Best Lead Vocalists of K-POP Girl Groups in 2022

best lead vocalists in K-pop girl groups
K-POP girl groups

Today we are counting down the best lead vocalists from girls groups across Korea. While most of us are content with just running our own concerts in the shower. Here are some of the lead vocalists from K-POP girl groups who have made the entire world their stage. Each of these beautiful women has its own voice that defines them. From being able to hit deep and low tunes to switching it up real quick with high notes. The Korean industry is known for its stunning talent in vocals.

It is time we recognize and appreciate the passion that burns through the voices of these individuals. From passion to love, all emotions are heard burning through with just a voice. Such is the impact and power that is present in a loud voice. Hence, we have crafted a list highlighting some of the unique and bold Voices of K-POP. Sit back and enjoy as we go through the list appreciating the vocalists from Korean girl groups!

Best lead vocalists of K-POP girl groups

Without further ado, let us count down the list of Best Lead vocalists in K-POP girl groups:

7. Wheein – Mamamoo

Jung Whee In more popularly known by her stage name Wheein is no doubt one of the best vocalists of the third generation of K-POP. Her sweet yet sharp voice does wonders to the listening ear! She is the lead vocalist of the girl group Mamamoo with a sweet yet powerful voice. However, Wheein did not renew her contract with her agency- RBW entertainment as of 2021. She has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, The L1ve.

She released her first single under the new contract in 2022. Hence, she will soon part ways with the group and will dedicate her time to building her image as a solo artist. Despite this, she will continue to be a part of all promotional activities of Mamamoo until 2023.

Wheein appeared on the infamous show- King of Masked singer, where she was featured as half-moon. She has also been featured as a vocalist in phantoms Under Age’s Song. Wheein had her fans literally shaking when she dropped her first solo single Easy in 2018. Her mind-blowing vocals in the track are proof that she will flourish as a solo vocalist!

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6. Winter – Aespa

Winter from Aespa is a prime example of the lead vocalist in a K-POP girl group. Unlike her name which elicits coldness, she possesses a voice that is rather warm and comforting. Winter’s vocals are absolutely what we would turn to when having a bad day. Her melodious voice does the trick and helps in literally calming the mind. Winter’s real name is Kim Min-Jeong and she is the lead vocalist of the up and rising girl group Aespa.

Winter of Aespa

She is originally a part of Aespa. However, it was confirmed that she will be debuted alongside other vocal gods like Boa, Taeyeon, and Hyohyeon in the first unit of SM entertainment’s female project group titled Got the Beat. The group performed their first digital single Step back at the SMTOWN live. It is no doubt that Winter made the list of Best lead vocalists in K-POP girl groups!

5. Seulgi – Red Velvet

When it comes to vocals, Kang Seulgi of Red velvet is a natural. Her godlike vocals have proved its effect on fans time and again. Her sharp and clear voice is literally a blessing on the face of the Earth. She truly possesses a voice that will leave the listener wanting more. Moreover, she carries a subtle hint of sexy that compliments her deep voice. Her voice is overall soothing and does a marvelous job when it comes to calming one’s nerves. She definitely does justice to this list of best lead vocalists in K-POP girl groups!

best lead vocalists in K-POP girl groups
Kang Seulgi of Red Velvet

Seulgi has been a part of numerous music videos and has also been involved in the production of various osts and collaborations. For instance, she has collaborated with BamBam of GOT7 and Moonbyul of Mamamoo! She dedicated almost seven years to tuning her vocals to perfection before debuting as a part of red velvet. We are surely reaping the benefits of her hard work now!

4. Jisoo – Blackpink

The list of Best lead vocalists of K-POP girl groups is not complete without its ace Kim Jisoo. Jisoo truly possesses one of the boldest and most fierce styles of vocals out there. Our fingers are definitely crossed as we anticipate an announcement with respect to her solo album! Nevertheless, Jisoo has absolutely slain in every track and we hold her in high regard. She is often labeled as the visual of the group with little credit given to her position as a lead vocalist.

lead vocalists of K-POP girl groups
Kim Jisoo of Blackpink

Despite that, it does not change the fact about her true potential. As already mentioned, Jisoo possesses a voice that is rather bold. She exudes power and confidence just with her voice. Jisoo radiates true badass energy while singing on stage with her voice. Her vocals and lines are truly capable of making a deep impression not just in one’s ear, but also in their heart! She truly is one of the best lead vocalists of K-POP girl groups!

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3. Yuqi – G-idle

Claiming the spot of number three, we have Yuqi from G-idle. In short, Yuqi’s voice speaks for herself. The crispness and clarity in her vocals are unrivaled and she truly is a gem to the Korean industry. Yuqi is the lead vocalist of the sensational girl group G-idle, alongside her fellow vocalists Minnie and Miyeon. Yuqi possesses a voice is that quite rare in the Korean realm. Her voice is rather deep and mind you, seductive!

Fans truly won the lottery when Yuqi debuted as a solo artist in 2021 with her single album, A page. We believe Yuqi’s music is best described as the kind one would listen to when they want to feel confident. Her voice does wonders in uplifting the spirits and boosting the morale of her listeners. It is the kind of music we resort to when we are absolutely feeling empowered and in line with ourselves!

2. Nayeon – Twice

Coming in at number two on the list of best lead vocalists of K-POP girl groups is Nayeon from Twice. Her passion for music and love for her work literally flows through her voice, giving rise to the most melodious vocals ever. Nayeon is the oldest member of her group. By role, she is the lead vocalist of the group, however, she is also in charge of being the face of the group. Over the years, she has been a part of numerous music videos and television shows.

best lead vocalist of girl groups
Nayeon of Twice

Nayeon was born on the 22nd of September 1995 in Seoul, Korea. She is an extremely lovable person with a soft voice and a fun personality. The name Nayeon translates to elegance or grace and both of these aspects shine through not just in her features but in her voice as well. She has a very delicate voice that allows her inner self to shine through.  Nayeon is literally the visual manifestation of all things wonderful. She is a beloved soul that fans treasure dearly and we cannot wait to see more of her in the coming years!

1. Jihyo – Twice

Claiming the title of number one in our list of best lead vocalists in K-POP girl groups is yet another member of twice. Park Jihyo is the ultimate vocal god. To describe it in the simplest way possible. Park Jihyo has what we would call an angelic voice. She is truly an angel on the face of the Earth! Jihyo’s birth name was Park Ji Soo, however, she legally changed it when she was 18. She is the leader and face of the group as well.

Jihyo has also appeared in various music videos and television shows. Her amazing visuals in addition to her soothing voice have got us head over heels for her! Moreover, Jihyo is literally the girl of every dream. She is an inspiration and role model to many! Continue to support and shower lots of love on the best lead vocalists in K-POP girl groups. Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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