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Bennifer Break Up: What Went Down & Were They Seen Together Again?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is known as Bennifer

Bennifer has been among the hot topics of Hollywood for more than 17 years now. The Batman actor Ben Affleck and the Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez were named as Bennifer after the duo was reported dating each other in the early 2000s. They starred together in films like Gigli and Jersey Girl, becoming a powerful couple both on-screen and off-screen. The couple was highly active in public and even announced their engagement when Jennifer’s pink engagement ring became the center of attraction in 2002.

But they were not meant to be together. Later in 2004, Bennifer called off their engagement, and the duo was in no state to make any statements for a while. Their fans all over the world were devastated to hear the news but were diligent enough to give them privacy. They moved on in their lives and got married. For years, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did not speak about their relationship, also never called it a mistake.

After 17 years, Bennifer is back in the news. Recently, Ben and Jennifer were spotted together on several occasions by the media shutterbugs. Since then, the rumors related to Bennifer has got speed up and covering up the whole internet. Fans are once again excited to see this couple together, secretly wishing them to reunite. Therefore, in this article, we will learn more about Bennifer’s relationship and their breakup. Also, we will shed some light on their recent public appearances.

Bennifer Break up

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in a serious relationship in the early 2000s and were the hottest couple in showbiz. Making public appearances and showing off their relationship was among the basic features of this ‘Bennifer’ couple. The happy couple who broke up in 2004 has come back in the news for their secret meetings after splitting up with their respective partners. Since the news has surfaced on the internet, people have gone curious about the duo’s past relationship. The power couple of Hollywood started dating somewhere around 2001-02. They both appeared in two movies together.

Bennifer’s first movie together- Gigli

Starring together in Gigli and Jersey Girl, Ben and Jennifer’s chemistry was out in front of the viewers, and they were widely appreciated by the audience. Although their work together didn’t come out as a box office success, the spark between the pair was evident. Shortly after the release, Bennifer came out public with their relationship. They didn’t decide to have a public relationship, but the media coverage somehow managed to invade their privacy at all times. The couple was spotted vacationing together and even inside their homes, lounging together.

Everything was moving smoothly for the couple, making them step towards a new phase in their life- marriage. The couple announced their engagement and were all set to marry in September 2003 but called it off due to excessive media interference. Media was an aspect that made things difficult for this amazing couple. Towards January 2004, the news of Bennifer splitting off surfaced all over the media and tabloids. As for the reason, Jennifer and Ben said that they were too accessible for the media than for themselves. Both called the split the worst part of their lives. Ben and Jennifer remained friends over the years, remembering and talking about each other in various interviews.

Is Bennifer back in news?

Yes, Bennifer is back in the news after 17 years of splitting. Recently, the 48-year-old Batman star was spotted with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez vacationing in Montana together at a luxury ski resort. Not only this, the duo was spotted together the following Mothers Day weekend. Also, Bennifer was spotted in a car together, apart from being seen together at the Vax Live concert in Los Angeles last week. Although both of them entered the arena separately, the paparazzi are already smelling some sparks between the duo.

Ben and Jennifer were spotted in Montana, sparking the rumors of Bennifer being back.

After breaking up from each other, Jennifer married Marc Anthony and has two kids, twins with him. Whereas Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner, with whom he shares two daughters and a son. But over the years, both of them got separated from their spouses and moved on in their lives. Over the years, the power couple has remained friends and has praised each other at every interview and in every way possible. And now, their appearance together after all these years has sparked rumors about Bennifer being together, once again. Whether the couple will be back or not is something we fans are waiting eagerly for.

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