Best Moments From BTS’ PTD on Stage Concert in Seoul

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BTS concert
BTS concert

It’s time for the international BTS ARMYs to get jealous again as the Boys are back on stage, but this time, for their home country fans! After the group toured to the United States last year and gave their much-awaited performances, they went on a vacation to relax with their family and friends.

Finally, they are back with concerts in Seoul with the ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’. It has been almost two-and-a-half years since the boys have got the opportunity to meet their fans in person and perform in front of them. Day one of the live PTD concert was held on March 10, 2022, in Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul, which has brought thousands of ARMYs together in South Korea.

Without any doubt, we can affirm that one of the most anticipated live shows of the fandom has left the ARMYs with an unforgettable experience. To everyone who hasn’t been able to attend the concert, we are here to give you a glimpse at the top five best moments of the night, which will remain a special memory to the ARMYs.

5. Suga’s Birthday Song

What can be a greater treat for BTS ARMYs to be able to wish the Bangtan Boys on their birthdays! The concert was held on March 10, a day after the birthday of BTS member Suga. As the other six members sang the classic birthday song for Suga’s 29th birthday in Korean, he entertained the viewers with his own cool random dancing.

4. Jimin’s New Tattoo Revelation

During the Seoul concert, ARMYs observed two new tattoos that BTS’ Jimin was sporting. While the one under his ear looked like a signature, the tattoo on the back of his neck looked like a crescent moon.

Jimin's New Tattoos
Jimin’s New Tattoos

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3. Jimin Being Annoyed at Hobi Bringing Up Bromance

Shipping is common in any fandom of K-pop group and BTS is no exception. While some of the fans ship the boys only platonically the others make a whole deal out of it after watching their close interactions. And… It’s confirmed now that Jimin comes under the minority of people who don’t like the concept of ‘bromance’! While the ment time was going on, Jin noticed something on Jimin’s face and helped him wipe it off. Immediately, as the audience started cheering on this, Hobi exclaimed, “Oh, bromance!” However, Jimin didn’t waste a second to answer back that he hates such things. Seems like his Yoongi Hyung is teaching him well!

Jimin Commenting on his 'Bromance' with Jin
Jimin Commenting on his ‘Bromance’ with Jin

2. The Members Getting Crazy During Suga’s Home Rap!

We live for OT7 putting the stage on fire as they own it! While Suga was rapping his part in ‘Home,’ Jungkook back-hugged him with a big smile on his face, swaying with him on the rhythm. The other members hyped him up right away as Taehyung, RM and Jimin danced to his rap in their own fun ways!

As the cheers from the audience grew, Taehyung presented a small cartwheel towards the end of his rap verse. Whoever has said that the only times when we can witness the members’ completely crazy antics when they do not shy away from revealing their fun sides are on the stage, is absolutely correct!

1. RM’s Emotional Ending Moment

The way BTS ends their concerts with comforting speeches has always touched the audience. The first day of BTS’ Seoul concert was rounded off by their leader Namjoon who is known for his deep and meaningful word choices. He expressed how much the members had missed performing in front of the ARMYs without the obligation of wearing a mask, without any shouting, cheering, or jumping. He referred to the ARMYs as their true HOME and was thankful for being able to keep his promise of getting back there. RM’s straightforward yet profound words make us feel like summer in a bearing cold country.

RM Ending the Concert
RM Ending the Concert

Moreover, he made a reference to spring in his ment. Five years ago, BTS had dropped their special song ‘Spring Day’ which marked the beginning of a new era. As he concluded his speech, he said that the spring we have been waiting for is on its way, thus hinting at a new album release the group might have been working on for a while!

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