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Ben Is Back Ending Explained: Does Ben Survive In The End?

Ben Is Back Movie
Ben Is Back

What do we know about Ben Is Back Ending Explained? Hollywood has been treating the struggles of addiction in various movies over the years. American drama movie Ben Is Back is a similar heart-wrenching story of a mother who helps her son while he struggles with addiction. It is a story of a mother who makes shocking revelations about his addicted son within 24 hours, and it is a heartwarming tale of faith as Holly’s motherhood is tested on the way. 

Starring iconic actress Julia Roberts in the less role, the movie made its way into the theatres back in 2018. The heartwarming flick is directed by Peter Hedges. While the movie was subjected to the lukewarm box office collection, the movie was applauded by critics for its honest portrayal that deals with such a sensitive issue of addiction and a mother’s dedication to help her son recover from it. Let us take a look at all the details about Ben Is Back Ending Explained Reddit. 

Ben Is Back Ending Explained Reddit

The movie starts with Holly, played by Julia Roberts driving her kids during Christmas Eve. She stumbled upon her son Ben who claims that his sponsor has asked him to visit his home during the holidays for a fresh lease of change from his stay in rehab.

Who Stars In The Movie?

Ben Is Back

The story is set in motion when the mother-son, who seems estranged given Ben’s addiction struggles, bond while looking for their dog Ponce. The two go out to look out for him after someone breaks into their house and kidnaps Ponce. Eventually, Ben finds himself stuck in a loophole when his former drug dealer asks him to make a drug run. While Ben is given drugs by his friend Clayton, he is soon overdosed by it. However, Holly arrives at the right time and saves her son. Holly was able to revive Ben with the help of the kit given to her by Maggie’s mother.

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What Is The Big Revelation Made By Ben At The Diner?

As Holly and Ben go out on an extensive search for their beloved dog Ponce, they stop by a diner where Ben makes a big revelation. Turns out Ben got a local girl, Maggie hooked on drugs. His guilt knew no bounds after Maggie overdose on drugs and dies. Let us take a look at the official trailer of the movie Ben Is Back. If you saw the movie, it is surely recommended as it deals with the sensitive issue of addiction. Have a look. 

The heartwarming scene at the diner focuses on Ben coming clean about his misdeeds. He further admits that he was the one who convinced Maggie to take drugs in the first place. The movies take an ironic turn when it was Maggie’s mother who helps Holly and gives her a kit to help an overdosing person revive. It was with the help of that very kit with which Holly saves Ben’s life. While Ben repents his action, he soon falls into the path of addiction but is soon revived by his mother. The movie ends on a positive note, hinting that Ben will soon be back on track while leaving his dark past behind. 

Writer and Director Peter Hedges Open Up About The Movie.

Peter Hedges has written and directed the movie and has admitted that the script is personal to him. Hedges further explained that his eldest son’s best friend was also in recovery when they began the project. The director further revealed that he kept running across instances where people who were doing well and had put together a period of recovery and how they relapsed while no one saw it coming.

Ben Is Back

Ben Is Back

Even actor Courtney B Vance who plays Ben’s stepfather in the movie, has some insight into the movie. The actor admitted that he also had a personal experience with opioids and hopes the film starts a dialogue about the dangers of such drugs. This movie made its way in the holiday month, and even the movie is set during Christmas Eve as Ben returns home for the holidays. 

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