Best Sam Smith Songs That You’ll Love If You Liked ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’

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Sam Smith
Sam Smith

Sam Smith, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, has been amassing an outstanding repertoire since 2012. In 2014, the Londoner came out as gay and used their platform to confront the demons of a rough upbringing marked by concerns about sexuality and body image. Their love songs, however, communicate to millions and have become standards thanks to their wonderful voice. They’ve only published three studio albums, which is incredible.

Love Goes, their most recent album, was released in October 2020 and boasts instant hits including “To Die For,” “I’m Ready,” which features Demi Lovato, and “My Oasis,” which features Burna Boy. There are plenty of high points to chose from in the list of the top Sam Smith songs, from the vocal talent demonstrated on “Nirvana” to the lovely songwriting of “How Do You Sleep.”

Smith embraces their favorite themes of a lost love on Love Goes, which the vocalist describes as their “first true heartbreak record.” Smith’s voice reigns dominant on the album, delivering beautiful falsetto notes alongside dismal baritone melodies, all tinged with the tortured feeling they want to express. So, if you have just discovered Sam Smith thought his hits songs like ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’, and won’t listen to more of him. Here are, Best Sam Smith Songs That You’ll Love.

7. Pray ft. Logic

From the album, The Thrill of It All comes the religious song. The beat is a mix of r&b and gospel. They’re worshipping God in this gospel-influenced tune. They want listeners to understand that believing in God does not require going to church. They also want listeners to understand that praying does not need going to church. This is ideal for non-religious individuals who believe in God. It teaches that you can have faith and hope for a better life even if you don’t attend church.

Best Sam Smith Songs

The inspiring message is one that everyone should hear. The song begins softly and privately. In the second half of the song, the melody really pops. The piano and drums combine r&b and gospel music well. Fans of both genres will enjoy the song. Because they come from two different worlds, Sam Smith and Logic appear to be an improbable pair, but they manage to make it work.

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6. Dancing With A Stranger (Ft. Normani)

From the album, Love Goes comes this hot track. An r&b and pop beat underpins the song. They’re not over their exes, according to the lively tune. They haven’t forgotten about their ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. They’ve moved on with other people, but their thoughts are still on their former lovers. They blame their ex-partners for dating other individuals. People don’t generally sing about topics like this, hence the lyrics are unusual. They don’t say anything about moving on.

Best Sam Smith Songs
Dancing With A Stranger (Ft. Normani)

From start to finish, the song has a smooth dancing groove that will keep you captivated. It has an 80s vibe. It’s the ideal blend of pop and r&b music. Fans of both genres will enjoy this. The music is intended to get you on your feet and dancing. Normani and Sam Smith make a fantastic duo. Their vocals harmonize wonderfully. Throughout the song, Sam Smith switches up his pitch. Throughout the song, they occasionally sing in falsetto. Throughout the song, they also use their deep tones.

5. I’m Not The Only One

“I’m Not The Only One,” from the album In the Lonely Hour, is the next song on our list of Best Sam Smith Songs. An r&b and pop beat underpins the song. The song is about a marriage that is coming to an end. Here’s a little song trivia. Sam Smith wanted to write a tune that was reminiscent of Norah Jones’s. When they wrote this song, Sam Smith was also inebriated. This song was written by Sam Smith about a marriage that was falling apart when they were watching it.

Best Sam Smith Songs
I’m Not The Only One

The woman in the song is aware that her husband is having an affair, but she refuses to divorce him. How many people have found themselves in this predicament? For anyone who has been duped, this song is a must-listen. This was written from the perspective of the woman, but males have been in similar situations. People write about cheating all the time, therefore the issue isn’t new. This song’s lyrics describe the heartache that comes with cheating.

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4. Diamonds

Love Goes is the album that contains the metaphorical song. A dance-pop beat underpins the tune. The song is about a lover who has deserted them. The relationship started out well, but it quickly deteriorated after the other person left. Rather than being a normal breakup song, this one tells the tale of a relationship they don’t regret. The lyrics are straightforward and straightforward. The lines will resonate with anyone who has ever had their heart wounded by love.


The music is vibrant and joyful. There isn’t an excessive amount of production in the music. It’s got just the right beat for a dancing party. It’s ideal for going out to the clubs or simply relaxing. The song is really addictive and will stick with you for a long time. The beat is vigorous, which may be deceiving given the song’s content. In this song, their vocals are ablaze. In the lyrics, they placed their heart and soul. They sing it in a way that reveals their dissatisfaction with the breakup. After the bridge, their vocals intensify.


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3. How Do You Sleep?

The smooth track is from the album Love Goes. The music has a pop beat to it. The song is about a relationship that has reached its breaking point. They’re about to call it quits on their relationship. They are in a relationship with a cruel partner. They’re singing about an unfaithful partner while acting as if nothing is wrong. They are perplexed as to how their partner can be so cruel to them. They are curious as to how the partner sleeps at night knowing that they have cheated on them.

Best Sam Smith Songs
How Do You Sleep

Anyone in a similar relationship will be able to relate to the poignant song. They manage to make this topic sound fresh despite the fact that it has been done before. They make songs about tumultuous relationships, so this type of music is right up their alley. Despite being written in the year 2000, the song has a typical 90s vibe. It’s a hybrid of electronic pop and electronic dance music (EDM). The drums provide tempo to the song, allowing you to bop your head along to the beat.

2. Lay Me Down

The touching song is from the album In the Lonely Hour. The song’s beat is a mix of pop and soul. The melancholy ballad is about a person who wishes to be reunited with a partner who has died or gone on. Without the lover, the character in the song feels adrift. The person feels empty and longs to be with their better half again. The lines will resonate with anybody who has lost a loved one. It is not necessary to be in a love relationship. The lyrics have a mystical and powerful feel to them. The music is gentle and delicate.

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Best Sam Smith Songs
Lay Me Down

Piano and violin are used in the music. It wasn’t about a breakup when Sam Smith composed this song about losing someone. The lyrics center on the loss of a loved one who has passed away. Because the song isn’t about a breakup, it’s a touch out of their wheelhouse. You will be moved by the lyrics. Listening to the words, we dare you not to become emotional. Sam Smith understands how to touch your heart with the proper words.

1. Stay With Me

“Stay with Me,” from the In the Lonely Hour album, is the number one song on our Best Sam Smith Songs list. The beat of the song is soulful. A one-night stand is the subject of the poignant song. When they wake up, they want the person they spent the night with to be there. When they glance at the bed and realize the person is no longer there, they get a sensation of emptiness. This song is for you if you’ve ever had a one-night stand and wished the individual would be there in the morning. The lyrics are straightforward and unvarnished.

Best Sam Smith Songs
Stay With Me

There are songs about one-night encounters, but they don’t address the emotional component of the relationship. It’s a fantastic musical arrangement. The piano and drums are featured. The music is mixed in such a way that it has a soulful feel to it. The music is gentle and soothing. The music is basic, allowing you to concentrate on their voice. This is one of Sam Smith’s most well-known tunes. It demonstrates their abilities.

This was our count down of Best Sam Smith Songs. Please let us know which one of the Sam Smith Songs is your favorite. Because of the opening chorus, ‘Lay Me Down’ is my personal favorite. It always gives me goosebumps. This song demonstrates his vocal range, fantastic runs, and just his lovely soul voice. Perfect.

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