Ben Is Back: Release Date, More Spoilers And Cast

Lucas Hedges is on a roll, you guys. All thanks to his father, Peter Hedges. In Ben Is Back he stars as a young addict. The film opened at Toronto Film Festival recently and had received a fair share of Oscar buzz. It stars Julia Roberts who plays Ben’s mother. The movie is scheduled to release December 7′ 2018. On September 8th the movie opened first at the TFF. LD Entertainment, Roadside Attractions, and Lionsgate have distribution rights to the film. It is one of those powerful, gripping tales of a sordid family saga. It’s centered around the theme of Christmas and family. The drama that happens on Christmas opens a Pandora’s box for the Burnses. It is written and directed by Peter Hedges.

Ben Is Back: Spoilers

Lucas Hedges, the prodigal son has been clean for 77 days when he returns to his family for Christmas. Julia Roberts plays Holly Burns, Ben’s mother who’s trying to save his son. Julia is distraught and worried at the same time for Ben’s life. The movie also hints at problems faced by people of color and how the system benefits them. Ben’s stepfather played by Courtney B. Vance hits at Julia in one of the scenes. Vance who plays Neal says how Ben would have landed in jail if it wasn’t for his color. So on Christmas, Holly Burns lets Ben stay the night. Holly has two other children from her second marriage. Ben’s blood sister Ivy isn’t quiet fond of him too. The other two seem okay around him.

He tries to get along with his siblings. Ben is shown playing with the little ones, saving face from old mates, shopping with his mother, etc. Things kick off in a quiet dramatic fashion. After the Burnses return from the Christmas Mass, they find their door knocked down, Christmas tree lying across the floor and family dog missing. It is obvious that someone who had old grudges with Ben knows he’s back in town. It turns out Ben owes some drug dealer money. So Ben and Julia go to pay this drug dealer after which Ben refuses to be back home with Holly. In the later scenes of Ben is Back, Holly is desperate to locate him again.

Ben Is Back: Cast
The movie stars:
Julia Roberts as Holly Burns
Lucas Hodges as Ben Burns
Kathryn Newton as Ivy Burns
Alexandra park as Cara K
Courtney B. Vance as Neal Burns
Rachel Bay Jones as Beth
Michael Esper as Clayton

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