Bernie Mac Show Stars Dee Dee Davis, Camille Winbush, and Jeremy Suarez – Instagram Photo

the bernie mac show cast

The Bernie Mac Show stars, Dee Dee Davis, Camille Winbush and Jeremy Suarez reunites after 12 long years. We have their newest photos as well. The Bernie Mac Show aired on Fox for five seasons from November 14, 2001, to April 14, 2006. The series featured comic actor Bernie Mac (Bernard “Bernie” McCullough) and his wife Wanda (Kellita Smith) raising his sister’s three kids: Jordan, Vanessa, and Bryana. We were also able to get a hold of their Instagram accounts, we will be mentioning that at the end of the post.

the bernie mac show cast

It’s been over 12 years since the ‘Bernie Mac’ show went off the air, even then the sibling love is stronger than ever. The on-screen siblings have recently shared a photo via Dee Dee Davis’ social media. In case you don’t know them, let me clear it up,  Camille Winbush played ‘Nessa’, Dee Dee Davis played ‘Baby Girl’ and Jeremy Suarez played ‘Jordan’.

The Bernie Mac Show Cast

Bernie Mac As Bernie ‘Mac’ McCullough
Kellita Smith As Wanda McCullough
Jeremy Suarez As Jordan Thomkins
Dee Dee Davis As Bryana ‘Baby Girl’ Thomkins
Camille Winbush As Vanessa ‘Nessa’ Thomkins

Dee Dee Davis instagram
From left: Dee Dee Davis, Camille Winbush, Jeremy Suarez

Here is the latest photo Dee Dee Davis shared on the social media:

Dee Dee Davis – ‘Baby Girl’ Bernie Mac Show [Right]
Jeremey Suarez – ‘Jordan’ Bernie Mac Show [Left]
Camille Winbush – ‘Nessa’ Bernie Mac Show [Middle]

Jeremy Suarez instagram
The Bernie Mac Cast – All Grown Up

Jeremy Suarez, Camille Winbush, and Dee Dee Davis Instagram Accounts:

Dee Dee Davis Instagram
Camille Winbush Instagram
Jeremy Suarez Instagram – We will update this as soon as we find it.