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Berserk Final Chapter – The Beautiful Ending

Berserk Final Chapter

Berserk has been going on for a long time, but now that Berserk Final Chapter has finally been released, then it is time to look at the hype that the chapter has been making all over the internet. All over different websites, you will find fans trying to explain what happened in the final chapter of Berserk. And some even goes further down to try and reveal what the ending of Berserk mean. 

To those who want to pin things down to stats, some fans are not sure of the plot taking place and still think that there is still more to come. So they are riddled with questions like, “Is chapter 364 the final chapter of Berserk?” Well, that is as obvious as they come. Berserk Chapter 364 is the final and last chapter of Berserk manga

Berserk’s final chapter is even said to have outdone the game of thrones ending. So if you are both a Berserk and a Game of Thrones fan, then you should understand the level of badass that we are talking about here. Just to offer you a little glimpse of what happened in the final chapter of Berserk. Then you should know that Casca is reborn with her memories still intact. Meanwhile, Guts slows to learn to let go of his hatred for Griffin.

Fans used to wonder why did Griffin betray Guts, but it was revealed in the manga that this was because of the feelings he had for Guts. But in the end, this cost him his dream, and Guts ended up feeling betrayed as he only had one person to share his emotional stress with. Looking back to the business of the day. Let us look at Berserk Chapter 364 in detail.

Berserk Final Chapter 364 Explained

Even though it has been a long time since the release of Berserk’s final chapter, the manga is still raising controversy regarding how it ended. This is because the final chapter focused more on showing that Guts and Casca managed to find peace after all they had been through. They have tried to find peace for a long time, but it was very difficult, so maybe it is a good thing that such things finally happened in the end. 

Berserk Final

Berserk Anime

The plot twist of the manga came when the Moonlight Boy was revealed to be Griffin, who has been the antagonist of the series. We saw him crying on the final page of the manga, and most tried to read behind this scene and understand what was happening. One thing that makes this more controversial would be if this boy has been the whole of Griffin or if it was just one of his parts.

But at least he left us with the final words explaining of the dream he had under the full moon where he was a child embraced by nostalgic warmth. But when he woke up from the dream, only a vague sense of longing remained. And that too would soon disappear with a single tear like morning dew. 

For now, the manga producers have not had any say regarding the possible continuation of the manga. But in the end, we manage to see how the story has been laid out to this point. To date, we have not had any updates regarding the manga. So as it has been, the final chapter of the manga is Berserk 364, which closes all that we have been witnessing and Guts managing to find peace after all hardships he has been through.

Did Berserk’s Ending Get Affected By Miura’s Passing Away?

We know that the passing of the original creator of Berserk manga might have introduced a different feel to the storyline and how the plot continued. Because no one really would have written it in the exact way that Miura wanted it to play out. Nonetheless, we have a team that continued writing and publishing the manga, and they did not want to leave the Berserk fandom with a cliffhanger of this masterpiece. So things still continued with the original storyline going forward. 

Guts vs Monster

Guts vs Monster

What was most eye-catching about the final Berserk chapter was the second half of the manga, which has depicted the manga’s most prominent and liked characters leading to a hopeful ending after going through what could equate to a lifetime of suffering. So to this point, Guts has been through a lot, and he has been looking for retribution for everything that has been done to him. 

This includes Casca and all of his fallen comrades due to the works of Griffin. So Guts appeared in the closing panels of the manga, interacting with a Moonlight boy who appears to be a reticent child and is believed to be his son due to a mysterious reason and would only appear during the full moon phase.

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The Incident of the Moonlight Boy

The Moonlight Boy introduced a touching feel to this chapter that was already building up emotional feelings of a happy ending. Because it was not every chapter that we get to see Guts this relieved and relaxed. So slowly, the chapter was developing into that silence that comes before the big reveal of game-changing development. So Guts continued with his display of affection to this young boy. 

Young Guts

Young Guts

Although this is a bit controversial and ironic considering Guts’ upbringing and development. It was a scene not to be missed because it is the one that has the entire Berserk Fandom in shambles. And since the chapter did not disclose much about this scene and how come the Moonlight boy turned out to be Griffin. Then we are left with a heavily confused and due to be divided fandom as some think that this could be among the bad endings that we have seen in the manga world. 

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Has Berserk Manga Ended On A Cliffhanger?

Many might point out that the original creator of the manga did not intend to reveal everything at the end. Then this might make Berserk somewhat a cliffhanger. But if you focus on what Berserk has been about all this time, then you will get to see things in a different way. 

Because all along, Berserk has been about Guts even from the beginning. So if we look at it in that way, then we will see that from Guts’ perspective, not everything left us hanging. Because we can all agree that most of us who loved and followed Berserk did so because of Guts, his personality, and his will to live on no matter what he comes across. 

Berserk Ending

Berserk Ending

We all yearned for that day when Guts would live a normal life as a normal person. And that is what we have just seen in the last chapter of the manga. Of course, the incident with the Moonlight boy introduced something controversial. But we should keep in mind what this meant for Guts, who finally got a chance to show that he is a normal person capable of showing affection and care. 

The ending parts not only focused on Guts but Griffin as well because every villain usually has reasons why they do bad things. So this turned into a salvation for both of them despite the contrasting life paths they had been living. Even though Griffin appeared in tears before a clueless Guts, this served as Griffin’s salvation and this was clearly portrayed by the image that these last moments managed to paint ultimately.

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The Beautiful Ending of Berserk Manga

If this was one of those childhood stories you used to read in books, then we would be coming across the lines like “And they lived happily ever after.” Referring to how things were between Griffin and Guts. Ever since the beginning of the manga, the creators have been so harsh on Guts. 

Starting from the way he was born and how he was raised. It was like all the odds were against him, and he carried the curse of death with him. But what could be more beautiful than seeing him as the victor in the end? And on top of that, he managed to find peace and lived a normal life from what we have seen.

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