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Spoilers & Preview: Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 9

Below Deck Mediterranean came out for all the people almost 5 years ago and it is crazy how the fans love it till this point in time. The series serves in the form of a spinoff to the parent show called Below Deck which also aired on Bravo. The main concept of the show is to throw light on the crew members on life on a superyacht during the charter season in various countries. The sixth season started just this year and showed us the situation of Croatia once again. The filming is generally done for six weeks straight. The cast generally replaces the conventional crew present aboard.

Previously on the show, we have seen that the entire crew has started to scramble in order to get ready for a wedding. This event might actually not happen though. We see that Captain Sandy is all set to officiate for the first time in a while. In this episode, we saw that the group had their first night out ever. Although, it left some of them bonding and feeling loved while the others just clashed. Then we saw that Courtney is celebrating the birthday of Mzi. All this while, David has fallen far too much for Malia. Katie is seen implementing a new stew rotation which ultimately throws Courtney into a role that she has never experienced before. Also, Chef Mat is focusing on continuing the positive aura around him.

Chef Matthew has then witnessed taking an issue along with a request. All this while, Courtney as well as Lexi are seen having a special connection while talking about the hardships of their family. All this while, the people on the deck are majorly concerned about them developing crushes. Later in the show, an insult comes in towards the entire deck team. This prompts everyone to unite and dodge it off. Although, Katie was really struggling to keep the peace among them all.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 9

A still from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6

Back in the eighth episode of the show, titled At You Lack Of Service, David is getting all the awkward eyes. We saw how he has cast a resistance towards Malia, the supervisor present on the deck for him. Now, we also saw a new charter going through which means that this time, Courtney will have to turn up the service and leave Lexi in the laundry. This ultimately resulted in Katie picking up the slack. Well, this was all with the recap of the show. It is past time that we start discussing what lies in the future of the series.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 9 and 10 Release Date and Where To Watch

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 episodes 9 and 10 will release on the 23rd of August 2021 and 30th of August 2021 respectively. Also, you guys should know that new episodes of the series drop out every week on Saturdays. These episodes are supposed to roll at 9 pm according to Eastern Time on Bravo. If you are a fan and would want to review all the possible viewing options, then here are some. First, you can watch the episode as it airs live on Bravo at the date and time mentioned above. All the people who have an active subscription to Peacock will also be able to watch the new episode earlier than the cable watchers. The official website of Bravo also consists of the new episode after a while they drop on TV.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 9 and 10 Spoilers

Here is an alert for all the fans who do not wish to read the spoilers regarding the series if it makes them uncomfortable. In Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 episodes 9 and 10, we will witness Chef Matthew who is trying to pull off one of his most successful charters till this point in time. On the other hand, we will see that Lloyd is interested in the lead the celebration for Oktoberfest. All this while, we see that Katie is not having a good time. She has to keep the entire interior going which means that, there will be some cruel and unusual decisions which she will be a part of.

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