Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Review & Recap: Barry Pays For The Monastery Incident

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Breaking Down Barry Season 3 Episode 8
From Barry Season 3 Episode 8 (Credits: HBO)

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 sees Barry paying for the whole Monastery incident from the past season. The Monastery incident certainly haunted the entire third season. This saw Cousineau on a revenge streak for a while, and a new character in the form of Albert coming for Barry. In the end, though, it was someone else who caught up to Barry.

So for most of the second half of the season, relatives of the people Barry killed came hunting him down. Thanks to Fuches who orchestrated all of this. It saw Janice’s father, Jim, involving himself in a mess. With Jim doubting that Barry is behind all of this, apart from Albert, it was him who was coming for Barry in the finale of Barry Season 3. But like all the time, did Barry manage to dodge the bullet again?

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 opens up with Barry waking up in a hospital, almost saved by  Ryan Madison’s father, George Krempft. Before, George shot himself. Barry rushes back to his apartment to find Sally. She wants him to mentally torture Natalie for stealing her show and making her look bad in the public.

Barry tries to reason with Sally and states that he doesn’t want her to go to the place where he is right now. He knows the impact all of this will have on Sally. A tough guy interrupts the conversation. Probably he is one of the people encouraged by Fuches to kill Barry. After knocking Barry out, the man tries to kill Sally.

Events From Barry Season 3 Episode 8
From Barry Season 3 Episode 8 (Credits: HBO)

Sally gets the upper hand and beats the man to death. Barry takes the death upon himself as he comforts Sally. He sends her home, and the duo later plans to drive off together. But Sally had already ditched him as she caught a flight to her hometown of Joplin.

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Barry, on his side, is later confronted by Albert while digging the grave for the man Sally killed. It’s at the same site where the season opened up. Albert, instead of punishing Barry, asks him to change his ways as Barry breaks down. Albert believes that he knows what evil is. Barry isn’t evil, and he needs to promise to change starting now.

Amidst all of this, Cousineau continues to get offers until a call from Jim Moss disrupts his whole day. Jim asks him for a meeting and interrogates him. At the end of the day, Cousineau ends up giving all the information. Jim Moss calls Barry and asks him for a meeting.

Ending For Barry Season 3 Episode 8
From Barry Season 3 Episode 8 (Credits: HBO)

Barry tries talking things out with Cousineau, who is afraid that Jim is going to ruin everything for them. Barry comes to the rescue but falls into the trap of Cousineau and Jim, who were working together. The cops circled Barry and placed him under arrest. Apart from all of this, we also saw Hank breaking out of Bolivian jail and rescuing Cristobal from his wife.

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 sees Barry’s world falling down. Something that was bound to happen one way or another. We saw parallels between Barry’s situation with other multiple plot arcs and Barry coming close to dying. But he didn’t and finally got caught. Something almost everyone out there wanted; Especially Cousineau.

The premiere of the episode saw Cousineau hell-bent on making sure Barry pays for what he did. In the end, he failed to achieve that and had to take what Barry offered. For the latter part of the season, we really thought he had changed his mind. Even during his conversation with Jim Moss.

Our Thoughts On Barry Season 3 Episode 8
From Barry Season 3 Episode 8 (Credits: HBO)

The show really had us believing that Jim Moss just used Cousineau but we never saw Cousineau aligning himself with Moss. Anyway, he did and accomplished the goal he had at the start of Barry Season 3.

Meanwhile, Sally’s arc comes to an end with her coming close to realizing the force Barry is. No matter how much she didn’t like Barry, her own situation brought her where she was close to becoming the monster Barry is. Barry did manage to save her from doing so. Right now she is headed to her hometown for the much-needed restart button we believe.

Lastly, Albert’s arc was one of the most hyped ones for us. We really saw him coming up to reveal a big secret but the whole thing went the other way. The same goes for the arc of Hank and Cristobal, as the finale didn’t add much to their story. Only the fact that how toxic it was for Cristobal to live in his own family.

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