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Belle Anime Film: Plot & Cast Updates

Belle Anime Film Release Date

Anime movies in this era have reached international platforms and flourished in the colors of success. After Mirai, Mamoru Hosoda came back with another film for 2021. The movie was announced early this year. Affiliated with Hosoda’s name, Belle earned high expectations from fans right after its announcement. Mamoru Hosoda has expressed that the movie is going to have many elements: romance and action in addition to a touch of deep impactful subjects like life and death. As of recent events, the  Belle anime film release date and international trailer were announced. Given its soothing story so far, it only makes sense for fans of Mamoru Hosoda to beam with excitement. Now that movie is close is premiering, the curiosity to know more rises.

The Belle movie is titled Belle: Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime in Japanese and Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess in English. It is a production of Studio Chizu who have prompted high expectations from the film. After the widespread success of Mirai and Wolf Children, Hosoda brings us Belle, a modernized and improvised version of Beauty and the Beast. The trailers released so far carry beautiful animation and a mature art style. Through the glittering and glistening cut scenes, Studio Chizu conveys its efforts and hard work associated with the film. Whether the film stands up to the expectations will only be revealed after its release.

Here are all the details about the Belle anime film release date, trailer, cast, and staff.

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Belle: The Dragon and The Freckled Princess- Premise

The protagonist of the movie is Suzu, a 17-year-old girl. She lives in the rural part of Japan, in Kochi Prefecture with her father. Suzu loved singing with her mother but hasn’t sung since her mother died. As time passed, she grew distant from her father. She built walls around her and takes up songwriting as the only purpose of her life. At this time she discovers U, a virtual reality online that has about 5 billion other users. She takes up the avatar of Belle and becomes a famous singer within the virtual world.

Belle: The Dragon and The Freckled Princess

Belle: The Dragon and The Freckled Princess

As she rises to fame, she meets a mysterious creature. Thus begins her journey filled with love and action.

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Belle Anime Film Release Date

On its initial announcement, Belle was set to come out sometime in summer. However, as the premier date closed in, the Belle anime film release date was updated.

Belle is scheduled to be released on 16 July 2021. The opening theme of the movie is ‘U’, performed by Kaho Nakamura. She will also sing all the other tracks of the film. There has been no mention of its release on international media. We can expect the movie to be out soon for international viewers too.

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Belle: The Dragon and The Freckled Princess Trailer

The first international trailer of Mamoru Hosoda’s came out on 2 June 2021. Much like its previous promotional videos, the new trailer displays the beautiful animation that the movie will showcase. The exclusive trailer is available on Vimeo.

Alternatively, you can also view it on the official Twitter account of Studio Chizu.

Various characters can be seen in the trailer such as the protagonist Suzu, Shinobu Hisatake, Shinjirō Chikami, and also the infamous mysterious creature that Suzu encounters as Belle in U.

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Voice Cast and Staff

The movie will feature several outstanding voice actors that have been a part of many successful projects. Suzu, the protagonist will be voice by Kaho Nakamura, a well-known singer, and songwriter in Japan. Ryo Narita will voice Shinobu Hisatake; Shota Sometani will voice Shinjirō Chikami; Tina Tamashiro will voice Ruka Watanabe; Rira Ikuta will voice Hiroka Betsuyaku.

Other important characters and their voice cast are Justin (Toshiyuki Morikawa), Jelinek (Tsuda Kenjiro), Swan (Mami Koyoma), and Muitarō Hitokawa and Tokoraemaru (Mamoru Miyano).

Belle anime

The mysterious creature.

Mamoru Hosoda will be directing and writing the screenplay of the movie. Its music composer and director is Taisei Iwasaki. The character design of Belle is done by Jin Kim, popular for  her contribution in other works such as Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Moana. The concept design of the virtual reality ‘U’ is created by Eric Wong.

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