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Top 10 K-Dramas You Need to Watch On Valentine’s Day In February 2021

top k dramas to watch

Top 10 K-Dramas are popular worldwide, and the number of fans is growing day by day. Top 10 K-Dramas are beautiful, romantic, sensual, and steamy. They have a true plot that gives meaning to the viewers and makes them attached.  Also, they give excitement and make us feel the true essence of love, drama, and family. They give make you laugh and cry and give you butterflies in the stomach.  It is a fun treat for couples, and as you know, valentine’s day is on the corner. You have got a perfect occasion to celebrate this valentine’s day with the top 10 K-Dramas. So, here is a list of the top 10 K-Dramas you need to watch this valentine with your partner.

1) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Boon soon

Do Bong-soon has hereditary powers that can only be transferred to a woman in her own family. She dreams of creating a videogame where she is the main character. She wants to be followed by the world. Also, She gets a job role as a bodyguard to safeguard a Ceo of the videogame firms. Min-hyuk is just opposite to her. He is a spoiled brat and hates policemen. Later he receives threats and is often blackmailed anonymously. one day, he is kidnapped, and she makes a determined plan to find the culprit. She plans hard to bring her friend back. Will she able to do so?

2) Healer


The Healer is a romantic comedy thriller with 20 episodes. Chae Young-shin/Oh Ji-an is an internet news reporter, and she wants to be famous in her field. She has an abusive past and often gets a panic attack when she sees violence. On the other hand, Seo Jung-hu is an illegal night carrier who works under the name ”healer”. His main goal is to earn money and retire on an island where he wants to live alone. Later he finds Chae Young-shin, and he protects her, and finally, they are in love with each other.

3) Drinking Solo

Drinking Solo

Drinking solo is different than other romantic movies. It gives you a real-world experience through this series. The series is for academicians that include teachers and students in Seoul. Ha, Suk Jin is a famous teacher who is also arrogant, and she teaches her students for competitive exams. Park Ha-na is a beginner and faces huge challenges in private institutions. Ha, Suk Jin likes to drink with Park Ha Na, and the romance starts from there. Will Park Ha Na will be able to co-operate with the tuitions.

4) W

Watch two worlds unite- ‘W.’

‘W’ has 16 episodes that have fantasy, romance, and suspense as a genre. Kang Chul is a multi-talented person and a multimillionaire. His family is dead, and he is suspected owing to his background in the shooting. The opposite villain, Han Cheol-ho, handles the case to urge political popularity. When being proved innocent, he goes to search for the people who murdered his family through project W. He is injured on the top of the roof wherever he meets Oh Yeon-Joo, who saves his life. And eventually, they fell in love.

5) Encounter

Watch Encounter


Cha Soo-Hyun is the daughter of a politician and also the daughter in law of a wealthy family. She is also the Ceo of a hotel, and his life is miserable. She is a divorcee because his husband has external affairs, but still, she needs to attend all of the family functions. On one day of a business trip to Cuba, she meets Kim Jin-hyuk. He is a free-spirited guy and finds happiness in small things. He has nothing but is interesting. They spend time together and meets again in South Korea. Both attracted to each other, will they meet?

6) Boys over Flowers

Boys over Flowers

The story moves around a middle-class girl and four boys who are from a rich family. Owing to her poor background, the girl Tsukushi Makino luckily gets admitted to the school. There she meets the four boys and finds herself in a love triangle with Rui Hanazawa and Tsukasa Domyouji. Tusaka is from the richest family in Japan as she is the only girl in the school who rejects her. But Tsukushi doesn’t fall in love with him because of the arrogant and bullying nature. Meanwhile, she falls for Rui Hanazawa, who is quiet. The other two boys are casanovas of their town. Watch whom the girl will love?

7) A Korean Odyssey

Watch A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey is an amazing romantic comedy that is based on the Chinese novel Journey. Lee Seung Gi is a monkey king who is a troublemaker and exiled to the human world. He seeks help from Oh Yeon Seo, who can see spirits. They are basically in a conflict and want to see the true light where only demons and evil forces persist. Lee Seung Gi has to protect this little girl who he met in his childhood as he promised to keep her safe. But the two end up working together and fall in love

8) My Love from the Star

My love from the star- top 10 k-dramas

My love from the star

Do Min – Joon is an alien who is entrapped on the earth 400 years ago and met a girl. Cheon Song is a famous artist with a hard character and resembles that same girl whom he met years ago. He doesn’t acknowledge his feeling for her but is helpless. Also, He also tries to protect her from a man who tries to kill her. He has only 3 months left to go home but finds himself in the second thought. Will he ever acknowledge love for her?

9) Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince

If you are a tomboy or your girl is a tomboy, then this series is definitely meant for you. It is a story about a romance between a tomboy lady and a young food empire. Choi Han-Kyul has a coffee shop, which his grandfather offers. He is a man who never cared for responsibilities and was never employed. Choi Han Kyul has a secret crush on Han Yoo-Joo, who has friend-zoned him.  Eun-chan is of 24 years, and she always dresses like a man and is also a sole bread-winner. He pretends to be a gay lover and therefore hires her. Eun chan wants more female customers and therefore hire attractive men. Both involve a steamy conversation. And as a result, he throws her, proving that he is not gay. After revealing the gender, they fall in love once again.

10) Crash Landin On You

Watch Top 10 k dramas

Crash Landing On you

Yoon Se-ri is a successful  South Korean entrepreneur. . She is a confident and attractive woman.Ri Jeong-hook is an elite captain of the borders and is wildly handsome. He is respectful, kind-hearted, and elegant in nature. One day while paragliding in Seoul, she falls off in the borders of North Korea. He finds her, and as a sign of respect to the woman, he protects her and takes care of her. Thus he escapes her and sends her back to her home safely. He also protects her from North Korean members. They fall in love together in this journey. Will they ever meet after she goes back?

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