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Best Movies Like The Tomorrow War You Must Watch


There is no way that you have not heard about The Tomorrow War till this point in time. We have listed at least 7 best movies like The Tomorrow War today.  The genre of this tale is all about science as well as fiction and the military. Chris McKay has directed this story while actor Chris Pratt does the lead role. If you have already watched this tale, then it is obvious that there are a lot of involvements of the future force. We see the focus being laid on Chris’ character named Dan Forester. The opening timeline is set to 2022 where he fails to secure a job at a prestigious research center. He is a biology teacher by profession as well as a former Green Beret.

Later in the scenes, we see that the broadcast of the World Cup is happening, and the soldiers from the year 2051 arrive in order to warn the people about an alien war that will happen in the future. As it so happens, the future of the planet will see alien invaders named Whitespikes, which will set foot in November of 2048. They are all going to eliminate the humans within three years. After knowing about this, we see that the present soldiers send their force into the future to fight the war.

The Tomorrow War – Plot

Although, not many of the people are able to return back and survive. Now, given the fact that the world is in extreme danger, it is seen that Dan is also included in the army of men who are prompted to go to the future in order to save the people. Well, he comes home and discusses the matter with his wife, who advises him against it. Although, doing that would be nearly impossible given the fact that the government has attached a draft band to his arm. After much drama that follows, we see Dan finally gives in and follows other men into the training centers. Here, the fellow soldiers are being given the appropriate training in order to excel against the alien forces which are invading humanity’s future.

After the release of The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video, there were a lot of critics coming forward to discuss the film. As it so happens, the film has mixed reviews. One of the critics has written that Chris Pratt has done an exceptionally talented role in the film as a science and fiction adventure. Although, they think that The Tomorrow War is not going to linger in their memory for a long time. It is being said that big blockbuster films such as The Tomorrow War have always come with action along with loudness. Despite that, the viewers are not so happy with the entire story overall. Well, if you are someone who loved this movie and looking forward to watching more such tales, then we have got you covered. Here, we have mentioned tales that resemble The Tomorrow War in the genre as well as the plot.

Best Movies Like The Tomorrow War

Edge of Tomorrow

Released in 2014

This story is all about aliens who are trying to kill people on Earth. I can not focus enough on the fact that this is the closest film in the genre as well as a plot to The Tomorrow War. We witness the United Defense Force, which happens to be a global military alliance. This group is formed in order to compete against the threat of aliens on humans. Later in the scenes, they finally got to have the victory over the alien peeps called the Mimics at Verdun. They employed the usage of newly developed mechanical suits. As for the lead roles, the film has actor Tom Cruise as well as Emily Blunt.

We see that Tom reprises the role of Major William Cage. He has no professional experience in combat or whatsoever. He happens to be a public relations officer. Although, when the aliens invade, he is forced by his superior officers to join landing operations against these foreign creatures. Just like we see Dan, William is someone of the same sort who does not have any interest in a battle but is compelled to take part in it. When he joins the landing operation, he witnesses a time loop. All this while, he tries to defend the people from getting killed.

Top Films Like The Tomorrow War You Must See

Edge of Tomorrow

12 Monkeys

Released in 1995

This tale is all about science as well as fiction, and this immediately makes it one of the films like The Tomorrow War you must see. We also have a virus that acts as a contradiction to the aliens we have in TTW. This virus gets released in 1996 and is responsible for killing more than half of the people on our planet. Thus, humanity is compelled to live under the ground. After further investigation, it is revealed that a group named 12 Monkeys might have to do something with the release of this virus on Earth. Now, the main protagonist of this movie is James Cole. He happens to be a prisoner living under the ground as expected in Philadelphia.

Well, he gets selected as one of the fellow members to go back in time when things were healthy and happy. Their team is required to find the leak of the original virus. If they bring it back to them in the future, scientists might be able to find the cure for it. On the other hand, we see that Cole is having issues with his sleep. His dreams keep constantly reminding him about a foot chase as well as shooting at the airport. Later, we see that he warps through time with his group and arrives at Baltimore in 1990. The plan was to land the people in 1996, which failed. The people in the past think that he is a freak who keeps talking about the future. Thus, he is arrested and admitted to a mental hospital.

Top Films Like The Tomorrow War You Must See

12 Monkeys


Released in 2018

Well, this film has all the necessary genres that make it one of the films like The Tomorrow War to watch. Its themes are all about science and fiction, topped off with horror as well as adventures. The tale has been penned down as well as directed by Alex Garland. The story tells us the setting at Area X, which happens to be the US government facility code. The main protagonist in question is Lena, who is asked queries after her return from the expedition to a Shimmer. This place actually is the anomalous zone. Lena is the only person who survived this mission. As for the backstory, this Shimmer came forward in the form of a meteoroid that hit the Earth in the southern part of the United States.

Although, the main problem is that this meteoroid is now expanding in its boundaries and creating trouble for the people. On the other hand, we see various bizarre, unexplained mysteries in the plot as well, such as the fact that Lena’s husband named Kane, who is a Green Beret, came home after a year of being absent from everyone’s lives. He also was a part of the expedition to this meteoroid. Although, Kane is not able to understand himself about what happened. Later, Lena is also taken to this place in order to explore, just like her husband.

Top Films Like The Tomorrow War You Must See



Released in 2014

Interstellar is one of the most mind-blowing science and fiction films that anyone could ever watch. If you have not already, I suggest you take time, wrap up all your work, and sit back and enjoy the tedious plot that this tale has to offer. You ask for all the big actors studded in the cast list of this tale, and director Christopher Nolan gives them to you. Interstellar is surely one of the films like The Tomorrow War you must check out. The plot of this tale is in the future in 2067.

At this timeline, the survival of humanity is deeply threatened with the arrival of crop blights as well as dust storms. The main focus is laid on the character Cooper. He has been widowed and is an engineer by profession. He used to work at NASA in the form of a pilot. After a dust storm one day, Cooper notices some strange form of dust patterns appearing on his daughter’s bedroom floor. Although, he let these bizarre designs slide away in the name of gravity variations and science. He says that these represent the geographic coordinates in binary codes. Now, in order to find out what lies next in the film, all you have to do is watch it.


Release in 2012

This film was released in the early half of 10’s and changed the game of science and fiction. As for the plot of the film, we witness that time traveling is possible in their universe. This scientifically equipped and developed world has made the whole process illegal, though. Well, this does not stop some people in the black market from using the technique and traveling through time. Now, we see that the government employees loopers. These are special forces who are hired to kill the illegal time travelers. They eliminate all the people who are arriving into the future from the past.

Well, the whole plot is then focused on Joe. He is also a looper and has recently received a new mission to complete. He is asked to conduct another job. To his surprise, he comes across his own future self, who is hired to assassinate someone. You guys should know that the film has actor Joseph Gordon Levitt as well as Bruce Willis along with Emily Blunt in the lead roles. When the movie was released back in 2012, it was praised for giving the fans a new concept about time traveling than what they are used to. The creators have also put efforts in involving the content around sentiments as well as plot twists which were quite appreciated by the people who watched it.

A Quiet Place

Released in 2018

Well, this movie is more of the horror genre than having science and fiction. Despite that, it surely has fellow bizarre alien creatures who have landed on the planet Earth and are trying to kill. Just like the aliens who kill in this movie, it makes A Quiet Place film like The Tomorrow War to watch. The main protagonists of this movie are the members of The Abbott Family. They are trying to live in a world where these creatures hunt by sound. As it so happens, they do not have a sense of sight. Thus, they have evolved exceptionally in their hearing counterparts. The family consists of a father, a mother, and two children who are trying to live among these creatures.

Despite the fact that they are trying their best to be at a place where anyone could get killed at any minute, a certain situation comes forward at them. It all could be pretty injurious given the fact that the lives of the whole family are set at risk. The story of this tale was unique. Immediately, when A Quiet Place hit the theatres, it became a hit among the people. They all loved it for the intensity and the thrill that this tale came forward with. Given the fact that there are very few dialogues in this tale, extra suspense is added. Also, you guys should know a second film has also been released recently, which serves as a sequel. 

Back To The Future Part II

Released in 1989

The story focuses on Marty McFly as well as Dr. Emmett. The duo is seen setting out on an adventure in 1955 and living their best lives. As of right now, they are required to travel again on the DeLorean. Although, as it so happens, the two are traveling into the future. While they do so, the two enter into 2015. Here, they come across the future family of Martin and rewrite the history on it. The film is set into the franchise Back to the Future.

I would not say that it is exactly a film like The Tomorrow War, but ut surely has some of the similar elements that you must check out. This movie is responsible for adding even more fun to the original tale. As of right now, these films have truly become a classic among the fans of time travel tales. People have exceptionally found a liking to these films after it has correctly expected the future in the past itself. We see the moments such as the hoverboards as well as the Nike Mag.

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