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Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94: Release Date & Spoilers

Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 Release Date
Be My Dream Family (2021)

Be My Dream Family (2021) is an ongoing Korean drama broadcasting on KBS1. In this article, we will cover Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 release date. The storyline revolves around how two culturally different families become one after going through various ups and downs. The K-drama is directed by Kim Jeong Gyoo starring Choi Jung Woo, Park Joon Geum, Wang Ji Hye, Ham Eun Jung and Joo Ah Reum, Ryu Jin, Park Tam Hee, Yoon Hae Young, etc. The drama has been receiving pretty good reviews on the international level. Be My Dream Family (2021) will teach you the real meaning of becoming one whole family despite different familial customs.

The K-drama Be My Dream Family (2021) is not like your regular 16 or 20-episode drama. The drama contains 120 episodes. Thus, initially, you may hesitate to watch it. However, each episode runs for a short duration, and with a good storyline, the drama is worth your time. The story has progressed so much since only a few episodes remain. Be My Dream Family (2021) is gaining domestic as well as international recognition for excellent writing combined with talented cast members. Indeed, the K-drama has starred some gifted and skilled actors and actresses. The drama shows how two families Geum Family and Han Family, with different cultural viewpoints, become one.

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Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 Release Date

Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 will be released on 26 August 2021 at 8.30 pm KST on the KBS1 network. The drama premiered on 29 March 2021, and it contains 120 episodes in total. So far, 93 episodes have been released. Usually, one k-drama episode runs for 60min. Therefore, some viewers may not consider watching it. However, that is not the case here. Each episode of Be My Dream Family runs for only 30min. Hence you can easily binge-watch now if you have not yet. The drama broadcasts every weekday from Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm KST on KBS1.

Domestic viewers can watch the drama on the original network. The good news for international viewers is the k-drama is available on various streaming sites, such as Viki, Kocowa, and the official YouTube Channel of KBS World. However, keep in mind that Viki is not available in some regions, and Kocowa is available for only North and South America. The YouTube channel has already uploaded 80+ episodes with English subtitles. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes changes happen in the episode schedule. Therefore keep track of the latest episodes. Watch Be My Dream Family (2021) and see how the Geum and Han become one despite their different views on familial duties.

Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 Release Date

Kang Mo Ran and Geum Jong Hwa wedding scene from Be My Dream Family (2021)

Plot Summary

Be My Dream Family (2021) is a family comedy-drama that revolves around Geum family and Han Family. What happens when two families with different cultural values join together? Well, chaos happens! The story starts with Geum Jong Hwa, a headstrong father in his 70s, and Kang Mo Ran, a loving mother in her 60s, fall in love. The two decide to marry in their twilight years and join their families in a large one.

However, it does not seem as easy as it looks. Both families are from very different cultural backgrounds that clash when their parents marry. They are bound to face conflicts that lead to understanding and harmony of the extended family. Through a series of events, they find the true meaning of becoming a real family. Will they continue to be able to stay together harmoniously?

Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 Release Date

The cast of Be My Dream Family (2021) K-drama

The Cast of Be My Dream Family (2021)

The drama Be My Dream Family (2021) starred numerous talented with years of acting experience cast members including Choi Jung Woo as Geum Jong Hwa, Park Joon Geum as Kang Mo Ran, Wang Ji Hye as Han Geu Roo, Ham Eun Jung as Han Da Bal, Joo Ah Reum as Min Ga Eun. The other cast members include Ryu Jin as Geum Sang Baek, Park Tam Hee as In Young Hye, Im Hyung Joon as Geum Sang Goo, Yoon Hae Young as Oh Min Hee, etc.

All the cast has been praised for delivering outstanding performances in the drama. The storyline has already proceeded so much. With Kang Mo Ran’s sickness in the latest episode, the whole family is compelled to come together. Fans are wondering when will they fully accept each other? And if you are one of them, watch Be My Dream Family (2021) Episode 94 to know how the story will turn; will the family unite together or fall apart?

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