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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 18: Release Date & Preview

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 has just aired its 17th episode and people are already curious about the next episode. Well, nobody can blame them because we obviously love the entire drama series. Previously on the show, we saw that Katie and Courtney have to step up for a test while they are trying to handle all the tasks without the help cast from Lexi. Matthew, on the other hand, is having a tough time. The guests had nothing but criticism for his dishes which was pretty hard to take. All this while, Lloyd had to be admitted to the hospital. This put a lot of strain on the entire crew, as we see. The team was now supposed to manage with two fewer people trying to share the entire chores of the house. This episode also featured the last charter of this installment.

Lloyd Spencer is admitted to the hospital for 4 days, as we already discussed before, and this is cramming all the duties on the other crew members. This called for a pep talk by Captain Sandy, and everyone came in. Well, this obviously did not help the members with their anxiety, and they surely made quite a bit of mistake. Matthew was in a really bad mood as the guests started complaining about his Mediterranean-style local Škarpina. The news came out soon that Sandy is not well even in the hospital and is suffering from anxiety disorders. Later in the episode, the yacht took over to Ostrica. Mzi Dempers was handed over the responsibility to supervise all the guests despite the fact that David Pascoe claims the crew to be an accident bound to happen.

Matthew was seen in a very bad position just minutes before the first dinner. He prompts Katie to help him snap out of the nightmare. All this while, Katie is in a very bad mood herself given the fact that she stayed up till 4:30 AM the previous night. It was all because the guests needed assistance. It was the same day that Lloyd came back from the hospital and took over the MC. The crew decided to arrange a talent show to please the guests because the weather on the outside was too bad to have fun in any outdoor activities.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 18

A still from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Recap

It was this time that Matthew did not impress the guests and disappointed himself all over again. Just like the previous night, Katie again had to pull an all-nighter. We saw Matthew getting up the next day and being very upset. The guests also provided him with a list of items that they wanted to eat for breakfast. All of the tense situations around him sent him off to the edge, and he was having trouble coping through it.

In the most recent 17th episode of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, titled Nothing Comes Over Easy, we saw the second part of the charter, which runs for four days. On the other hand, we saw the entire crew on a picnic at an old Croatian fortress. We all understand pretty well that the crew has never successfully held one contained gathering or a dinner party. Lexi and Matthew are common enemies, and whenever the whole staff decides to sit down together, their cold war causes chaos.

But given the fact that Lexi is out of the game, it was all bound to be a bit different than what we saw. On the other hand, we saw Sandy as well as Malia, and the entire deck crew taking care of a life-threatening anchor drag. In the concluding moments of the season, we saw Katie fighting to keep the time passing with just two stews. Now, we should discuss the future of the drama series.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 18 Release Date

This is a piece of sad news, but Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 18 does not exist. The sixth season ended at 17 episodes. A seventh was confirmed by the creators earlier and will again air on Bravo. It is being filmed in Malta right now, but an official release date is not known.

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