Be My Dream Family Episode 5 Review


Be my dream family is a drama, comedy television series released in South Korea. The English translation of the Korean name 속아도 꿈결 of the show means, Even if I’m deceived, I’m dreaming. The director of the show is Kim Jeong-gyoo and is written by Yeo Myung-Jae. The series stars Choi Jung-woo, Park Joon-geum, Ham Eun-Jung, Wang Ji-Hye, and Joo Ah-reum.

The story of the family drama, Be My Dream Family revolves around two families with two different cultures and how their life changes after their parents think of remarriage. Both the families come together despite their differences for their parent’s sake. The drama gets aired on weekdays at 20:30, according to Korean Standard Time.

Plot Overview

Two families, Geumgane and Hangane, with completely different cultural backgrounds, meet. The father of the Geumgane family, Geum Jong-Hwa, played by Choi Jung-woo, is very stubborn and headstrong. He has three sons; his children face a lot of problems particularly because of his obstinate personality. In the Hangane family, the mother Kang Mo-ran, played by Park Joon-geum, is a supportive mother to her children, and she runs Moran Hair, her shop.

The vital plot of the show is when both of the main characters meet each other and feels something unusual that they weren’t expecting at all. Geum Jong-Hwa, a 71-year-old man, and Kang Mo-ran, a 65-year-old woman, fall in love with each other even though they belong from two different cultures and what others would think about their love, their age, and the fact they have married before and have children. The show blooms the romance between two older adults, and both of them decide to remarry. It comes as a shock to both of their families, but they decide to forget about their differences and compensate for becoming one strong family for the sake of their beloved ones’ happiness. They further withstand many misunderstandings and conflicts, blend themselves to the melody and rhythm of the struggles and extend to become a real family.

Be My Dream Family Episode 5
Geum Jong-Hwa and Kang Mo-ran, the main characters of the show

Production Of Be My Dream Family

The executive producer of the show is Kim Sang-hui. The production company involved is KBS Drama Production and is distributed by KBS. The teaser of the show was released on 15 March by KBS World.

The show is being premiered on KBS1 on March 29, 2021. Each episode runs for thirty minutes. The initial title of the kdrama series is 속아도 꿈결 but changed its name to “Be My Dream Family” for the international audience. The other name of the show is A Fool’s Dream. The original language of the drama is in Korean and has subtitles in English for the huge audience and fans of kdramas outside South Korea.

Casting Of The Show-

Choi Jung-woo plays Geum Jong-Hwa, and Park Joon-geum plays Kang Mo-ran; they’re the show’s main characters. Wang Ji-Hye plays Han Geu-roo, the oldest daughter of Mo-ran, who is editor-in-chief of a children’s publishing house and is currently 36 years old. Hahm, Eun-Jung plays Han Da-bal, a 34-year-old who is a judo instructor and a Master Judo-Kwan. Ryu Jin plays Geum Sang-Baek, the eldest son of Geum Jong-Hwa, and Park Tam-hee plays In Yeong-hye, his wife. The role of Geum’s second son, Geum Sang-goo, played by Im Hyung-Joon. Lee Tae-gu plays Geum Sang-min, the youngest brother, and is crazy about painting.

Ham Eun-Jung made a comeback as an actress after three years. She was last seen in the TV series Lovely Horribly in 2018. She is a kpop idol singer, rapper, and dancer. She was a member of the South Korean girl group T-ara who debuted in 2009. Later she became a solo singer in the name of Elsie. Park Tam-hee was last seen in the drama Enchanting Neighbor in 2015. Choi Jung-woo and Park Joon-geum came back as a power couple after their appearance in Marry Me Now’s drama series, released in 2018.

Be My Dream Family Episode 5
Hahm Eun-Jung as Han Da-bal in Be My Dream Family

Five episodes from the series got released, till now. The fifth episode aired on 2nd April 2021. According to South Korea viewership, episode 5 of Be My Dream Family had an average of 2.5 million viewers.