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Be My Dream Family: Everything You Need To Know

be my dream family

2020 was undoubtedly a great year for K-dramas, from ‘Crash Landing On You to ‘Record Of Youth.’ Don’t you worry, 2021 looks just as thrilling with some awesome storylines and our favorite ships coming to life! ‘Be My Dream Family’ is one of the major upcoming Korean dramas that we are all looking forward to and cannot wait to watch this year. This Korean drama has been directed by the renowned Kim Jeong Gyu and written by Yeo Myung Jae.

The plot of the drama ‘Be My Dream Family’ focuses on two families, with different cultural backgrounds, that become one once the elders of the two households get married to each other.

The rating of ‘Be My Dream Family’ will clearly be as good as the teaser trailer seems to be. The drama will have 120 episodes in total, with each episode running (on all weekdays) for about thirty minutes, which will be telecasted on the KBS World network (KBS1) on the 5th of April, 2021. Although the premiere of the K Drama is on the 29th of March, 2021, and so, it will be releasing on the online platform too on the very same day. Websites to binge-watch this anime include Rakuten Viki and Viu. (Links will be added as soon as ‘Be My Dream Family’ is released).

This romantic drama also goes by the popular name ‘Even If I’m Deceived, I’m Dreaming’ or ‘속아도 꿈결’ in Korean.


‘Be My Dream Family’ features the great Choi Jung Woo as Geum Jong Hwa, Park Joon Geum as Kang Mo Ran, Hahm Eun Jung as Han Da Bal, Wang Ji Hye as Han Geu Roo, and Joo Da Young as Min Ga Eun. Choi Jung Woo has done a marvelous job as an entertainer in this Korean drama. His other well-known projects include ‘Marry Me Now’ (2018), ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ (2019), ‘Soul Mechanic’ (2020), and ‘Sisyphus: The Myth (2021). The beautiful Park Joon Geum has done an equally good job as an actress in ‘Be My Dream Family.’ Her other works incorporate ‘Queen of Mystery’ (2017), ‘ Marry Me Now’ (2018), ‘Never Twice’ (2019), and ‘Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny’ (2020).

The young and talented Hahm Eun Jung’s acting has wowed all the Korean Drama-crazed fans! She has also worked in other television shows like ‘Love on a Rooftop’ (2015), ‘Sisters in Law’ (2017), ‘Love Horribly’ (2018), and ‘I Hate You Juliet’ (2019). The gorgeous Wang Ji Hye is also known for her other projects, which include ‘Birth of a Beauty (2014), ‘Yeah, That’s How It Is’ (2016), ‘Player’ (2018), and ‘Oh My Baby’ (2020). Last but not least is Joo Da Young, who left the viewers awestruck with her skillful acting in the television shows like ‘Inspiring Generation’ (2014), ‘Mrs. Cop’ (2015), ‘Spark’ (2016) and ‘Graceful Friends’ (2020).

The supporting characters are as follows:

  • Ryu Jin as Geum Sang Baek
  • Park Tam Hee as In Yeong Hye
  • Im Hyung Joon as Geum Sang Goo
  • Yoon Hae Young as Oh Min-Hee
  • Lee Tae Gu as Geum Sang Min
  • Kim In-i as Geum Min Ah
  • Ok Jin Wook as Geum Min Seo
  • Lee Go Eun as Minsol
  • Yang So Min as Yoo Young Ki
  • Cho Han Gyeol as Im Heon
  • Park Jae Jung as Choi Ji Wan
  • Joo Jong Hyuk as Hyun Si Woon
  • Yoo Jang Young as Lee Je Moon


The first episode of the Korean series ‘Be My Dream Family’ will be released on the 29th of March, 2021 (Monday). Be My Dream Family episode 2 will be released the next day, and another episode the next day again. Every weekday, a new episode will be released. The drama is supposed to end on the 10th of September, 2021, with the final episode (episode 120).

The tale of this Korean series spins around two families, Geumgane and Hangane, both from varying social and cultural backgrounds. The two families become one when the elderly single parents of both the broods choose to wed one another. The drama follows the contention, acceptance, and amicability of the extended family, henceforth highlighting the true and actual importance of a unified, loving family.

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