How Beerus Almost Destroyed The Whole Multiverse

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Beerus might be the most powerful God of Destruction in the multiverse, but he has a reason to achieve that power. He was currently the most hated God of Destruction in the whole multiverse. Beerus is quite the troublemaker of the group. There are reasons why other Gods of Destruction hates him. To avoid bullying from other Gods of Destruction, he needs to become stronger than them.

But why do the other Gods hate this Universe 7 God of Destruction? It was revealed in the manga that Beerus was once the reason why all the universes were almost erased. Because of the trouble he had caused, all the Gods of Destruction holds grudges against Beerus.

It was revealed in the latest manga that there was once an event similar to the Tournament of Power. Zeno-sama got bored again and decided to hold a multi-universal hide-and-seek event.  Zeno-sama was enjoying the game and everyone seems to work hard to avoid making the King of All angry. But for some reason, Beerus, who was hiding somewhere fell asleep for fifty years and never came out.

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The other Gods of Destruction has a huge grudge against Beerus. One example is Rumsshi, the God of Destruction of Universe 10. Beerus helped the Universe 10 eliminate Zamasu, who was planning to kill Gowasu at that time. If Beerus hasn’t interfered, Rumsshi might be dead by now because of Gowasu’s death. But Rumsshi expresses no gratitude to Beerus when Gowasu told him about Zamasu.

Some of the Gods are angry of Beerus because of the puns based on external media. Quitela can be seen as a character who always picks up a fight against Beerus. This rivalry must be based on the popular Tom and Jerry cartoon show. Though it is really interesting to know that Beerus once lost in arm wrestling against Quitela.

There is something interesting about the Grand Priest in this chapter of the manga. He was the one who suggested to erase eight universes. If Goku was not bored as hell and did not made it just in time for the Zenos to change their minds, Universe 7 will be erased and there is no chance for the Universes to grow save themselves.


Possible Third Super Saiyan God In Tournament Of Power

Super Saiyan God is an ascended state of Super Saiyan, which lets a Saiyan utilize God Ki, even if they’re mortals. Super Saiyan God was just a myth, until Beerus actually came looking for one.

Later, upon asking Shenron, it was revealed that if five pure hearted Saiyans put those soul into a 6th Saiyan, a Super Saiyan God will be born. In this way, Goku was turned into a Super Saiyan God at first. Using the newfound powers, he was able to fight against Beerus for a short amount of time.

Goku later trained with Whis and unlocked an ascended form, called Super Saiyan Blue. But, Goku definitely was not the only one. Almost anything that Goku can do, Vegeta can too. Vegeta began training with Whis even before Goku did and managed to get a hang of Super Saiyan Blue even before him.

We had two Super Saiyan Gods now. Vegeta didn’t have the soul of 5 Saiyans poured into him like Goku. However, he was still able to transform into a Super Saiyan God.

This tells us that using 6 Saiyans isn’t the only procedure to transform into a Super Saiyan God, and further, with the right amount of training, people can indeed transform into a Super Saiyan God. Now, even though Goku and Vegeta have both become Super Saiyan God, and they have almost mastered this form as well, I still think there will be more than one Super Saiyan God. We have so many Saiyans who are capable of using this form, if they train right. Recently, even Caulifa wanted Goku to teach him how to go Blue.


While Goku said that she wasn’t ready, it really tells us that in time, she will be able to get this form as well. Not only him, we have Cabba as well, who looks to have tons of potential.

Even though we have so many characters, the one person who i think is next is Gohan. Of course this is just my own opinion. He has really transformed before this tournament. Gohan has now begun training seriously if he wants to protect his loved ones.

He has already had his potential unlocked. If he begins to train even harder, I think Goku, or maybe even Whis might be able to teach him how to go Super Saiyan God. Combine that with his already unlocked potential, and Gohan can become a hell lot stronger.

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