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Best Necromancer Build In Diablo Immortal

Best Diablo Necromancer Build
Best Diablo Necromancer Build

As we continue with our coverage of the latest title by Activision Blizzard that took the mobile sector by storm, we’re bringing you the Best Necromancer build in Diablo Immortal. If you have played Diablo before, you’d know that the Necromancer can be a powerful class if you master its skill tree and develop its attributes correctly.

After you read our guide, you will have a roadmap to develop your character in a way, shape, and form that will put you on a competitive edge to hone your skills as a master Necromancer in Diablo Immortal. Furthermore, these tips are subject to change if the developers decide to nerf the character. So make sure that you put these tips in motion right away. Now, without further ado, let’s begin honing out that Necro!

Best Necromancer Build In Diablo Immortal

Do you want to know how to make the finest Diablo Immortal Necromancer build? Because Necromancer is the top class in Diablo Immortal, it’s an easy choice for anyone looking to climb the server leaderboards. However, if you want to annihilate the devils of hell on the most challenging levels, you’ll need the greatest Necromancer build. Builds in Diablo Immortal are overly complex, but we’ve explored the cesspit of Diablo Immortal language, so you don’t have to.

Best Diablo Necromancer Build

Intelligence, Vitality, Willpower, Fortitude & Strength are your main attributes

The Build Breakdown

Diablo Immortal Necromancer builds often fall into one of two categories: pure DPS or a support role. Fortunately, we scoured the web for a Diablo Immortal Necromancer build that combines both, providing plenty of damaging potentials while also increasing your protection with the Bone Armor talent.

It’s important to note that the talents in this build have different effects than their usual behavior because the gear in this build will change your abilities. Legendary gear in Diablo Immortal can bring significant modifications to your skills, and obtaining gear that synergizes with your skills helps you to uncover the full potential of the Necromancer.

Five Key Attributes

There are five attributes in Diablo Immortal: Intelligence, Strength, Willpower, Vitality, and Fortitude. Below, we’ll rank these attributes from most important to least important for the Necromancer build we want to make:

  • Intelligence
  • Vitality
  • Willpower
  • Fortitude
  • Strength

Intelligence is the primary attribute for any spellcaster class, this is the Necromancer. Consequently, it’s the most important attribute of this build. On the other end of the spectrum, Strength is only important for melee characters and isn’t useful for a spellcaster like our Necro build. In sum, you shouldn’t prioritize points in Strength for this Necromancer build.

Considering that attribute points come from your equipped gear, you should hunt for gear that boosts your Intelligence. Then, Vitality is the second most important attribute for our Necromancer build, as it offers increased Life which should help us survive in particularly dangerous situations. Also, Necros is a glass cannon class, so they depend on their minions to deal the damage and draw aggression. Therefore, a few points in Vitality should make you less prone to getting your ass kicked into hell.

The Most Powerful Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build Skills

In Diablo Immortal, skills are spells and assaults that you can use. In Diablo Immortal, your main means of doing damage is through skills, which, as previously stated, adapt or increase depending on the gear you equip.

The following are the top skills for a Diablo Immortal Necromancer build:

  • Primary skill: Soulfire (unlocked @ level One)
  • Command Skeletons (unlocked @ level One)
  • Corpse Explosion (unlocked @ level Three)
  • Bone Armor (unlocked @ level 41)
  • Command Golem (unlocked @ level 50)

Soulfire, the key talent in this Necromancer build, is your first assault in Diablo Immortal. While Bone Spear is unlocked at level 38, making it appear to be a stronger choice, Soulfire is actually the greatest primary skill due to its effortless ranged damage. It will also burst on impact, inflicting damage on nearby adversaries and allowing you to distribute damage across groups of demons. That damage spread is notably useful for scattering corpses on the ground, which you may subsequently detonate with Corpse Explosion at level 3.

Bone Armor

Bone Armor takes much longer to unlock than the previous talents, but it’s well worth the wait. Initially, Bone Armor is a strong support talent that allows you to temporarily boost the armor of yourself and your allies. When used with the Covet Nothing chest piece detailed in the gear section below, it additionally harms adjacent enemies and makes them vulnerable to future assaults for a brief period of time.

Command Golem

Command Golem is the final talent you’ll learn for this Diablo Immortal Necromancer build. Furthermore, Command Golem, unlike Command Skeletons, must be activated in order to summon the golem. This huge giant will then crush your adversaries in order to cause damage and stun them. This essentially allows you to conjure your own boss to perform your dirty job for you. You can use the Command Golem skill again while it is active to command it to leap towards adversaries, dealing damage and drawing aggressiveness from all nearby foes for a few seconds. That could be crucial if you find yourself suddenly swamped, so use Command Golem when things are looking really terrible.

Command Skeletons

Another talent you’ll have from the start of Diablo Immortal is Command Skeletons, although its charm resides in its simplicity. It will raise a skeleton to battle with your hero every 8 seconds. At first, you can only control two skeletons at once, but this limit can be increased if the Command Skeleton skill level increases and appropriate gear is obtained. These skeletons will just attack any nearby foes, attracting aggressiveness and allowing you to stay out of the fray. This allows you to sit back and unleash Soulfire from a safe distance while your minions deal massive damage.

Best Diablo Necromancer Build

You’ll have to grind a lot, but you gotta admit the æsthetics are pretty awesome!

Best Necromancer Gear In Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, gear is really crucial. You’ll most likely wind up with a bunch of common gear in the early game that doesn’t seem particularly useful. But late-game gear can significantly boost your Necromancer build. In Diablo Immortal, gear grants point for the various qualities while also providing stat boosts and altered abilities for the skills listed above.

The finest gear for our Diablo Immortal Necromancer build is listed below:

  • Helmet: Visitant’s Sign
  • Chest: Covet Nothing
  • Shoulders: Rotspurs
  • Legs: Graven Bulwark
  • Main Hand: Desolatoria
  • Off Hand: Baleful Trinity
  • Set: Shepherd’s Call to Wolves

Few Things To Consider

The legendary Visitant’s Sign helmet provides a one-of-a-kind boost that particularly improves the duration of Command Golem, allowing your Golem to remain active for 20% longer. The Main Hand weapon for this Necromancer setup, Desolatoria, boosts Command Golem by dealing fire damage to nearby foes.

Covet Nothing, the chest piece for this construct, is the gear piece that makes Bone Armor viable in PvE Necromancer builds. When activated, Covet Nothing causes Bone Armor to deal damage to nearby enemies and increases their damage taken for a short period of time. The Graven Bulwark legs boost the duration of the Bone Armor by 25%, which increases its effectiveness even further.


The Rotspurs pauldrons are one of the strongest pieces of gear in this build because they change the Corpse Explosion talent to leave a gas cloud behind that delivers significant damage to adjacent opponents over time.

Baleful Trinity, the final significant piece of gear here, is an Off-Hand weapon that improves your primary talent, Soulfire, by causing it to bounce to another target to disperse some extra damage. Baleful Trinity is an essential aspect of any Necromancer setup because Soulfire is your primary type of ranged assault while your minions absorb melee hits.

Best Diablo Necromancer Build

Are you ready to unleash the power of the Necromancer?

The Shepherd’s Call To Wolves Set

Diablo Immortal configurations also include 6 slots for a gear set, which includes the Neck, two Ring slots, Hands, Waist, and Feet. These items are all part of a gear set, and wearing multiple items from the same gear set provides various benefits. The Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set is the best gear set for this Diablo Immortal Necromancer setup. Shepherd’s Call to Wolves has the following advantages:

With two set items equipped, your summons does 15% more damage.

4 set pieces are available: Critical Hit Chance increased by 3% for each summoned creature, up to a maximum of 18%.

Six set items are included: When one of your summonses critically hits, they become frantic for 10 seconds. The frantic state boosts their damage and attack speed by 100%. This will happen only once every 40 seconds. As you can see, the benefits of Shepherd’s Call to Wolves greatly increase the damage output of your summons, making it the ideal setting for any Necromancer build.

Best Necromancer Build Gems In Diablo Immortal

All of the aforementioned equipment will have gem slots. Normal gems and Legendary Jewels are the two varieties of gems. The Legendary Gems are used to upgrade your Legendary gear, whereas the normal gems are used to upgrade Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set. The greatest Legendary Gems for this Diablo Immortal Necromancer build and what they do are listed below:

  • Blood-Soaked Jade: Increases all damage dealt by up to 8% and your movement speed by 10%. The damage bonus is proportional to your Life stat.
  • Seeping Bile: Your attacks have a 4% chance of poisoning foes, dealing 25% basic damage + 263 every second for 6 seconds. If the victim dies, the poison spreads to neighboring opponents.
  • Freedom and Devotion: Extends the duration of your summons by 8%.
  • Follower’s Burden: Increases all damage dealt by 1% for each summon that you control, up to a maximum of 6%.
  • Echoing Shade: For 8 seconds, your attacks have a 15% chance of generating a shadow clone with some of your skills.
  • When you beat an enemy, you can call a dark beast to attack nearby enemies, delivering 50% base damage + 486 to all adjacent enemies. This happens every 6 seconds.

Because Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set has slots for normal gems, you should collect some to fill these sockets. The sockets in this set are colored, which limits the kind of gems you can use. We propose utilizing Ruby in any Red spot to boost your Life stat, Sapphire in any Blue slot to boost your Armor Penetration, and Topaz in any Yellow space to boost your Resistance. This concludes our coverage of the Necromancer builds here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, happy gaming, and now go out and beat your enemies!

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