Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date: The Finale May See Albert & Jim Targeting Barry

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When Is Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Releasing?
From Barry S03 E07 (Credits: HBO)

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 may see a still recovering Barry facing the likes of Albert and Jim. Recently on the show, Barry finally got caught in one of the traps laid by Fuches. Sharon, the wife of Chris, knew the truth and poisoned Barry. Somehow, Barry managed to crawl out of the house but found himself taken hostage by Ryan Madison’s father, George Krempft.

George Krempft desperately wanted to kill Barry, but he was not able to. This saw him shooting himself while Barry was taken into a hospital. Meanwhile, Jim had a talk with Fuches and brought him to the cops. Fuches spilled the beans that not only helped Albert to piece things together but also Jim, who finally came to realize the truth about his daughter’s murder.

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date & Spoilers

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 will release on 12 June 2022. It is titled “starting now”. There is no official synopsis for the episode at the time of this writing. From what we saw in the previous episode, we may finally see Albert coming at Barry, who is currently in a hospital fighting death after being poisoned by Sharon.

Story For Barry Season 3 Episode 8
From Barry S03 E07 (Credits: HBO)

If Albert doesn’t make it in time, it’s Jim, Janice’s father, who might. He found out that even Cousineau had claimed that Barry could be behind Janice’s murder. Confronting, Cousineau saw him lying, but at the same time, Cousineau was sweating, which might have given Jim an idea.

Meanwhile, we may also find out what would go down when Hank, on his path to look for Cristobal, comes face to face with Cristobal’s wife, Elena. Also, what’s next for Sally after she almost sabotages her career by going all out on Natalie.

Barry S03 E08 Release Time & Streaming Details

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 will air on HBO at 10 pm ET and will be available to stream on HBO Max in the US. Meanwhile, in Canada, Crave offers the third season of Barry and its coming eighth episode. Elsewhere, in India, you can find Barry S03 E08 on Disney+ Hotstar. The coming eighth episode will also mark the end of the third season run of Barry.

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Check out the official promo for Barry Season 3 Episode 8 below.

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