Bayonetta 2 Ending Explained: What Happens To Balder?

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Bayonetta 2: Plot And Ending Explained
Bayonetta 2

What is the plot of Bayonetta 2, and what happens in the end? Does the sequel have a great story like its predecessor? Is the sequels’ ending worth it? In this blog, we will discuss everything in detail regarding the plot and ending of Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 is an action-adventure hack and slash video game, which was released in 2014 for Wii U and later in 2018 for Nintendo Switch. Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo console exclusive, as Nintendo funded and restarted the project after its cancellation.

The second game takes place a few months after the first game, where Bayonetta travels to Inferno to revive Jeanne, all the while getting entangled in the mysterious Prophets’ plans. PlatinumGames, during the sequel’s development, worked on specific areas where fans’ feedback suggested the most improvement. The game upon the reveal made it heavily anticipated, but the console exclusivity made the reaction negative. Nonetheless, upon release, Bayonetta 2 was a critical and commercial success.

The Plot of Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 takes place a few months after the original game. While shopping with Enzo, suddenly, Angels start attacking the city. Bayonetta and Jeanne together start hunting down the Angels, where they almost win. Suddenly a demon summoning goes wrong, where Jeanne sacrifices herself and saves Bayonetta. Bayonetta resolves to save Jeanne after killing the demon. 

Bayonetta 2
Lumen Sage and Mysterious Prophet

The scene changes to another place, where a mysterious man called “The Prophet” brings a Lumen Sage wearing a mask to the present. The Prophet promises masked Lumen Sage the revenge of his lover’s killer.

Travel to Fimbulventr

Luka, now an informant for Bayonetta, tells the location of Entrance of Inferno, the place where Jeanne’s captured soul is. The location of the entrance is the sacred mountain of Fimbulventr, which is in Noatun city. In Noatun, Bayonetta meets a boy, Loki, who is also trying to go to Fimbulventr, but for reason, he does not remember. Loki and Bayonetta strike a deal to help each other, where Loki tells her that his power will be needed to reach the Inferno. During the travel, Loki remembers some memories. But at the same time, Angels and Demons constantly attack them, along with the Lumen Sage and the Prophet. Bayonetta gets a vision from the Prophet, where she learns that Witch-hunting 500 years ago did not happen by her father, Balder.

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Ending Explained
Bayonetta Saves Loki From Lumen Sage

Bayo finally reaches and enters the depth of Inferno, where she revives her best friend. The Lumen Sage arrives and attacks Loki once again. This fight reveals that Lumen Sage she is fighting is none other than her father, Balder, but from the past. Bayonetta saves Loki from Balder, but Loki loses control of his power.

Bayonetta 2: Plot And Ending Explained
Bayonetta Meets Her Mother, Rosa

This loss of control sends Bayonetta and Balder 500 years back, where the witch hunt is taking place. Bayonetta meets her mother, Rosa, and works with her to fight back the angels. 


During a separation from her mother, Bayo meets a doppelganger of Loki named Loptr. She learns that Loptr is the Prophet in the future and is searching for the Eye of the World, which Bayo currently possesses. Bayo then meets her young father, and together goes to save Rosa but is too late. Loptr murders Rosa. Bayo learns that Loptr did the deed to make Balder seek revenge in the present against Loki.

Ending Explained
Loptr Kills Rosa

She and Balder work together and return back to the present to stop Loptr from achieving his goal. In the present, Luka meets Loki, who tells him that all his memories are back. Loki asks Luka to take him to Fimbulventr.

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Bayonetta 2 Ending Explained

Bayonetta arrives in Fimbulventr only to see Loptr in possession of Loki. Loptr explains who he and Loki are. He tells that Aesir, the God of Chaos and the creator of the Eyes of the World, is the complete form when Loki and Loptr join together. Loki is the good half of Aesir, while Loptr is the evil half. During the separation, Loki got the power to control the Eyes of the World. And this is what Loptr is after.

Bayonetta 2: Plot And Ending Explained
Loki in Capture of Loptr

Bayo and Balder put a fight against Loptr and still looses both the eyes, Left and Right Eyes. With both eyes in the possession, Loptr transforms into Aesir. He reveals his plan to rule all of mankind. Loki reveals that the power of Aesir can erase anything from existence. Bayonetta baits Aesir into erasing Eyes of the World from existence. This erasure weakens Aesir. Bayo, along with Jeanne and Balder, destroys the body of Aesir. Loptr, now in soul form, tries to go back in time where the Eyes exist to restart and continue his plan, only to be absorbed by Balder. Loki tells that this absorption will only corrupt him.

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Ending Explained
Balder Absorbs Loptr’s Soul

Balder calls Bayonetta by her real name, Cereza, revealing he knew about her daughter. Balder asks her to stop him if Corruption strays him from the right path. After this talk, Balder goes back to his time. Loki fades away, but before that says that the world does not need him anymore but will meet Bayo in the future.

Bayonetta 2: Plot And Ending Explained
Corruption Takes over Balder

The game ends with the Angels attacking the city and interrupting the shopping of Jeanne and Bayo. In the post-credit scenes, Corruption takes over Balder leads toward the events of the first game. 

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