Batman: Hush Trailer Launched

Another movie trailer from the DC animated universe has been launched and it is safe to say that this one is going to be one of the best movies of Batman animated series. It is a fact that DC makes a hundred times better movies that are animated rather than the non-animated ones. This is mainly because DC tries to bring unnecessary humour into a story on a large screen which kills the whole thing.

Batman: Hush is an adaptation of one of the most popular Batman comic books. DC published Batman: Hush comics from December 2002 to September 2003. The main characters of this comic book are Batman, Hush, Catwoman, Superman and a host of villains. It has been written by Jeph Loeb. In my opinion, Batman: Dark Knight part 1 and 2 are the best ever movies of the entire Batman series, I’m hoping that this new movie will be able to match the heights set up by those movies. Here is the plot of the story:

The story of this movies is focused on a mysterious villain known as Hush. He is simply a stalker who wants to ruin whatever Batman has achieved thus far all his life. He takes the help of some of the evilest Batman villains that we have ever seen. Batman’s allies like Catwoman and Superman have a part to play in the story as well. Another interesting thing in this movie is how the romantic relationship between Batman and Catwoman develops.

The major cast of the movie includes Jason O’Mara as Batman, Jennifer Morrison as Catwoman, Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane, Jerry O’Connell as Superman, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor, Bruce Thomas as Jim Gordon, Sean Maher as Nightwing, James Garrett as Alfred and Stuart Allen as Damian Wayne.

Batman Hush spoilers

Also, the all-star roster of villains in the movie’s cast includes Maury Sterling as Hush, Geoffrey Arend as Riddler, Jason Spisak as the Joker, Adam Gifford as Bane, Peyton List as Poison Ivy, etc.

So, all the star-studded cast and awesome story accompanied by some promising trailer make for one of the best Batman animated movies of all time. I certainly hope that this movie lives up to the hype that it is getting for all the right reasons. The movie is set to be released in the coming months only so the wait won’t be for too long. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding this upcoming promising Batman: Hush movie.

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