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Best Dating Apps in the United States To Check Out in 2021

Best Dating Apps in the United States
Best Dating Apps in the United States

Are you looking for the Best Dating Apps in the United States? Here is the time to end your search and make an ID on the best-chosen dating apps. We are here with this perfectly arranged list of dating apps. So, let’s continue with the article so that you can find an app that suits you exactly. It will be great if you delete the app soon. What do I mean by ‘deleting the app’? Here, these 12 best dating apps in the united states has the potential of matching you with your perfect mate. As a result, you’ll definitely delete these. Well, that’s the motto of these best dating apps.

In 1995, as the craze of the internet started growing and people too started getting used to it, singles got desperate to have a lover. Also, these singles were trying to find their partner on different sites and platforms. As a result, the world’s first dating website,, came into the spotlight. This website allowed the users to flirt, understand and find their match. This website grew so much that the company started launching different dating apps. Among those apps, some of them are in the list below. So, let’s continue with the list of the best dating apps in the United States.

Best Dating Apps in the United States

In this article, we will go through the list of 15 best dating apps that are leading on the leaderboard. Also, these apps had the most number of happy users since their launch. So, one among these might help you get your perfect mate. We will be knowing everything about each app in detail.

1. Bumble – Dating and Make Friend

Bumble is a dating app that is quite famous. It is similar to Tinder as it too asks its users to swipe right and swipe left, just like Tinder. One of the co-founders of Tinder, Whitney, left the app forever due to some growing difficulties within the company. Shortly after leaving Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble and started working hard on it. As a result, this dating app started dominating the leaderboard after Tinder. According to men who used this dating app, was delighted because of a unique feature. This basic feature is that if there is a heterosexual match, then the females will have to approach first and not the men.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


Now, shy men can wait and proceed without hesitation. “Feminist”, is what the app is all about. In homosexual matches, anyone can move first. Furthermore, Bumble is useful in more things, like making friends. Also, if there are any needs for business communication, then also Bumble is a perfect platform. Moreover, as the growth of Tinder is not coming to a halt, the founder of Bumble isn’t stopping anyway. Thus, if any men in the U.S feel shy while asking for a date, then make a profile here on Bumble and wait for a woman to text.

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2. Badoo – Dating and Meet People

Badoo, another app that fits best on the list of best dating apps in the United States. It is famous worldwide, and it has its offices in more than 30 countries. Further, its headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus, and London, but it also has its offices in the united states. However, the app is growing and dominating the leaderboard in terms of dating apps in the United States. There, if you reside in the U.S. and looking for the best dating app, then read further as Badoo is too successful in the U.S., just like other dating apps.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


Badoo was founded in Russia, and it was less known by people at the time of its launch, but gradually, its happy customers led the app to its position on the leaderboard. It was out in Moscow in November 2006 by Andrey Andreev. With every passing year, the app started touching the sky, and in 2016, it grabbed the fame of being the most downloaded app in more than 21 countries. That’s Huge! Well, it has many offices spread in many countries, and it is also available on IOS. Also, it is available on android and the internet.

3. Hinge – Dating and Relationships

Nowadays, some people just want to hook up with an opponent, some just want a night with the one with whom they are hanging out, but some want to have a partner for life. For people who wish to have a long-term relationship or marriage after a beautiful relationship, Hinge is here. This dating app proudly says that this is the only app among others that can tie you up in a beautiful relationship and that too for a long time.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


Furthermore, the app has amazing basic features that even remind a person to text him or her. Justine McLeod is the founder and CEO of this amazing dating app. Further, the dating app will start only if the device has an Android or IOS.

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4. PURE Hookup – anonymous dating

Pure is an exciting dating app, and it has a great success rate in the United States. That’s because people were given a platform where they were free to explore the opponents without hesitation. Two entrepreneurs got an idea of making a dating app that will respect their users’ every desire. Therefore, the slogan to promote the app, PURE, was “S*x here and now”. The dating app was out in 2012, and Carol Queen, who is a writer and sexologist, contributed her part on the project, Pure. Further, the name of the developers who are entrepreneurs too is Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko.

Pure Hookup - anonymous dating

Pure Hookup – anonymous dating

The United States got the app on the App Store in 2013, and the Android version followed in 2015. Also, the app moved to the Russian market in 2014. Here, in the app, people can post their private ads, including their experiences and other details about them. Further, once a match is done, a chat is created for both of them, and there is a chat timer that automatically deletes their chats. But if they want to keep the chats, then they can turn off the timer. So, this dating app is similar to all other apps, but here, if anyone wants to fulfill physical desires, then this app makes it easy.

5. Meetville – Dating, Chat & Meet New People

Meetville is a free online dating app that has a huge figure of happy users. Around 19 million users are searching, looking, and flirting there on the app. This dating app makes it so easy to find a date as it makes sure that there aren’t any fake IDs on the app. People can flirt with their matches, they can meet locals online, and they can chat with them directly without paying. But, Meetville surely has subscription plans that give a warrant to the payers and make their profiles verified. So, there is no chance of fake IDs, bots, or spammers.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


According to the app developers, it is the safest and easiest dating app available in today’s era. Furthermore, if a person is uncomfortable chatting first, then there are a lot of funny Gifs and cool gifts that will help the new duo to start a chat and create moments. Also, the app takes utmost care about the match that both individuals must be within the desired area. So, meet locals, find your match, flirt with them, feel something for each other and go on a romantic and exciting date. Moreover, the app is especially and exclusively for those who are more than 18years old. Kids or teens are not allowed to use the app.

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6. Hawaya: Meet Muslim Singles

Hawaya: Meet Muslim Singles is an app exclusively for Muslims. The motto of the app is to provide help to Muslims so that they can find their Muslim partners. According to the app, many Muslim users use different dating apps, but some of them are unable to find a Muslim partner or find difficulty finding partners of their wish. Therefore, the app owner felt the need for an app that is especially for Muslims. Here, heterosexual Muslims meet, match, and start their journey together. Also, Homosexual Muslims find it easy to use the app as well.

Best Dating Apps in the United States

Hawaya: Meet Muslim Singles

Talking about the success of the app, it has helped more than 18000 Muslims to start a new journey with their new Muslim lover. Furthermore, the app was founded by Sameh Saleh, and he is the CEO too. Also, the app was previously not called Hawaya, but Harmonica and this renaming happened a bit later in the launch via the Match Group. So yes, the match group is the owner of this unique dating app. The app is originally from Egypt, but the way Muslims are using the internet in the United States, the app’s ranking grew in the continent.

7. POM – Music Dating

Another unique dating app on the list is POM. The owners of the leading dating app wanted to do something different from the other dating apps. For example, other dating apps lets the users swipe others’ profile right or left, and the second example is that other dating apps match according to height, career, etc. However, POM is different because it says that music can help two musical souls meet, date, and plan for the future. It works according to the music preferences of an individual. If a person likes Pop music, then he will find matches that love pop music as well. It is well known around the world that those whose’s interests are the Acsame interact better. Therefore, POM knows how to make two musical souls, be each other’s, life partners.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


According to the musical dating app, other existing dating apps are just doing business and trying to keep their users on the app for a longer time so that the makers can earn more and more. Also, they have the same concept, and the users can easily write false things about their personalities because of which a genuine person feels cheated afterwards. Therefore, POM thought of targeting the interests so that the users could trust them.

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8. Thursday

Here comes Thursday, not a name of a day. Here, Thursday is an app, a dating app. This app is unique, just like the other apps on the list. According to the app makers, people have other works too that are more important than just spending time on dating apps. So, if a person wants to have a balance in their life, then this app will help them find a date but only one day. Now talking about the features of the app, so the first feature that is already mentioned is that the app only opens or works on Thursdays, and if anyone opens it on other days, then the app simply shows them the countdown and tells them to come back on Thursday.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


Furthermore, George Rawlings, who is just 29 years old, and Matt McNeill Love, who is just 30 years are the co-founders of the unique app, Thursday. The success rate of the app is huge because people found the idea of the app amazing, so more and more people started joining the app, Thursday.

9. Feeld: Meet Couples and Singles

Feeld is the next dating app on the list of the best dating apps in the United States. Its original name was 3nder, but after a short while, the makers changed the name to Feeld. It is available and ready to use for both android and ios users. Now, this app is for each kind of people like if a person wants a one-night stand or kink or polyamory, etc. Also, if a person wants to have pleasure with more than one partner, then the app is perfect for them. As this app has a variety of people using it, the app started rising and now has a huge number of downloads and happy users. Furthermore, the app was initially out in the market in July 2014.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


It is available in English, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. However, it is a company established in London that is dominating the leaderboard in the United States. The success rate of this app can easily be measured from the figure that the makers announce that it has more than a million downloads, and generally, it gets positive reviews from its users. Furthermore, Ana Kirova is the CEO of the app, and previously, Dimo was the CEO.

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10. OkCupid: Online Dating App

OkCupid is another famous dating app that has the right to get a place on the list of the best dating apps in the united states. It’s a website that was established on 19th January that is 17 years ago, and the app was out later. Further, Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Christian Rudder, and Max Krohn created the leading dating app. The current CEO of OkCupid is Ariel Charytan, and the owner of the app is Match Group. Now, this Group is more than 20 years old, it was established in 1995. It is also the owner of Tinder, Hinge, and many other leading dating apps.

Best Dating Apps in the United States


Talking about the app, it puts up different multiple-choice questions in front of the new users so that the app can match the like ones. Also, the app allows anyone to interact with others according to their interests. So, if you want, then you can make the first move and find your match; otherwise, the app will do the matching for you. Moreover, the app also stumbled into some controversies, but it is still rising with an increasing number of users.

11. yoomee: Dating & Relationships

yoomee: Dating and relationships is a very simple app that just focuses on creating new matches. According to the dating app, it requires very simple information for registration, but other apps ask for phone numbers, email, and whatnot. Yoomee is simple and lets its users simply find themselves their date. If a person wants to just have a partner for a single night and doesn’t want to fall deep into a love story, then the app helps them find one. There are many who just wants to have a night with the opponent, but on the other apps, mostly those people are active who really want to get into a serious relationship.

yoomee: Dating & Relationships

yoomee: Dating & Relationships

Thus, yoomee knows it’s all users. But is that indicate that the app doesn’t promote serious relationships? Well, a big NO! All kinds of people can get a match here. Even people with serious intentions can also get their significant ones here. This app matches the interests of two users, and because of these interests, they flirt and plan a date. Furthermore, the app is free to download, but people have to pay for every message they send to anyone here. Also, the rate is high, so people generally complain about it.

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12. Meet New People – Hily Dating

What if a dating app just tracks your interest on its own and finds your perfect match? Well, this app does. The registration part of this app is extremely simple, firstly, they just ask you whether you are a male, female or non-binary. This app was launched a few years ago, and exactly speaking then, the app was out in August 2017 that is 4 years ago. With every passing year, the makers worked hard and tried to make the app more and more perfect. As a result, a stable launch was done in 2019, that is 2 years ago. Further, Yan Pronin and Alex Pasykov were the co-founders of the dating app.

Meet New People - Hily Dating

Meet New People – Hily Dating

Initially, the app was out in the United States, and it is still in the hearts of millions of happy users. Hence, it is still dominating many dating apps. In 2019, the zones of the app were increased, and it was out in the UK, France, and Ireland. However, now it is increasing the workplace more and more around the globe. Like all other dating apps, Hily too has subscription plans and is also free to use. Those who want a good experience can buy the plans otherwise, they can use it anyway.

13. OurTime: Dating App for 50+

OurTime – Meet 50+ Singles is a special dating app whose makers must be having a beautiful corner of their hearts reserved for people over 50. People at this age generally feel lonely. Some lose their partner, some have children who don’t bother their parents, and some want to support at this age. So, the makers came up with the idea of developing an app that is especially and exclusively for those who are at the second childhood stage. Those who want someone to share feelings. As a result, OurTime respects such desires of grown-ups or people who are above 50.

OurTime: Dating App for 50+

OurTime: Dating App for 50+

Further, the app has some subscription plans, and the features that you might get is that a person can discover more mutual connections with the help of those IDs who liked him. Secondly, messaging isn’t free here. People have to pay for texting other interested people. Thirdly, people might respond more quickly than those who are using this app for free. Even the status of the sent messages can also be seen by those who pay. Furthermore, the app is for more than 50 so they perfectly check all the profiles so that the elderly people don’t get cheated. Profiles, interests and app activity is properly checked in the dating app.

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14. Bicupid: Singles, Couples Date

Bicupid is a bisexual app that has millions of those who are ready to have fun together. Those who are bisexual, bi-curious, or bi-couples won’t have to listen to society. They just need to make a profile on Bicupid because it becomes very easy with this app. Here, it is very easy for an individual to find two or more partners. According to the people using the app, the dating app, Bicupid has provided them with what they exactly want. This dating app has many users that are ready to interact with people on the app. Further, this app also has couples who try to find a third person so that all three of them can explore each other well.

Bicupid: Singles, Couples Date

Bicupid: Singles, Couples Date

While finding and exploring other’s profiles, you can also add filters so that you can get the exact matches of your preferences. Even couples too are very active on this app as they too want spice in their life. Also, there are bi-curious couples who are looking for singles. Hence, the conclusion is that the app is exclusively for fun, and if anyone wants to have such kinds of fun, then this dating app is no less than any other dating apps.

15. Kippo – The Dating App For Gamers

At last, let’s talk about the most unique app on the list of best dating apps in the united states. Its Kippo, Kippo – The dating app for gamers. It has a very unique concept, unlike other dating apps. Ever thought that games can put two love birds together? Well, it’s 2021 and post lockdown period, and we all know how the gaming industry has grown. As a result, introverted gamers do love to meet new people, virtually and if the opponent also enjoys the same game, then it is more than perfect. Therefore, the co-founders of Kippo launched this amazing dating app exclusively for gamers.


Kippo: The dating app for gamers

Here, you have to make your profile, add your interests, and lastly, the ones whom you have been matched with, play with them first, then make the next move. This is Kippo all about. Make an attractive profile, choose the one who has similar interests, play games with them, and then it’s up to both of them if they want to meet in person. Furthermore, the app is available for both android and IOS. Also, it has more than 1million downloads in total and still counting. Moreover, the app is available and useable in the united states, Canada, the UK, and Europe. Therefore, US gamers looking for partners can try this unique app.

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