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DC’s Batgirl Project: Everything You Need to Know

DC's Batgirl Project:

While watching the movies from DC’s Extended Universe, also known as DCEU, we all may have wondered, why there isn’t any other lady superhero’s other than Wonder Woman. Even after releasing Man of Steel back in 2013, both DC and Warner Bros weren’t able to build a movie universe as Marvel did. Even though both Warner Bros and DC decided to build their movie universe Today we will be looking at if Batgirl is actually in the works.

Even after this decision, we only saw Wonder Woman only. And the only lady lead in DC movie’s to say of any is Catwoman is The Dark Knight Rises movie, that too was more than a sidekick to Batman rather than being the lead. When Joss Whedon joined the Justice League team as the director, in replacement for Zack Snyder, WB Studios, also asked him to write, direct and produce the Batgirl movie that was announced back in 2017.

Joss Whedon agreed to do the Batgirl film. The initial plan was to produce the script for the movie which took inspiration from the New 52 incarnation of Barbara Gordon. In the following month, there was even a slight development regarding the movie. But all of it comes to a decline when Whedon left the project back in February 2018.


Is Batgirl Project still Under Production?

For all this time, there were no updates regarding the movie, except for the small news that after Whedon’s department, Christina Hodson was assigned the duty of writing the script. It was Hodson who had written Birds of Prey and The Flash for Warner Bros. But still no information regarding his first DC assignment, Batgirl.

But recently in AT&T’s Analyst & Investor Day 2021 presentation, which happened recently, There was a sort of official confirmation from Warner Bros. and DC Films’ that the Batgirl film is still in development! During the discussions regarding DC, properties were happening, a graphic appeared on-screen which showed numerous logos for various DC movies, shows, and video games. And among them, there was the logo for Batgirl. This is the reason why we could assume that the movie is still in development.

But there aren’t still many confirmations regarding this upcoming DC movie. As Joss Whedon is no longer involved in the project, there is a need for a new director and for that, DC is thinking about assigning the movie to a female director. This has been happened before, as we saw both of the Wonder Woman movies were directed by a female director, Patty Jenkins. But the problem is whom to be assigned for the role.

Batgirl will be an HBO Exclusive?

If there is a Batgirl happening under the DC Extended Universe, then there are high chances that the movie could be released on HBO Max. seven years since the Man of Steel, Warner Bros, and DC Films have only recently begun to chart a plan for the future of DCEU. Even though the current pandemic, hindered the development of the upcoming plans for DCEU,  it is expected that they have five live-action movies in the works nearing to be released and along with many others in various development stages.

Shots from Batgirl series from CW

While Batgirl does not yet have a director assigned, the film could become an HBO Max original. In the recent interview of Walter Hamada, President of DC-based film production, he said about DC’s plans to release multiple DC movies straight to WarnerMedia’s streaming service. Among the many movies which will be released directly to the streaming service’s Hamada said that one of the titles listed will be released as an HBO Max original.

But Hamada hasn’t said which movie will it be, we are assuming that it could be Batgirl. To date, DC hasn’t made any film exclusively for HBO Max. But recently they released Wonder Woman 1984, to both HBO Max and to the theaters simultaneously. We also know that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be another one in the upcoming DC movie sit, HBO Max as well as James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

We don’t know when the Batgirl movie will be released, as there is still no confirmation regarding who will direct this movie. But if the movie is coming, it will be indeed after the upcoming Batman movie, The Batman.

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