that we will ever get on Netflix. With a bit of education genre, We The People teaches the US civics lessons that are blended perfectly with some musicals. The show is coming to the platform by the Obamas along with Kenya Barris and will be animated in form.

I Think You Should Leave Tim Robinson Season 2

Release Date – The 6th of July 2021

The first installment of ‘I Think You Should Leave Tim Robinson‘ came out back in April of 2019, but by the looks of it, the series is going to return in a much more hilarious way. This season will be packed with comedy as well as weirdness, exactly what makes this series an icon. As for all those who do not know, this is a sketch comedy series in which actor Tim Robinson is the protagonist. It sees his character trying to push people away from him. All the people who appear on this series are required to make someone so driven to the point that they just leave or become so desperate to do so. We have seen that Robinson has spent a lot of years in the form of a writer on Saturday Night Live.

Atypical Season 4

Release Date – The 9th of July 2021

Now that Casey and Izzie are public, and Sam and Zahid are back being friends, Elsa and Doug are a proper couple, and Paige is finally over her Canoe, and this means an end for our characters. Thus, we will see the kids going off to start their new life at college while going through a lot of drama, as everybody could already expect. Also, given the fact that there will be a lot of comedy scenes in the show put in by the creator, Robia Rashid, we can expect it to a whirlwind journey. Netflix has previously revealed that Atypical season 4 will wrap up the whole story and put a full stop to the story of Sam. Also, we can not get over the excellent display of autism that is portrayed by Robia throughout the show.

Dogs Season 2

Release Date – The 7th of July 2021

If someone says that they do not love dogs, then I am so sorry, but we can never be friends. Dogs are obviously cute creatures that are so loyal and loving, and this Netflix series does an amazing job at showcasing their adventures. After the first season, which consisted of six episodes, each running for approximately 50 minutes, we see a beautiful insight into the relationship which dogs and humans share in a variety of countries while living under the umbrella of different cultures and people. Dogs season 2 will release on Netflix in July 2021.

Top Films and Shows Coming on Netflix in July 2021
Dogs Season 2

Virgin River Season 3

Release Date – The 9th of July 2021

Virgin River is one of those feel-good series that is excellent to watch when a person wants to relax and have a great time. The second season of the series on a curious note and left us all hanging in the middle. All we could do was guess about Jack and will he ever cope up with this event. Hopefully, our answer will be served to us in the forthcoming installment. Given the fact that Virgin River has become so popular among all the fans, it is probably going to be greenlit for a fourth season too.

This news has been revealed subtly by the creators, and obviously, fans just needed a hint to figure out conclusions. The story, as we know it, is all about Melinda Monroe, who starts working as a midwife in a small-time located in North Carolina and thinks that it is her perfect opportunity to start a new life and leave all the things that hurt her behind. Here, she welcomes herself to a new level of drama and soon realizes that everything is not as simple as she expected it to be. Virgin River season 3 will release on Netflix in July 2021.

Never Have I Ever Season 2

Release Date – The 15th of July 2021

Personally, I have been waiting for this series to launch its second season since I finished binge-watching its first one on the 26th of April 2020 itself, the day it was released. Mindy Kaling has done such an excellent job in portraying the life of an Indian teenager named Devi. She has to go through the pressures of each day and also navigate through high school as well as the drama related to it. We see her stuck in a love triangle and even lose both of her closest friends at one point. Personally, I am way more excited than anybody to get the new episodes of Never Have I Ever season 2 in order to see Paxton Hall Yoshida and the romance he and Devi will share. Never Have I Ever Season 2 will release on Netflix in July 2021.

Naomi Osaka Limited Series

Release Date – The 13th of July 2021

Well, this is one of those document series which will be packed with motivation thus I suggest you must watch it. The camera is going to span over the life of Naomi Osaka, one of the most influential and top tennis players in the world right now. The production company, which has worked on various other important projects such as The Innocence Files as well as QB1: Beyond the Lights, are the ones which will be working on this show too. Naomi happens to be a Japanese Haitian professional tennis player who plays for Japan. As of right now, the Women’s Tennis Association has ranked her on the top. Also, you guys should know that Naomi is actually one of the top-rankers in the singles. Naomi Osaka Limited Series will release on Netflix in July 2021.

Top Films and Shows Coming on Netflix in July 2021
Naomi Osaka

Resort to Love

Release Date – The 29th of July 2021

This show excels in one of the genres which Netflix is quite popular for, that is, romance as well as comedy. The show will star Christina Milian as well as Jay Pharoah. Then we also have Alexander Hodge on the list, along with Sinqua Walls as well as Karen Obilom. As for the story of this series, we are going to witness an aspiring pop star who is going through some difficult times.

He goes on to take a gig singing but what happens next is crazy. This new job of his is to sing at his ex-fiancee’s wedding. Things obviously might get awkward and even rejuvenate the lost romance, I mean, who knows, right? Well, fans are quite excited to get this series on the platform because the network has mostly been working on a lot of projects amidst which the romance and comedy genre has been subsided a bit. The show will release on Netflix in July 2021.

Ridley Jones Season 1

Release Date – The 13th of July 2021

Well, Netflix likes to span its content in a lot of genres, and the kids one is especially a major one in its list. With the release of Ridley Jones Season 1, another meaningful addition will be made to its library. The story of this animated series is all about a young boy who is 6 years in age. He takes up the responsibility to protect the exhibits of a museum where these creatures and artifacts, often come alive. At this point in time, you guys can also access the first episode of the series on the YouTube Channel of Netflix Junior for free. This offer stands despite the release date being on the 13th of July.

Top Films and Shows Coming on Netflix in July 2021
A still from the Ridley Jones series

Masters of the Universe: Revelations Part 1

Release Date – The 23rd of July 2021

Talking of animated series, Netflix has come up with a lot of new content for the kids this year. Kevin Smith has directed this tale of the Masters of the Universe and it can be considered as a classic retake on the He-Man series and is going to drop out the first five episodes of Season 1 on the 23rd of July. There is no need to worry because the later episodes will be released soon after the launch. This show will pick up the story exactly after the war for Eternia came to a conclusion. I mean, it is not confirmed that the battle 3nded or not, but the fans hope so.

This is not the only content that Netflix has in mind when it comes to Masters of the Universe. It is because the creators have revealed that they are going to host an aftershow on the 23rd of July itself, along with the release of the animated series. This will serve ad the variety series and is called Revelations: The Masters of the Universe Revelation Aftershow. How can we not get excited after the streaming giant is offering us such a wide variety of entertainment forms? Masters of the Universe: Revelations Part 1 will release on Netflix in July 2021.

Outer Banks Season 2

Release Date – The 30th of July 2021

You can not even argue with me on this one, Outer Banks is legit one of the most amazing coming-of-age series that is present on Netflix at this point in time. Along with that young adult genre provided to us by the show, they also let us have a taste of thrill as well as suspense that all comes wrapped up under adventure. In this show, we are going to witness the return of Chase Stokes as well as Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey from the first series.

They will be reprising their usual roles, and I can literally assure you that Outer Banks season 2 will be as lit as its predecessor was. Josh Pates has teased a lot of possibilities regarding this series, and in one of those, he shared that a lot of scenes from the new installment have taken place in the Bahamas. Given this, we can expect the main protagonist might come across his mother, and they have a reunion. Outer Banks Season 2 will release on Netflix in July 2021.

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