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Ben Kruger Net Worth, Career, Earnings & Legacy

Ben Kruger in Karate Kallie 2009
Ben Kruger in Karate Kallie 2009

Ben Kruger was an actor and author of South African origins. He was best known for his acting in Snake Island, Binnelanders, and Zero Tolerance, all of which were pretty popular. Ben Kruger was born in Bothaville, South Africa, on the 25th of March, 1957. His father was a Christian pastor. The family later moved to Cape Town and then to Johannesburg, where he would go ahead and complete his High School Education. His High School’s name was Helpmekaar High School.

Ben Kruger was also a Naval officer in the South African Navy, where he was conscripted for 18 months. After his conscription was over, he got his BA degree in Drama at the University of Pretoria, Johannesburg. Ben Kruger died on 26th May 2021 due to implications related to COVID-19. He was 64 years old at the time of his death.

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Ben Kruger: Career

The 64-year old actor had acted in several TV shows, including Zero Tolerance, 7De Laan, Jacob’s Cross, Silent Witness, Soul Buddyz, Riemvasmaak, and Triptiek. In Zero Tolerance by SABC2, he played the role of Sakkie Bezuidenhout. In 7de Laan, he played Neef Gert. He also starred in the 1997 Tv Movie Mandela and De Klerk, wherein he played the role of Mandela’s friend James Gregory. He moved on to professional acting after he was done with his Naval career, and starred in the movie, “Sondag in September,” directed by Jan Scholtz.

Poster of the movie (via IMDb)

His many other roles include Tiny, and Gabriel, Moeggeploegg, Savage, and Van Der Walt’s Fault. Ben Kruger portrayed Paul Kruger in the SABC1 series, Van Der Walt’s fault. He has also won the prestigious Golden Horn Award in 2007 for being the best supporter in Gabriel.

In View of his Death:

In response to his death, South African media has released many heartfelt statements. MNET director of kykNET, Karen Meiring, has claimed how Ben was equally loved by all; and how huge a loss it is to the industry. She has also conveyed that her thoughts are with his family and the cast and crew of Binnelanders.

The producer of his last project, Binnelanders, a TV Show, has claimed that it is a great sadness to hear about the sudden passing of such a beloved friend and a much-loved part of the team. He commended Ben’s portrayal of Okkie Ferreira and acknowledged how he would always command a special place in the hearts of both his castmates and the viewers. Elsje Stark ended by saying that they are all going to miss him.

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Binnelanders, or Binneland, or Binneland Sub Judice, is a soap opera of South African origin. It is in Afrikaans language. Produced by Elsje Stark, it revolves around a private hospital in Pretoria, by the name of Binneland Clinic. It tells the stories of the lives of dedicated and hardworking doctors at the clinic, for whom their first priority is the patient. These people are hundred percent committed to the treatment of their patients, in alleviating the suffering of their patients.

Promo Poster for 1st Season

Ben Kruger Personal Life

Ben Kruger’s wife is Cheryl Kruger, a talented jewelry designer. They have a son named Niku Kreger. Niku Kreger is an athlete, known to be the former “scrum-half,” for Denver Stampede in rugby. Niku Kreger has also played for the Glendale Raptors. He is very talented and has also been a player in the US National Rugby Union Team. He debuted in 2015.

Ben Kruger Net Worth

We are quite sure of the fact that his income was no small thing. He was a successful performer, yes, but he was also able to get a lot of profits from his business of Yeezy Sneakers.  He has devoted many years of his life to many TV Shows and Movies and has won quite a few prestigious awards. His business, supposedly, brought in 3 to 5 million USD profits to him, so there’s that as well. However, it is entirely possible that he may have exaggerated his revenue from his business, his salary from various projects, including his last project, is enough to make sure that he had, at the very least, a Net Worth of somewhere around 1 Million USD to 5 Million USD. We are currently not aware of how his will is to be carried out and where his money will go.

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